Report: Max Starks Left San Diego Without Deal, Still In Mix For Chargers

Free agent tackle Max Starks visited with the San Diego Chargers on Wednesday, but according to Michael Gehlken of The San Diego Union-Tribune, he left town without a contract and remains unsigned as of Friday.

Gehlken goes on to state in his reports that just because Starks left without a contract, doesn\’t necessarily mean that the Chargers won\’t have interest in signing him at later date.

The Chargers reportedly had interest in left tackle Bryant Mckinnie prior to him re-signing back with the Baltimore Ravens earlier this week, so it is not surprising that they wanted to kick the tires on Starks, who played every offensive snap for the Pittsburgh Steelers last season.

Starks told Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review earlier in the week that he believes he will land with a team soon and that the Steelers reached out to him prior to signing free agent tackle Guy Whimper.

Starks reportedly took the signing of the former Jacksonville Jaguars tackle as a sign that the team has moved past brining him back for a tenth season.

Starks is reportedly wanting an opportunity to compete for a starting job with whichever team ultimately signs him.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Sometimes it’s like opportunity is slapping you across the face…

  • Matt Lipner

    I really don’t get why people (and Starks himself) are assuming that signing Whimper shut the door on Starks returning. Whimper can be cut with no cap charge, and is probably just a camp body. Starks could definitely still end up a Steeler this year.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I feel like the situation is like a teacher going on strike. They want more money but you aren’t going to pay so they don’t work, then you hire Scabs to try to help somewhat. In this case I believe that Whimper is to help teach the two Tackles a thing or two since he’ll be the only veteran tackle now, but eventually Starks will back and Whimper will be gone.

  • What can he possibly teach them he absolutely is horrible. I’m more interested in some of these UDFA that we picked up

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Maybe he knows what to do he just can’t do it himself

  • hergieburbur

    Isn’t the expression: “Those that can’t, teach.”?

  • Stephen Dale

    I understand Starks’s position : I would want a chance to start as well—and if the Steelers are trying to resign him, then the opportunity to start should be given to Starks just like it is given to everyone else. If he is better than the others, why not start him ?????

  • joed32

    True, lots of good coaches were never good players.

  • zyzak

    If he was any good he would be on a team right now.

  • Bradys_Dad

    For the Love of God – SIGN the MAN Mr. Colbert !

  • Still in the Mix for the Steelers too then…even if for Depth only.

  • charles

    Hurries and sacks allowed is a general indicator of performance. I think Starks had pretty good numbers there. Playing every snap is hard to say that the Steelers did not get great value out of him as well!?!

  • Then why are we paying a line coach for? Were filling a roster spott for a guy that is teaching because he can’t do it himself? I’d rather see what a udfa can do and give a younger cheaprr hungrier player a spot