Steelers QB Landry Jones Interview Videos From Gruden Camp, First Take & Pro Day

I am just getting started with my full breakdown of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones, who was drafred in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL draft, but before doing so, I always like to see if I can find good videos of players talking football versus playing it in order to get a grasp of their IQ and football IQ. Below are three videos of Landry that you may or may not have seen already. One of them includes Landry talking with Jon Gruden during their QB camp episiode. Another one is of him on ESPN First Take and the last one is an interview of him after his pro day.

  • Cody Younkin

    Some People don’t realize how intellectually and mechanically sound Landry Jones is. he played at such a high level all four years with not much of a supporting cast. I love this pick and can see him becoming the future of the Steelers offense. Hopefully this turns out like an Aaron Rodgers situation, where he sits behind Ben for 4 years and develops nicely into a solid pocket passer behind a should-be top notch o-line.

  • SteelSpine

    I’m a Steeler fan too, but your spin “played at such a high level all four years”? Wow tall QB like that shoulda been #1 or 2 in entire draft. That’s because it’s not true. Scouts are not stupid, they know what surrounds QBs, they evaluate QB himself for his own abilities for the NFL game.

    Someone can respond to this that any realist is not a Steeler fan, but I watched Landry enough & theres reasons he was not projected in top 3 rounds & wasn’t taken there. Including scouts are right: imaginary pressure in pocket in games bothered him, then it seemed to rattle him the remainder of the game. There IS pressure on QBs in the NFL. Landry started out seeming to me fine prospect when a backup stepped in for Sam Bradford & back then I thought Landry had the tools to be the next 1st rounder in NFL. But shows backup QBs weren’t scouted by opposing defenses beforehand, Leftwich & Mike Tomczak are examples. After/if becomes a starter, he will be scouted by DCs, & will be pressure in the pocket. Many QBs in college over the years threw a lot in college & were never even drafted or didnt pan out. I too hope he will be as good as Aaron Rodgers, but Aaron didn’t get rattled he instead stepped in to his throws. Our QB coach who has his work cut out for him.

  • TJimmy

    I read in the Post Gazette that Charlie Batch believes this kid is being groomed to replace Roethlisberger so that the Steelers can avoid his high salary. If he’s really good…could they let Ben’s contract run out?

  • Clint Martin

    I had Jones on a mock draft and everyone killed me for it.I think this was a great move by the Steelers.

  • Clint Martin

    It is because he is not a starter from day one that is why the Steelers drafted him .He will be good at this level!Who do you want Geno Smith? LMAO Even Brady has a weakness it is also pressure in fact every QB has one. He was drafted at the right round and will be groomed.Remember Rodgers Sat for 4 years to be groomed.
    He was a 1st round QB.

  • I think he has enough tools in the box for Randy to work with. If he could at least become a solid back up for Ben, then Grad could be our new Charlie Batch at 3rd string for the next 5 or so years.

  • grw1960

    I hope he pans out, but I have to agree with steelspine. I had high hopes for this QB until I watched him in the Senior Bowl. I think that game hurt his draft stock a lot. Because he seemed more concerned about the defensive rushers coming at him in that game than making completions to the WRs.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    “Scouts are not stupid, they know what surrounds QBs, they evaluate QB himself for his own abilities for the NFL game.”

    Really? Harrison as an undrafted free agent and cut multiple times and you are going to base an argument on Scouts never missing?

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I don’t think I would ding a player for making a mistake and being overly cautious just before the draft.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    Even if the Steelers want to spend a lot of money on a replacement it doesn’t really work like that because great QB’s aren’t sitting around waiting for buyers. They do need to start grooming players with potential to be more than a few game replacement. Bens career could end at any time/play. I would have liked a better player but wouldn’t have been comfortable paying a higher price.

    You can work around a lack of mobility and teach a lot of stuff. He has an plus NFL arm and Release. The tools are there for a very good QB.

  • TheBlitz

    A lot of people in the fan base tend to forget rather quickly what happened in 2011 and 2012.

    In 2011 Ben gets hurt in the Cleveland game and decides to come back (too soon ?) to play the 49ers on one foot. Two games later, we get Tebowe’d in Denver.

    In 2012 he gets injured on a play (ordinary play) that almost cost him his life. Again he comes back (too soon ?) and throws a bunch of interceptions. The season ends with the Steelers missing the play-offs.

    In both instances it’s not Ben’s fault. His back-ups just couldn’t be trusted to do the job in his absence and the team needed him real bad.

    This team needs quality back-ups behind Ben. Not just guys who can fill-in. But guys who can play at a high level until he is near 100% to return to the game. I believe that’s why they drafted this kid.

    The argument can be made on both sides if there was value for him in the 4th round or not. I’m not here to argue that. All I care about is if he can play and do it well. Based on his college stats, it looks like he can. In his junior year he was easily a 1st round pick.

