Steelers T Mike Adams Guilty Of Using Bad Judgment Saturday Morning

Before I step onto my soapbox, I would like to make it known that I was once 23 years-old and have done several stupid things in my life that I am very ashamed of.

With the above disclaimer now out of the way, we are starting to see more details come in about the early Saturday morning stabbing of Pittsburgh Steelers second-year tackle Mike Adams during an attempted carjacking.

A few of the initial reports stated that the incident might have taken place outside of Adams\’ residence, but according to WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh Police said Adams reported that he was standing near his parked truck in the 1700 block of Carson St. at around 3:00 a.m. when he was confronted by his three armed attackers.

Adams, who reportedly didn\’t have his truck keys with him during the attempted carjacking, made his way over to the Cambod-Ican Kitchen restaurant at the corner of Carson and South 17th streets after being stabbed, and that is where he was picked up by the paramedics after a pedestrian flagged down a police officer.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Adams didn\’t have his keys on him because he left them with the Nakama Japanese Steakhouse valet service which reportedly shut down at midnight. According to my own research, Adams only lives a few blocks away from where the incident took place and could have easily walked home had he wanted to.

Also, according to Twitter user @JonBabs53, he spotted Adams at a bar three hours prior to the stabbing taking place; however, he doesn\’t say which bar it was, and he doesn\’t say if Adams was drinking at the time. Being as Nakama is rumored to be a place often frequented by several Steelers players late at night, and since Adams left his truck with their valet service, it\’s easy to speculate that Nakama very well could\’ve been his watering hole of choice Friday night and into Saturday morning.

Now, I am well aware about the fact NFL players don\’t have curfews, and have nothing against anyone going out for a couple of cocktails every now and again, but like my old man used to tell me when I was a kid, “Nothing good usually happens when you\’re out on the streets after midnight.” In the case of Adams, he was literally on the streets three hours after midnight.

I know for a fact Adams won\’t be the last current Steelers player who will be out on the town after midnight, however, due to the path he had to take in order for the Steelers to put him back on their draft board after testing positive for marijuana at the 2012 NFL combine, you would think he would keep himself off the streets after midnight, if at all possible.

At 6 feet, 7 inches and weighing over 300 pounds, Adams is not hard to miss and over the course of the last year, I have seen several people post on Twitter about allegedly spotting him out late having a few cocktails. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if indeed all of those sightings are true, he has to think about the appearance he gives off while doing so and especially if he is doing it as frequently as people allege that he is.

Whether Adams likes it or not, he and the rest of his teammates will always be under the public microscope, as long as they are members of the Steelers. It comes with the territory of being a professional athlete. Due to Adams\’ recent past, that microscope focuses in on him a little more than normal and thanks to the Saturday morning incident; the focus is now maxed out.

In order for Adams to slowly have the zoom backed off of him, I highly suggest he consider laying low for a while, and by low, I mean being off the streets by midnight. Adams is lucky to be alive, and according to the tweet he sent out following his surgery, I think he fully understands that.

Adams is not guilty of any crime, only a victim of one. He is, however, perhaps guilty of using poor judgment and we all have been guilty of that ourselves more than once in our lives. My hope for him is that he uses better judgment moving forward.

Get well soon, Mike.

  • Davide

    Totally agree…

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Im sorry but this is a terrible post. Its seems to me that we are now demonizing a victim for exercising his right to spend his time the way he wanted to during his time off. I cant believe we are now equating the use illegal drugs and drinking cocktails. I would think the cops would have put out if he had a high level of alcohol in his system, as that would have been a mitigating factor, but who knows since he is a victim. It interesting that you think the better decision for Adams would have been to walk home. But how about if he left his house key in his truck?? Or maybe he didn’t want to leave his car in the parking lot because it would have been towed or could have been vandalized. Im sorry but I dont feel its appropriate to scold Mike Adamsm especially if he was doing everything by the book and was not in violation of any laws. I agree that I hope our players make appropriate decisions during dicey situations, but here the only thing I think Mike Adams did wrong was not have someone walk with him to his car as to lower his chance of being targeted, which may never have stopped things since thies could have been a specific targeting instead of a random act.

  • Shea Fahr

    The article does not demonize him. It just simply states that he could be guilty of poor judgment which you re-iterate in the last sentence of your comment. It’s a common sense post.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Ok. Demonize may have implied too strong of a connotation. But I think its unfair to question his decision to enjoy his private time on his own terms, if there were no legal or ethical ramifications.

