Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer Is Looking Forward To Proving People Wrong

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer posted on Twitter Monday that he is ready for training camp to begin and that he is prepared and excited to prove people wrong, especially Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

So what has Dwyer so fired up? Bouchette wrote on Monday that even though Dwyer led the team in rushing last season, he isn\’t a lock to make the 2013 roster.

The last report we had on Dwyer was that he was planning to spend time down in Florida training with running backs Matt Forte and Maurice Jones-Drew at Pete Bommarito Performance System after the Steelers wrapped up their OTA practices last month.

During the 2013 NFL Draft, there was a report that the Steelers were shopping their former sixth-round draft pick, but whether or not that report was actual true we will never know.

While Dwyer might be upset with what Bouchette wrote, it is fair speculation by the long-time Steelers beat writer. Even I have speculated over the course of the offseason that there is a good chance that either Dwyer or fellow running back Isaac Redman might not make the roster ever since the Steelers drafted Le\’Veon Bell and signed Larod Stephens-Howling.

The Steelers will more than likely only carry four running backs and one fullback on their 53 man roster out of training camp, so that leaves Dwyer, Redman and third-year running back Baron Batch all battling for two roster spots if we are to believe that Stephens-Howling is a lock to make the roster as a kick returner and change of pace back.

The Steelers restricted tendered both Dwyer and Redman non guaranteed contracts of $1.323 million during free agency, so it certainly makes sense that one of the two might be gone come the start of the season.

Special teams play will certainly play a role in the Steelers final decision, and that is where Batch has a leg up on both Dwyer and Redman. All three are accomplished pass protectors, but Batch has yet to prove that he can carry the load in the running game should the need ever arise.

It is good that Dwyer is motivated to prove people wrong, and this battle will certainly be entertaining to watch over the course of the next several weeks.

  • Rob H

    That’s funny, I posted in an earlier thread that if he didn’t show up in shape and ready to play that they should cut him immediately. I hope he does prove people wrong, he’s got all the tools, that’s what makes it so maddening that to this point he’s shown zero commitment.
    And I’m not talking about him showing up with Joey Porter abs, Bettis always carried a lot of weight around in his day, but he had the stamina to take the ball 25+ times a game

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Agreed Rob, Dwyer has the ability its just how bad does he want it.

  • Shea Fahr

    Something tells me that one of them gets injured during camp/preseason so whichever one does not get injured is on the 53….Otherwise, they may keep both. It is a good problem to have.

  • lefnor

    What about the Day in the Life: Jonathan Dwyer video at the official site? Just look at his belly…
    Please Colbert, free his 1,323M cap space. This is not a guy you can trust.

  • VaDave

    Rob, I agree with most of what you posted, also with the above article. Barring injury, unless Dwyer is clearly the best running back on the team and has locked down the starting position, he’s a goner. We are not going to spend $1.3 million dollars on a bench warmer that does not play special teams.
    That said, he’s a decent runner, and will find a spot somewhere in the NFL, like Cleveland or Cincinnati…..or Pittsburgh West……

  • steeltown

    You could be right

  • steeltown

    Dwyer will make the Team

  • steeltown

    The Steelers have nearly $4.5MIL in cap space..the need to cut Dwyer or Redman to save the low tender amount is sort of a moot point. We’ve all seen how quickly injury can take ahold of certain positions and the depth of those positions… in addition Batch has shown nothing to make one comfortable regarding helping in the running game

  • steeltown

    If we cared about what some ones “belly” looked like.. we may have never acquired Bettis

  • lefnor

    Oh man. Please don’t compare him to Bettis. He was a tenth overall pick with the same body type.
    Dwyer is much slower in bad condition and can’t play a full game in that shape. He proved that. And he was asked to control his weight several times! Especially this year, when a lot of outside zone stuff is integrated into the playbook.
    Look at Redman, he knows what this offseason is all about. According to reports he is 10 pounds lighter.

  • lefnor

    “the need to cut Dwyer or Redman to save the low tender amount is sort of a moot point”

    There are contract extensions in line, every penny counts!

  • steeltown

    Im not comparing but “belly” has nothing to do with it.. hell even Hampton came into camp out of shape on a yearly basis

  • steeltown

    I understand that part of business… I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go into the season with the oft injured Redman and Batch as my backups behind a rookie RB

  • lefnor

    Belly has nothing to do with it??? He is a RB and he is not Bettis! How many fat RB play succesfully in the league?
    Hampton is a 340 pound nose tackle! He can loose 20 pound with ease during a TC.
    Dwyer couldn’t do that last year.

