Does The Signing Of Guy Whimper Mean That Max Starks Definitely Won\’t Be Back In 2013?

I knew at some point this offseason that the Pittsburgh Steelers would need to address their depth at the tackle position, but I never envisioned it leading to the team signing Jacksonville Jaguars castoff Guy Whimper, who according to Pro Football Focus gave up five sacks in 2012 in less than 400 snaps played and another 14 in 2011 in a little more than 950 snaps played.

So looking forward now past the signing of Whimper, what does this do to the prospects of Max Starks returning later on in the offseason?

For starters, I think the Steelers needed a veteran warm-bodied tackle for the upcoming OTA sessions and Starks might still be waiting to see if he can get a better deal elsewhere. Perhaps he has something concrete in the works. We don\’t really know.

The signing of Whimper might also be a sign that tackle Marcus Gilbert might not yet be fully recovered from the surgery that he had back in December on the ankle that he injured last season.

Whimper worked with new Steelers offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. when both were with the New York Giants, so that\’s your link to the Steelers right there.

Let me put it this way, Whimper makes former Steelers tackle Jonathan Scott look like a Pro Bowler and I will be shocked if he makes the Steelers final 53 man roster.

As long as Starks remains unsigned, I will continue to say that he has a shot at returning in 2013, but I have to admit that the signing of Whimper quite possibly put a damper on that actually happening. We shall see.

  • richheddleson

    He was given Starks’ number 78…………

  • SteelerDave

    Him getting number 78 is an insult to Max.

  • richheddleson


  • richheddleson

    Wonder if Ben will wear 78 at camp?

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I’m guessing that Starks is far more insulted by the money he is likely to earn with the Steelers or somewhere else than he is by the fact that some stooge is borrowing his jersey during OTAs.

  • Mike.H

    wow… issuing #78 to Whimper… a clear message was sent to Starks??!

  • steeltown

    oh boy… lets just hope Joe Long shows some improvement or Golic Jr. becomes a 2013 UDFA phenom

  • TheBlitz

    If #78 was issued to this Whimper guy, then it’s clearly an indication that Starks will not be brought back.

    Let’s not forget that Starks wants to be a starter and would likely command starter money. He made that clear at the end of the season. However, the Steelers have heavily invested on their OL in past seasons and are now ready to reap the benefit of that investment.

    Whimper at this point should just be considered a backup to either Gilbert or Adams.

  • Haha True.

  • Henry

    I seem to remember Whimper handing Woodley’s butt to him a couple years ago….

  • Truth…and the fact Whimper is Bicknell’s inexpensive student of the past.

  • Ahmad

    He gave up 14 sacks in one year? What were the Steelers smoking when they signed him?

  • SteelSpine

    Good catch Dave. Our OLine coach brought him reminds me our former OLine coach is who brought Jonathan Scott from Buffalo. .

  • Bill Bob

    WOW this does not seem like a team trying to win just get the cheapest warm body they can , Ben will be Whimpering flat on his back if this clown has to play. I guess he is good at zone blocking or the OLC needs a drinking buddy. I think this offensive will be on the same page and communicate well. LOOK OUT BEN will be there motto. Just remember when the steelers at 2 and 10 ITS THE ROONEY RULE THAT’S IMPORTANT not wins and loses

  • Anthony Hodge

    What in fact does the “Rooney Rule” has ANYTHING to do with this post??? These kinds of comments are silly. Funny how soon others forget how Bill Cohwer had a few bad seasons and a 8-8 final season????
    But it’s ok because it B.C…Whom often times went with a gut feeling and was WRONG sometimes…..
    Tomlin is raked across the coals constantly and is on a short leash by some “Steelers fan”..
    Get over it because he won’t be going anywhere any time soon…
    “Steeler fan”…..

  • alex

    Adams had some big freshman experience last year @ RT…he and the never NFL proven LT Gilbert are virgins to this, the third hardest position in the NFL after QB and DB…

    then there is the Starks dicotomy…always scorned, but always proven, yet still no contract…

  • charles

    This mirrors the signing of William Gay, maybe Lake can turn Gay’s play up a notch, is Bicknell seeing possibilities in this guy?

  • charles

    I truly can’t figure that out either (about Starks)

  • alex

    gotta tryout system guys, like Haleys offensive wannabees last year

  • David Edward

    Right now it doesn’t mean Starks won’t be resigned but it is a curious move. He’s a vet with experience but that’s about it. I think they brought him in because he knows Bicknell’s system a little bit from their time in NY together. He is somewhat athletic for the position but tends to get abused in pass protection. I’m still worried that LT could be a serious weak spot for them, but I hope I’m wrong.

  • Shelob9

    They can switch later. They’re not going to be selling Wimper jerseys.

  • Apexsimba

    You do understand that he is a camp body right? He probably won’t even sniff the 75 man roster let alone the final 53.