    Short term, I hope he passes Gradkowski on the depth chart and becomes one of the most reliable back-up QB in the league. I don’t care yet about long term because a lot can happen in 4 years. It could turn out to be Aaron Rodgers/Brett Favre situation or he is traded for draft picks. Either way it’s a win-win for me.

    Really all I care about right now is if he can back-up Ben and do it at a high level without the offense missing a bit and Ben. Because we know every season there is a great chance Ben misses 2 to 3 games. We all hope he can play for 5 more years but he may not.

  • steeltown

    I love this pick…

    Let me say this first though, I am NOT going to be one to anoint Landry as Ben’s eventual replacement, No way. This was a value pick AND fills a need (QB depth)We all know Ben gets injured often, so backup(s) are important.
    We have all seen Ben go down and then Charlie Batch go down and all of the sudden we’re on 3rd string. Leftwich was BAD depth, he had a strong arm but he was slow and fragile. Charlie was a great Steeler, but also fragile, you have to get younger at every position at some point.

    I have been waiting for the Steelers to make a move on a mid-Rd QB ever since Dixon left town and they brought in Leftwich, people say its a wasted pick, but I disagree, especially in Pittsburgh when we see backup QB’s atleast once or twice a year. Gradkowski will serve as #2 in 2013 and maybe even in 2014, but then we’ll have a young backup that has a good grasp on the Offense.. and one that has played a high level in college. Look at the NY Giants, Eli has started every game since his 2nd year in the League (seriously every game) ..and even they drafted a young QB prospect this year (in the 4th Rd)

  • steeltown

    Exactly… Bens replacement, no.. but solid young depth at a position that has badly needed young depth, yes!

    In Pittsburgh, we see backup QB’s atleast once or twice a season, we need players, young with upside.. thats worth a 4th Rd pick to me

  • Exactly…and it was time to “Freshen up the room” anyway. Competition makes everyone work harder.

  • zyzak

    Agreed, Whos to say that Landry can’t be coached up to be good, it’s not like he doesn’t have size and an arm, he does. Hey if Ben gets hurt badly enough his wife might ask him to retire. They can’t afford to be stuck with Batch and Gradkowski. .. There is no guarantee that a franchise QB will fall in their lap going forward, it took incompetence from Cleveland in 2004 that allowed the Steelers do draft Ben. Solid move and he wouldn’t have been available later. When the Gmen took Nassib that got the teams attention

  • Clint Martin

    The game at the senior bowl means absolutely Nothing the scouts GM’s coaches already left town. These games are very basic plays with not enough time to properly prepare for anything. The Steeler’s Scout’s must of liked what they saw.
    The week at the senior bowl when they are put through drill’s is what is important to the NFL teams.
    Face it Steeler’s might have stole this kid if he ends up working out.

  • Clint Martin

    The scout’s did not miss on Harrison he was persistent and determined to be a beast. He went to the Rein Fire after not making the Steelers team then the Ravens then back to the Steelers. He was undrafted in 2002 in 2005 he only started in 3 games.He did not Start until 2007 when Joey Porter was cut.
    He almost retired at the age of 27 to become a veterinarian.

  • charles

    Very good comment. One of the three pro assets a QB needs is vision. Not vision for his recievers but vision to sense who is behind him or to the sides on the pass rush. I have seen no tape on Jones, but the nervousness from oncoming rushers, if true, are a serious blow to his prospects. My gut feeling from what I have read so far is that he liked to throw the ball downfield, like Ben, and he used Justin Brown as his last resort guy. That makes it seem as if he is willing to hang in the pocket. That is, of course, just like Big Ben.

  • David Edward

    Before the draft, the three QBs they really had their eye on was Jones, Bray, and Dysert. Obviously they liked Jones best since they could’ve had any of them. I didn’t necessarily think they needed to use a draft pick on a QB this year since they brought in Grad, whose a solid backup. For #3 they could’ve signed a UDFA after the draft to compete with Wilson in OTAs. If both looked good bring them to camp…if not bring back Uncle Charlie for one last time. That being said, Jones gives them a nice #3 to develop into a #2 someday, and maybe into a potential starter if he hits his upside.

  • Cody Younkin

    You have to remember that you are playng with WR’s, and a new O-line for the first time, there no sync in the offense, in my opinion the senior bowl is stupid because, there really no gel time with the offense or defense. you look at senior bowl tape and the whole game is sloppy.

  • Cody Younkin

    He easily could have been a 2nd round pick. because the crazy need for OL/DL a lot of skill positions dropped in the draft. Ryan Swope 6th round? Johnathan Franklin 4th round? this wasnt a year that teams needed QB’s so like most of the he slid down the boards. You can’t say that the only reason he wasn’t drafted higher is that he couldnt handle pressure, not many rookie QB ajusts to pressure easily, Andrew Luck was sacked more that any other QB last year. He’s a project yes, but he has more potential than most QB’s to become a solid pocket passer