  • lefnor

    Me neither. I would pick up one guy after the final roster cuts for minimum salary. There are RB rich teams.

  • steeltown

    ..and yet Dwyer got the nod more often than not, he may have more of a “belly” than Redman, but he’s younger and faster and more elusive

  • cencalsteeler

    It sure would be fun to see Will get some carries in short yardage situations. Give him the ball and lets see what he can do!

  • lefnor

    Younger, faster but not more elusive. And he is lazier and the least system fit.

    Mike “standard is standard” Tomlin shouldn’t reward the player with one of the worst work ethic on the roster even if he is younger.

    Pick up the looser of the Spencer Ware-Robert Turbin (Seahawks) or Dan Herron-Rex Burkhead (Bengals) roster fight after the 4th preseason game.

  • Fr33th1nk3r

    If nothing else, the added competition should heat things up in the backfield and generate some legit efforts.


    I agree with Dave Bryan…this will boil down to head count…4 RBs, and 1 FB…it’s doubtful both Redman & Dwyer will stick…I’m still of the opinion Dwyer can be a feature or certainly a platoon RB…Redman is more a true short yardage guy and imo the role Haley wants…Bell the feature, Redman the short yardage, Stephens-Howling change of pace

  • sgtrobo

    yeah, let’s compare a potential Hall of Famer with 15,000 yards from scrimmage and nearly 100 career TDs to a fat sloppy lazy kid. Bettis was a mobile, beastly power RB. Dwyer is just fat.

  • sgtrobo

    I’m totally down for Robert Turbin on the team instead of the FLSD

  • sgtrobo

    Dwyer will eat the team.

  • sgtrobo

    when the Steelers cut FLSD, they’ll have $5.8 mil in cap space. Welcome to the black and gold, Eric Winston.

  • sgtrobo

    my thoughts exactly ATL96STEELER

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Question… Can we cut one of the tendered RB’s then (when they clear waivers) re-sign them for less money?

    It seems like if we could keep both Dwyer and Redman for LESS MONEY. Everybody would be down with that.

  • SteelersDepot

    can they? yes. but once released you would have to think that both would explore other options first

  • charles

    If Bell meets his lofty expectations it won’t matter who else we keep. But Bell has not played one NFL snap yet. I would also love to see Dunn catch a ball coming out of the backfield . He has tremendous upside in the open field.

  • steeltown

    I am not comparing, jesus christ all I was saying is saying a guy has a “belly” doesn’t mean he cant play Football. That’s what people who have never played the game look at, something like a belly and judge a player on it, gimme a break

    I honestly think he’s going to prove people wrong.. and from the look of it, he has a lot of naysayers that unjustly want him to fail.

  • sgtrobo

    well, except that I’ve played the game, and if his belly was the only problem, then no worries. It’s not his belly, it’s his complete lack of “give a crap”. If your boss criticizes you openly for something, and for 3 straight years, you demonstrate no effort to fix it, then is it a surprise if your boss kicks you to the curb?

    so he comes into camp, gets criticized for being overweight, comes inot camp next year, gets criticized for being overweight, comes into camp the NEXT year, gets criticized for being overweight, trips into a starting role due to injuries, then proceeds to tap out if he runs the ball 2 consecutive plays because he needs a break…then GAINS weight during the season.

    you don’t see that as a continual problem?

  • sgtrobo

    the market for RBs as slow and aged as Redman is rather small. The market for RBs as demonstrably lazy as Dwyer is rather small. I’d like to see them kick Dwyer to the curb and keep Redman, who I think would be really good in a short yardage/3rd down(sometimes) role to keep him fresh

  • steeltown

    In the end, Dwyer is the 2nd best RB on our roster right now IMO.. and to me that makes him #2

  • Milliken Steeler

    He is more elusive than Redman hands down. Thats why Redman is working on speed and other things. Dwyer has been compared to Bettis because of his tools at his disposal not because of what he has accomplished.

    He is shifty and has more speed that most people realize for his size. His issue as always is conditioning. If he starts realizing its part of his job year round and comes in camp today in shape? lookout.

  • Milliken Steeler

    LOL Sarge. Now that isn’t playing fair.