Steelers Sign Fourth-Round Draft Pick S Shamarko Thomas On Thursday

The Pittsburgh Steelers now have one of their nine 2013 draft picks under contract as it was announced on Thursday morning that fourth-round safety Shamarko Thomas has come to terms.

The four year contract signed by Thomas will total out at just shy of $2.7 million and will include a signing bonus of a little more than $450,000. The base salaries for each of the years are as follows: $405,000, $495,000, $585,000, and $675,000.

Thomas will have a 2013 cap hit of around $518,300.

The Steelers traded a 2014 third round draft pick to the Cleveland Browns to get into the fourth round to select Thomas, who played his college football at Syracuse. At Syracuse, Thomas started 39-of-48 games played, recording 263 tackles and four sacks. Last season, Thomas was named a consensus All-Big East first-team selection and a third-team All-American by the NFL Draft Report as he started all 13 games and collected a career-high 88 tackles.

  • steeltown

    Great news
    Didn’t think we had enough room till June 1st… how did we stay under cap?

  • RW

    I think we still had some room left (somewhere between $600-700k), just not enough to sign all of the draft picks. It’s unlikely anyone else is under contract before June 1st. They must really, really like Thomas.

  • Jason Brant

    I have a great feeling about this kid.

  • dgh57

    Great move here!! Welcome aboard Shamarko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’ll fit right in because he fits our physical style of play!!

  • RMSteeler

    Unless someone comes up with a post date stamped earlier, I call first dibs on a Shamarko blitz being called a Shlitz! I’ll leave it up to the announcers to practice it to avoid an FCC fine (Myron Cope would have had it nailed), and leave it up to his agent to work out an endorsment with a similar named beer.

  • steeltown

    Perfect nickname for him might be ‘Shark’ Thomas.. I’d be surprised if no one has named him that in college yet.

  • Best news of the Week!! So happy we drafted him!

  • JohnnyV1

    I liked this kid before he even became a Steeler. At worst, he’s a special teams demon and a great backup. Best case he’s starting in 2014. I’m rooting for him!

  • $19122620

    Like everyone else, I think he’s going to be awesome. Lake will make him better in coverage and he already has everything else to be a top safety in the league. Probably my favorite pick of the whole draft, I can’t wait to see him play!

  • RMSteeler

    Yeah, he was called Shark in college. I was just referring to when he blitzes.

  • And it goes to show what a Class act the Steelers are as they know this young man has a Family to feed with the passing of his Parents. I love it.

  • steeltown

    Yea I figured

  • Stephen Dale

    best nickname is “mighty mouse” for all the obvious reasons. “Bob Sanders redux” would also fit.

  • NW86

    Well the 51st highest salary on the roster was $480K, so now that guy gets replaced with Shamarko’s $518K. So this only added $38K to the cap.
    Everyone from the 4th round back could get signed, without really affecting the cap. It is just the first three picks that we can’t afford until June 1.

  • steeltown

    Right right.. I always forget about displacement

  • Jollyrob68

    I was hoping for him. After a brief bitching I realized I really like our Draft.

  • Sweet! I like him being the first one to sign.

  • PoKey21

    All i know is giving up a 3rd round pick to get this kid in the 4th round means he needs to really show on the field, and sooner rather than later. It wouldnt be as big of deal if we didnt give the pick to the Browns! Could easily come back to bight us.

  • steeltown

    The Steelers had Thomas as a 3rd Rd grade prospect to begin with

    Not mention they plan on receiving 2 if not 3 comp picks in the 2014 draft so the fact that they traded next yrs 3rd for him is really a non factor