  • Shea Fahr

    True but I think with what the circumstances were with Adams even being drafted by the Steelers should still resonate with him. I agree with you that players should be able to enjoy some nightlife and such. But I think with Mike’s shaky past, perhaps he could have used better judgment the other night.


    Is everybody buying this story, that he’s a innocent victim of a random act of violence with his checkered past?

  • TJimmy

    PPG says: “The man with the gun pointed it in Mr. Adams’ face after Mr. Adams tried to prevent them from stealing his truck and as they argued, according to police. Then the man with the knife stabbed him twice and the three would-be carjackers ran off.”

    If its true that he was arguing with and trying to stop 3 knife/gun wielding men, that is where good judgment is lacking. Guns can kill 323 pound men too.

  • emac2

    It’s amazing that no matter how much money some people have they can only have fun if they attack their brains with poison. It’s really sad and pathetic that someone can be so physically strong and so mentally weak.

  • RW

    Nice article … hate that Adams was out but he is an adult and this is America. Athletes are judged far too harshly in our country.

  • emac2

    It’s unfair to question the actions of someone who was so stupid they decided to hang out in a bad neighborhood at 3 in the morning?

    I question everyone that does something stupid and some people need to hear it really loud from a lot of people for a long time for it to sink in.

    I have a bigger issue with telling people they shouldn’t express their opinions than telling an idiot that they shouldn’t do something stupid.

    Personally, the idea that a few clean years will leave your family set forever and one stupid night could end your life, would leave me motivated enough to stay clean for awhile and make it easy to exercise and study whenever I felt the need for fun.

  • emac2

    Do you think that people wouldn’t question the judgement of anyone that got stabbed in a bad neighborhood at 3 am? Adams was especially stupid in this case because he has everything to live for, every reason not to put himself at any risk and enough money to do whatever he wants wherever he wants….as well as buy another truck.

    I’m not a fan of telling people what to do but it’s important that people aren’t so PC that they don’t want to call a spade a spade. This was stupid and the more people that tell him it was stupid the better off he’ll be.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    DId you read where I said he showed bad judgement by allowing himself to be targeted. Unforturnately the opinion expressed in this article didn’t call him an idiot for doing that. This article called him an idiot for A) being at a bar late because of his checkered past and B) deciding against walking to his home (even though he would have still been alone and could have just been mugged instead of car jacked). I agree he is an idiot for making the decision to walk to his car alone, esp if the area is dangerous. Im not from the Pittsburgh area so I dont know the issues concerning that area. But I was under the wrong impression based on the article that it couldn’t have been too bad since Bryant wrote that Steelers players frequent this establishment. So please dont misconstrue my post. I believe Adams should face critism but for the proper reasons and not because he decided to engage in a perfectly legal activity.

  • Robert Alaniz

    I’m going to see this as a blessing. I’m very grateful that Big Mike is okay number one. I’m also going to state that maybe this is Mike’s version of what happened with Big Ben and now he’ll take a different approach when he wants to go out.

    I’m not gonna criticize Mike as the man is 23 years old and was just trying to relax and enjoy his off time. Maybe some of the guys that go out now will have that dinner on Friday or Saturday night and continue it after maybe 11pm at a designated players house so a potential idiot/thief can’t permanently change their lives.

    I’m glad he is going to be okay first of all and on a lesser note, I’m glad our team will be able to move forward with the starting line up that is projected. Mr. Adams is a good player and fortunately he will get to prove it and we’ll still get to see it.

  • Leo Larson

    I don’t get your point. 23 years old, blocks from his house…he gets stabbed in the stomach minding his own business after midnight on a Friday night not making trouble and the kid shows bad judgement? Terrible premise for your blog post and way off base.

  • Stephen Dale

    Bryan’s article is spot on : the bad judgement shown was being out at 3 AM when he could have eaten ( and consumed alcohol) at a much earlier hr and been home ” sleeping it off” at 3 am. Its these types of decisions that have to be haunting the Steelers FO for investing their money in Adams. Also have to agree with emac2’s comment.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I disagree with the article. What kind of country is this if you cannot be on the streets after midnight with the fear of getting stabbed. That is sad. No way he could see that coming. The bad judgement began when he argued with three armed robbers

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Ray Lewis probably stabbed him!

  • Jason Brant

    I love this site. I visit it multiple times a day.