  • Scot Hickerson

    Landry is a first round talent, Since when does performance and accomplishments not count any more. Media guys can wipe away one of the best college careers in a long time over a handfull of plays? The “cant take the pressure in big games and in the pocket” knock on Landry is just BS. if a flaw doesnt hinder you from success in college it wont in the pros. Landry threw 2183 passes thats 545 times a year for 4 years.. Landry had more chances to be pressured than any other QB. IF he was so bad at handling it then How did he complete 63.5% career average and only have 13.5 Sacks year and only 52 INT’s average of 13 per year.. The Lowest ratio of all QB’s plus Landry was ranked #1 at conversion on third down the biggest pressure down there was. Landry is good at avoiding pressure and makes quick decisions and a quick release, kind of like Peyton Manning. As a starter Landry won 39 games most of those were big and he rose to the occasion beating RG3, Manuel, Geno, Tannehill, Weedon. He thew over 400 yards in two of his losses. and 290-356 in four more.. Gruden said Landry needed to give up on plays and check down more called Jones mistakes aggressive and Jones needed to be more cautious. Thats fixable.. Landry is a tough hard working smart high Character kid who will learn from Ben and push him at the same time..

  • I agree with a lot of what you wrote and it is certainly nice seeing a QB get rid of a ball in 2 seconds or less the way he did in that fast paced offense. It was fun to watch him keep defenses on their heels for sure.

  • Scouts are not always right man… Ryan Leaf, Tom Brady, Chris Weinkie, ect… Jones is a developmental QB and not to mention this is Ben’s team. this is not an Aaron Rodgers situation and we don’t want that. did you see the drama with that in GB? Ben is the guy with Jones learning as long as it takes.

  • he sat because of Brett, not to be just groomed.

  • Steelersguru

    Eric – Using your reasoning we should have instead waited to get any undrafted rookie QB, or wait until 7th round and then taken any QB. Brady was a 7th rounder that doesnt mean every QB will be as good as Brady.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    What argument is that? The one I made in response to scouts never being wrong? How did that turn into an argument that anyone can play QB with enough practice?

  • Steelersguru

    The one thing i like about Landry is he just hurries up & leans back & heaves it up. If that could start to work in NFL, great. Especially if we can find another Swan & Stallworth. I dont know if our wr Brown will be enough to make that work.

  • Scot Hickerson

    The last two years OU went to the Bell dozer in the red zone and the 6’6 260 Qb bell had 22 rushing TD’s but out side the 10 landry still had 59 TD’s passes.. So I would not worry about it.

  • LucasY59

    the new o-line and WR’s are the best seniors in the country, if he cant make the plays with them then there are some serious issues, and it wasn’t just the game (which is a bit sloppy like you said) he had a hard time in the practices which are where the scouts get all their real info on the player during that week anyway.

    I dont hate the pick or the player, but the part that has me worried about it is that his production seemed to diminish and got worse instead of better during his college career if he entered the draft 2 years ago he would’ve been in the 1st rd, instead he stays through his senior year and gets picked in the middle of the 4th (which may have been a bit of a reach, especially based on his performance during his senior yr, should’ve been his best year turns out to be one of his worst)

  • Scot Hickerson

    You way underestimate Jones, with his experience and success, he is the automatic #2 and will play this year in preseason and as soon as Ben gets hurt. Landry will give Ben a run ffor his money especially with the shorter faster offense.. Jones completes 72% of passes 10-15 yards from the gun throwing about 10 yards or more behind the line and is very accurate. 66% with 10 percent dropped balls. Jones and Barkley both got Screwed in this draft and will surprise people.

  • Scot Hickerson

    Jones is too good to be #3.. Jones should have been a first rounder last year and a fourth is way too high for a 3rd Stringer. Jones is number 2 right away and plays this year. Jones is good if he shows it, it could affect Ben’s Contract renewal in the next three years. Cap Space and money is an issue always. ask Carson Palmer or any of the good players who were cut or traded to make room.

  • steeltown

    Carson Palmer never won a Conference Championship, let alone help win a Super Bowl, let alone two Super Bowls

    I agree Landry couldve been a 1st Rder, last year, and Im glad to have him, but the 25yr gap between Lombardi Trophys shows just how important and rare franchise QB’s can be… Ben will be given an extension

  • David Edward

    Lol…I can’t take you seriously, but if Landry turns out to be as good as you think I’m fine with that.

  • Scot Hickerson

    You may be right. They may wait a couple of years first to see how things play out. Jones may push Ben to be even better than he has been and the Steelers are the most Loyal organization in football to Coaches and Players.. Batch may just be causing trouble as he tries to get on another team. But Its a team sport and the Cap issue has changed things. It all depends on Jones and how well he does. But iF Ben gets hurt again Jones is good enough to win Games when Ben Goes Down. The 1-2 record when Ben was out cost the Steelers the playoffs last year. Together I think the Steelers will have a great year weather or not Jones plays. But people who think Gradkowski is #2 are crazy.

  • steeltown

    Yes, I am very pleased to have a young QB with eye popping college stats and huge upside. I love Charlie Batch, but having a young talented kid and a tough QB like Gradkowski on the depth chart is 100x better than what we’ve had the last several yrs