Steelers WR Plaxico Burress Says He Can Still Dominate In Red Zone

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress is ecstatic to be back for another season with the team that drafted him, and he thinks he knows how he can help the team in 2013 in addition.

“I know I can still play, I know I can dominate in the red zone,” Burress said, via a Sunday morning report by Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Burress, who will turn 36 in August, detailed how he must go about doing just that “Just go out and play at a high percentage. In those one-on-one opportunities, just succeed at a high rate. I know I can. Being out there last year, I drew double coverage in the red zone without hardly playing, I think teams will have to respect that.”

While being a red zone threat is fine and good, the Steelers will likely need Burress to be much more than that in 2013 if he\’s going to make the roster as a fourth or fifth wide receiver, as he doesn\’t play on special teams, and he isn\’t necessarily known to be a clutch third down receiver either.

As far as his red zone numbers go, dating back to 2005, his first year with the New York Giants, Burress has been feast or famine when it comes to his work inside the red zone. Over that span of time, Burress has a pretty lousy catch percentage of 44.21% on balls thrown his way inside the red zone. However, of the 42 balls that he has caught during that span, 26 (61.9%) have gone for touchdowns.

While Burress certainly has no guarantees that he will make the Steelers 53 man roster out of training camp, he certainly seems to continue to have the right attitude even after catching just three passes for 42 yards and one touchdown last season in limited playing time.

“I don\’t know what my role is going to be,\’\’ Burress said. “I don\’t count numbers. You don\’t know what will happen on the injury front. Just stay ready. I\’m not just learning just one position, I\’m learning all three. Whatever happens, I have to be ready to run routes and make plays.”

  • dgh57

    I figured that when he was resigned it was because of Heath Miller’s health concerns and that he would be a good red zone target. Miller’s health has improved since then, we need someone to be more than a one trick pony, and we need youth at WR. He makes the roster only if we have injuries at WR.

    So, sorry Plax, I think I’ll pass!!!

  • cencalsteeler

    Well, I sure hope he gets used more if he does make the 53. If memory serves me correctly, he caught less than a hand full of passes, and earned shy of a mill. Talk about taking candy from a baby! Where do I sign up?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I see him as a fall back guy. I do not think he makes the roster but is learning Haley’s system in case someone gets hurt.

  • Shea Fahr

    I was thinking kind of the same thing.

  • Stephen Dale

    old, fading athletes are among the most delusional people we encounter. i can’t remember ever hearing one say he couldn’t excel regardless of what his performance had been.

  • Steve

    Numerous times the ball was right in Plex’s hands and he dropped it. As tall as you are, you should be able to jump and catch the ball at 10 ft, but we never seen it!! Show us you are ready,,, cause talk is cheap. Walk the walk. You always had promise but that all went down when you shot yourself and spent time in jail. With the young boys coming in to take your job,,, it is time to make it happen – NOW! Else bye,, bye – Only get SSSOOOO many chances and this is yours. You are taking a roster spot that could be used by a newbie that does special teams and plays WR. How much do you want that spot??? Or is it $$$$ you want???

  • Rob

    I think Burris will make it. We will field 6 wideouts he will be one. The others in no particular order, Brown, Sanders, Crotchery, Weaton, and one more young wideout.
    With Sanders difficulty staying healthy Burris could actually see a good bit of time on the field with either 3 or 4 wide sets. Like speed you can’t teach height either and I think he will be a better option than spaeth as far as receiving ability. Paulson may do better as the other tight end behind Heath.

  • dgh57

    What about Gilreath, J.D. Woods and even J. Brown who some have already written off before he’s given a chance to prove himself? Plax can still make it but it will have to be through injuries to other WRs!

  • Kevin Gobleck

    only the great athletes know when to walk away, because they aren’t playing at there full ability. Brian Urlacher is an example. He retired because he knew he wasn’t the same player anymore.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I hope we keep him for another year, then maybe J. Brown can learn from him and eventually replace him

  • Douglas Andrews

    Dave’s Red zone Stat’s are pretty startling. Plax says he knows he can dominate in the Red Zone at 36 when he’s never really been that good at doing that in the past. I’m a Plax fan but the odds are really against him.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    well he did good as he got older like when he was with the jets, those were his best redzone years, probably though because that’s why they had him and that’s why he focused on becoming “Dominate” there