    Having said that, this is total BS.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Listen the Steelers gave this kid a chance after failing a drug test at the combine; in fact he was off their draft board as a result. Adams sent an apology letter to the Steelers and they took a chance on him. Because of this Adams should not be out on the streets after midnight–certainly, trouble can find anyone at anytime but after midnight the probability of something like this happening is sure to increase. Adams should have been in bed!

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Holier than thou BS. Wrong place, wrong time and could have happened to anybody.

  • Cameron

    I agree with McNasty. The man is 23 years old. To imply that he was in a “bad neighborhood” at 3 am, yet he was walking distance from his home is unfair. Is the issue that he was out at 3 am? Random acts of violence happen at all times of the day. I just wonder what would be said if the attempted carjacking happened at 3 pm at the same location.

  • Pete

    I think it’s short-sighted to blame Adams for poor judgement when he could’ve been jacked at any time being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We should be wishing him well and a speedy recovery. If anything, perhaps he shouldn’t have resisted and argued with the attackers as reported but that’s easier said than done. Better for us to be happy that he’ll make a fully recovery when we could very well be talking about his death and funeral.

  • sesame

    Wow, I am really appreciative of all the people on their high horses helping me to see things better.

  • Pete

    Agreed Sylky.

  • Pete

    Agreed TJ but it’s natural for people to defend themselves in the heat of the moment especially football players who are conditioned to be aggressive. Afterwards no doubt he is telling himself how stupid it was to resist armed men but it’s a natural instinct. It takes a great deal of calm in such a situation to act and think calmly and wisely. And even then there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t shoot him anyway.

  • Pete

    Adams apparently lives in the neighborhood a few blocks away.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Yes…best post of this discussion.

  • Shea Fahr

    Bingo! And I think that is the point of the whole article.

  • I hope he’s okay and the facts (when they come to light, as they eventually will) bear out the story.

  • Jerome72

    Maybe this is the reason he wasn’t given the left tackle spot! Something tells me the coaches had an idea about his “poor” decision making! Hopefully he’ll heal up sooner than later!

  • Steve

    Hey,,, we were all young, dumb and did stupid things. I will be the 1st one to stand up and say I was young and did stupid things at one time. Adams will get an ear lickin and be out for awhile. Hope he learns from this and adjusts his better judgement in the future.

  • TJimmy

    They are also conditioned to contain that aggression for the appropriate time and place. We don’t know the details, but we all make mistakes. I’m just glad that it wasn’t any worse.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    This article and comments have ticked me off. I guarantee 99% of the people who made comments didn’t get stabbed or got mugged at a gunpoint. I have. When you have a gun to your head- come and talk to me. If anything it was more of a bad time, bad place than poor judgment. Some people want to drop dead and into a fetal position and hope criminals will just mingle away but thing is when you live on those kind of street you learn things like how crimes are an act of random for the majority of time. Criminals pick off the weaklings, not because they are easier to rob but harder to be tracked back toward the criminals. If you want to drop into a fetal position, good for you but I know I fought for it and that’s why I didn’t get mugged. Less you fight for yourself, more likelihood you will be dead and on obiturary next day.

    Let’s be glad that Mike Adams is okay and well, move on. Next time i’d appreciate that people doesn’t jump the gun when they never have been in such occurence.

  • RW

    Right. Ultimately I agree with emac2 – don’t be an idiot. But I can put myself in Adams’ shoes and see myself trying to defend my property without thinking, too. This was a split-second decision, not something that Adams had the time to think through. Also, this article focused a good deal on his going out to have a few drinks, maybe some dinner. Even if he does this regularly, it’s his choice. I, too, would advise him not to do this given his past troubles and his promises to the organization, but this is not an illegal activity for him. You just hope this can be a teaching moment for him, where those who are close to him can point to it as an incident during which he could have died and one that should prevent him from making similar choices in the future.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    So he couldnt have been mugged as he walked home by himself?

  • SteelersDepot

    I have been both stabbed and had a gun to my head two different times in my life. Both times it happened when I was out after midnight and in a part of town I knew was bad. Any other questions?

  • SteelersDepot

    Did you read where I said bad judgement as well? stop being an idiot.

  • alex


    mike is OK, thats what matters…and unfortunately this is a reminder for the team and the players to always be aware, you are under the microscope, DUH!

    and then the subs get some reps to see what we really have/dont have at the tackle position…

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    You explicitly expressed he showed bad judgement in his decision to have a few drinks and being out after midnight. Get off your high horse. This is a grown man who can spend his time as he pleases as long as it is neither harmful to anyone else or illegal especially, if he has been doing it in moderation. Sorry but that is different than saying someone made a bad call for putting themselves in a bad position where they could be taken advantage of.

