Steelers 2013 Rookie Camp: Mike Golic Jr. Strictly Being Worked At Right Tackle

According to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Twitter, undrafted rookie free agents Mike Farrell and Mike Golic Jr. strictly played left and right tackle respectively during the rookie camp this weekend.

With Farrell, that\’s not a surprise as he started at right and¬†left tackle¬†last season for Penn State. Golic Jr., however, is a different story as he mostly played right guard and some center while at Notre Dame. The Steelers are likely looking at his versatility and also might be short on tackle bodies in addition.

It will be interesting to see if Golic Jr. receives reps during the OTA sessions at the guard spots, because in my opinion, he is a bit undersized to play tackle and doesn\’t have the footwork to play outside on the edge. In my initial 53 man roster prediction, I have Golic Jr. making it as a reserve guard that can play center in a pinch.

Dan Pompei recently named Golic Jr. as one of his Best Undrafted Players following the 2013 NFL Draft.

  • Stephen Dale

    I’ll be surprised if golic makes the team over emperanate or farrell—–and it remains to be seen if either of those two are NFL quality. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Steelers don’t sign a FA OT or bring back Starks.

  • SteelersDepot

    If you watched both Embernate & Golic Jr. play, you likely would take Embernate out of the picture. He can’t stay on his feet, is not as mobile as Golic Jr. and far worse in pass protection.

  • steeltown

    Your thoughts on Ivory Wade.. have you watched film on Wade? Seems to have some versatility

  • steeltown

    Could definitely be a numbers game for OT in camp.. Gilbert might not be 100% at the upcoming OTA’s.. and Foster will be used primarily at LG, competing with Beachum so I bet they want to see what these young guys can do on the outside

  • Sign Caldwell for C/G and let the chips fall where they may..

  • Crazy Bone

    This is absurd. Golic is not at OT…heck he really isn’t even a good OG. Bill Bob posted correctly above. The OL is a complete mess. I don’t expect Ben to play more than 10 games this year considering the team doesn’t have a LT. The Steelers have not figured out how to fix the OL since Faneca and Smith left.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Seriously. When I watched Embernate’s video I thought it was a joke. People keep pimping him and feel like I’m in the Steelers draft version of “The Emporer’s New Clothes.” Does nobody else see how bad this guy plays?

  • SteelersDepot

    As far as Farrell goes, watch the game he played at right tackle against Ohio State and tell me if you still think he has a shot at the 53 man roster, or the practice squad, for that matter.

  • Nolrog

    So Golic is the new Legurski. Hmm. I think it’s more likely we bring Legs back and move Golic to the practice squad.

  • JDR

    i hope they bring back Starks, he’s really not that bad a player and seems to be a good guy too.
    wonder what he did to piss off Tomlin? Tomlin has been trying to replace or get rid of Starks the whole time, while Starks just keeps playing too good to get him out of the line up…. other than Pouncey, he’s been our best and most consistent OLineman…. it also would have been nice if they could have got Flozelle to play one more year

  • steeltown

    I just watched some film on Embernate, in the film I watched the guy is relentless and moves really well, he seems good for a zone scheme. With our current depth I think he’s got a shot