Former Steelers LB Joey Porter Returns To Colorado State As A Coach

Just over a week ago, it was announced that former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter will be inducted into the Colorado State Hall of Fame on Nov. 1. On Wednesday the school\’s website reported that Porter will return to his alma mater as an undergraduate student assistant football coach this year.

“This is another example of reaching back into our past to help build our future at Colorado State,” said head coach Jim McElwain. “It\’s an opportunity for him to complete his degree while he gains valuable experience with our coaching staff. We are proud to welcome one of the great Rams back to our campus, just as we welcome all of our former players to remain a part of the Rams football family.”

Porter, who played 13 years in the NFL with Steelers, Miami Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals, talked about how excited he is to help the program out.

“I’m extremely happy to have opportunity to work with the CSU football team as an undergraduate student assistant. It’s an honor for me to come back and be a part of the CSU family, and I’m extremely excited to see what happens with the 2013 season.”

Porter will reportedly be taking classes at the school to complete his undergraduate degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in social studies in addition to assisting the Rams coaching staff.

It\’s good to hear that “Peezy” is getting on with his life\’s work and even better to hear that he\’s completing his degree. While he is just now starting to cut his teeth as a coach, he is well respected at the school and should certainly help the players better themselves.

  • Steve

    Joey Porter was a feared linebacker when he played for the Steelers. He was a vocal leader that a lot of players looked up to and I am sure he will have the same respect when he is coaching at Colorado State. It is good to hear he is getting his undergraduate degree and we all wish him well.

  • Mike.H

    Dave, don’t ban me for this honest post, but my only memory of Joey Porter who went to colorado to visit during I think it was the bye week was that he got shot in the tuckus…years ago as a Steeler.

    I’m sure many remembered this particular instance..

  • Mike.H

    We loved our beloved Steelers who take down QB’s on 3rd downs. We hail them as heroes. Joey was gifted athlete.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Great to hear Peezy was the type of leader we miss on the team now. Good luck with the coaching career and kudos for going back to school for your degree.

  • Mike.H

    oops, I misspoke. I gave the impression Joey wasn’t a high achiever LB… I meant to say that incident stood out on top of his many stellar heroics. Joey’s a stud.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    It is great to hear that he is finishing his undergrad degree> Does anyone know how many more credits he needs?

  • JPDQ

    NOW where’s that dude that claimed JP is a member of the Crips?

    Maybe Joey’s trying to achieve higher gang status by graduating with his liberal arts degree.

    Ha. Some people…

  • Steve

    Crips, Bloods,, so he rides a bike, gotta love it!