  • JohnnyV1

    I recall several mornings in my 20’s where I woke up in my own bed (sometimes fully clothed) and wasn’t sure how I made it home. Usually had to speak to one or two of my friends to piece the night’s events together. But I also was making about $30-40k / year and my bank account only had a few thousand in it. These guys have far too much too lose to be doing this, but we were all not-so-smart at that age, and can’t fault them for acting their age. Look what our QB did down in Georgia, and he was closing in on 30 yrs old. I just have to wish him well and hope he, and maybe a few of his teammates, learns his lesson.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    I did a lot of stupid things as well and learned from my mistakes (still do). With that being said I’m also not an elite athlete that the Steelers depend on! Also, I’ve never signed an NFL contract! If I was given the opportunity to play for any team in the NFL I would definitely have my priorities in check! There would be no late night fun–just a lot of hard work and serious lifting.

  • SixburghFan

    Sure. Why’d you go back two more times…?

  • charles

    He needs to have a chat with Ben.

  • Jason Brant

    Correlation does not equal causation. Over fifty percent of violent crimes occur during the day.

    To be honest, the smug attitudes I’m reading are sad.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Then it probably is a bad judgment on your part, it doesn’t make his too. If we all have strong opinions about this incident, i’d recommend that we make an open thread for it rather than posting an article claiming one side of the story.

    Mine happened outside of church on a sat morning. Your point? Irrevelant, it can happen anywhere, anytime.

  • sgtrobo

    Leo, those are all excellent points. I think people really allow themselves the luxury of being hypocritical, self-righteous, and judgmental. He obviously brought this on himself because he was close to his house and gave his keys to somebody else. How dare he? NOBODY is EVER out past midnight, right? How many of those who are so quickly passing judgment on Adams have been drunk at a bar or at a frat house or on campus, or whatever? We don’t know if he was drunk or not, we don’t know if he was going to drive or not. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, but people are too quick to point the finger

  • sgtrobo

    so apparently you didn’t learn your lesson the first time? Is that what we are to take from this?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Yes he was a victim of what others did and a victim of his own doing. I no longer go to bars, clubs or strip joints because the potential of something bad happening to me is greater. It is called wisdom. Doesnt mean that I couldnt go to the bar for 5 years and nothing of any bad doings will happen to me…just saying we increase our chances.

  • walter mason

    I have been dying to post but sometimes the site wont let me. Well it appears we may have drafted a couple of recreational drinkers/drug users and expected them to turn their life around when they get a ton of money. Well its not easy and I really hope Mike can turn his life around because we really need him. We let Starks walk and this is what we get. Drinking at 2-3 AM is nothing but trouble and we dont know that he doesnt do this every weekend. Come on Mike straighten up. Are you really that dumb? If the neighborhood is a bad influence on your life, or could get you killed, then maybe you should move your family somewhere else. Changing friends and old habits may be needed. Maybe you werent drinking or smoking this time but I find it hard to believe that others around you were not. Do not let others bring you down. The future is very bright for you Mike and better things are in store for you and your family

    Im sorry you got stabbed while hanging out late at night in a bad neighborhood, Mike. Im not sure why you were by yourself but I can think of a few scenarios. Like some of the other posters, Ive been there and done that more than anyone could ever believe. I thought I was fooling everyone but the only person I fooled was myself. Hanging out on the street at 2-3 AM is not going to keep you a Steeler. Maybe you should consider counseling along with AA or NA. You may have no choice now. Good luck.

    Great post Dave. I hope it opens some eyes.

  • Ahmad

    I can’t say if i agree with the article. If he was intoxicated or high then I could understand that heat but come on. The guy, from what we know, was out late having a good time and he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes there is a point to be made that nothing good happens past midnight, but to me he did nothing wrong.

  • petvuk

    South Side is not bed part of the town. I am living here for 25 years. Problem is we have BAD people coming in our part of the city. Everybody is making money or having fun and we have to carry all garbage. Please leave us alone. Do garbage in your city (college students) and drink somewhere else.

  • SteelersDepot

    Because I was stupid.

  • SteelersDepot

    You are very welcome. I am always here to teach.

  • Rob

    Having read the article, I disagree with the author. Mike went to a bar and consumed food and beverages that were sold there. Prior to doing this he left his keys with a valet service so he would not drive home under the influence, sounds smart. Was also a few blocks from his house so he could have easily walked there again wise move.

    The people that should not have been out at night were the idiots that attacked him. That area has many places open late at night for entertainment purposes and I’m sure they begin closing between 2 and 3 am, some might even be open all night, restaurants for example.

    To think someone who is a victim of a crime is at fault for being lawfully on a public street is idiotic. That initial premise makes as much sense as blaming a rape victim for being attractive.

  • Ms Peppa

    No need to try to OWN your screen name. There is nothing suspicious about this guy getting mugged and stabbed. it happens all the time. You do not need to be doing something suspicious, to be attacked. Havig said that, I believe he really needs to lay off the drinking, whether he drinks over the limit or not. Drinking every weekend or even every other weekend is NOT good for a pro athlete. Their bodies endure brutal punishment, unlike people like Sylky_Mcnasty, who probably plays ping pong or something. So while it is his right to do it, it is plain stupid, because he needs to keep his body and over all health as top notch as possible. His livihood depends on it.

  • walter mason

    We are not so much concerned about Dave at this point in time. Its Mike we are worried for.

  • walter mason

    I would like to know what kind of friend left him alone at 3 AM with no truck keys. A friend would make sure his truck started and he was capable of driving or if he was drinking, would make sure he got home safely.
    I dont think we are hearing the full story and maybe its best left untold.

  • Isaac Reveles

    so because he got drafted by the steelers he should stay in his house unless its for game day or practice? get out of here with that garbage, he is an american and has the right to do what he pleases as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. last i checked going out and enjoying himself at a place where his teammates frequent IS NOT a crime. he is a grown man and can make his own decisions. so please sit behind your keyboard and pretend you have never been out past midnight. im sure he didnt go out looking to have some low lives stab him.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    I’ve never seen so many Steelers fans so fired up about something! Fart sound! Damn Tennessee game! Dewayne Washington didn’t run into Nedney!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    It’s America….so we can agree to disagree?!

  • helpimlost

    The author appears to have ruined some decent investigative reporting by mixing it with poor commentary. I hope he uses better judgement moving forward.

  • calisteelerfan

    Where do they find their writers? It used to be facts were checked before a story went out, but since we now are saddled with Blogger Journalism we only get speculation and sensationalism. He could have been talking with friends when the Valet closed. I have talked with friends for a couple hours, at night, often outside many times. Everyone that isn’t a freak has probably did the same numerous times in their twenties. All this hack has done is speculate and demonstrate he is a self righteous windbag. Shame on the trashtalkers spewing about off season work

  • Steve

    Adams didn’t learn his lesson either. You only get so many chances in life, then you die!

  • sgtrobo

    well, we don’t know if he learned his lesson. To my knowledge he’s never been carjacked at 3 in the morning, so I’m not sure what lesson he was supposed to learn?

  • Steve

    I HAVE had 2 different cars stolen from me! Have YOU ever had a car stolen? You feel violated. Have you ever been beat up? Probably NOT!! If he don’t learn,,, that you DON”T put yourself in BAD situations, he will not be around for long!

  • sgtrobo

    My point is that we are retroactively condemning him, stating “he didn’t learn his lesson”. How do we know that moving forward he hasn’t? If this was a place Steelers players frequent, then perhaps he felt ‘safe’? Obviously unwarranted feelings of safety, but I think we’re a bit too hasty to rush to judgement here.

  • walter mason

    well said

  • walter mason

    lol ping pong

  • Ms Peppa

    LOL, just an educated guess.

  • Steve

    If you DON’T like what is written on this site why do you come here with negative remarks about Dave? He is tellin it like it is. This IS Dave’s site and he works hard at writing it!

  • Steve

    There will always be Bad people wherever you live. Even in the bestest places in the world. There is bad people everywhere as there is good.

  • Steve

    How do you know??? Was you there with him?? I am sure they took alcohol content in his blood at the Hospital. Sometimes I drop off my car at a valet. (When there is no place to park) Rob,,, you don’t go out very often,,, do you? Why do you write some BS on this site, when you DON’T know what you are talking about???

  • Rob

    I’m sure they sell beverages other than alcoholic ones at the bars, I have purchased them myself. My comment indicated that he went out and consumed food and beverages for an evening out with friends as he stated. To think otherwise is idiotic. Secondly the point was he has done nothing wrong( even if he consumed alcoholic beverages). If he was planning on consuming alcoholic beverages he exercised good judgement by dropping his keys with another party so as to prevent him from driving if he in fact became intoxicated.

    I believe you are suffering from a comprehension problem with the written word, I hope that you can find a way to overcome this.