15 Players That Could Be In Their Final Week With The Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers will have to trin their roster down from 90 players to 75 a few days after they play the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday night and head coach Mike Tomlin refers to it as shortening the lines. That means 15 players will be suiting up for the last time Saturday and below are the projected players I see being released or waived.

C Joe Madsen – Undrafted free agent that didn\’t play a snap on offense in the first two preseason games.

G Mike Golic Jr. – Undrafted free agent that didn\’t play a snap on offense in the first two preseason games.

TE Nathan Overbay – Was signed duringh training camp due to all the injuries.

WR Tyler Shaw – Last one in, first one out.

T Mike Farrell – Undrafted free agent and like Madsen, he has yet to play a snap on offense.

CB Devin Smith – At least he got an interception, but I don\’t think it will be enough to keep him around another week. He was signed after camp started.

WR Kashif Moore – Was a camp body from the moment he was signed to a futures contract.

CB Ryan Steed – It\’s either this week or next week.

LB Kion Wilson – I think either he or Brian Rolle goes now with the other one going during the final cut. Possibly both go.

LB Terence Garvin – Maybe an outside shot to return to the practice squad in a few weeks. Cut him now so he goes under the radar.

S Ross Ventrone – Courtesy cut. Mr. Transaction Man gets one more to add to his list.

WR J.D. Woods – If not this week then next week. Zero snaps on offense in the second preseason game after catching two passes in the first game. Was signed as an undrafted free agent.

TE Peter Tuitupou – Same situation as Overbay. Maybe he last another week, but it\’s now or next week.

WR David Gilreath – Blew his chance.

QB John Parker Wilson – Courtesy cut, so he can try to catch on elsewhere.

  • treeher

    I was hoping either Golic or Farrell would show something. I was pulling for JD Woods.

  • 2443scott

    their should be 3 sets of players 1 the 53 players 2 a group of 5 players who will be reserve players who can only play if you lose some one for the year then 3 practice squad players ..as many injuries the nfl sees every year the 53 man roster needs to have more players available

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I think the JD Woods thing may have been intentional. It wouldn’t surprise me if he makes it past the cut this time, but is cut in the next cut without ever seeing the field. It would be a sign they don’t want to show off his skills so the can get him to the PS.

    Gavin is another guy I think may end up on PS. Rolle and Koin Wilson I don’t think are eligible for it, and he has shown some potential.

  • steeltown

    Would be nice to hide JD Woods on the PS this year, he could potentially compete for a spot next year when Cotchery and possibly Sanders are gone.

  • steeltown

    I agree with most of this

    I would include a few others as possibilities, like Jeremy Wright, D’Anthony Batiste and possibly Fangupo

    I would agree Garvin has a good chance of making the PS, its either him or Alan Baxter for the LBs.. sort of hoping JD Woods makes the PS as well, but it might end up being Moye again

  • Shea Fahr

    yes…either him or Moye to the ps.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Was hoping that JD Woods would have an outside shot. No one on the list stands out as keepers but Garvin would be nice to keep on the ps.

  • Michael

    Keep any of them one more week and get rid of Wimper.

  • GoSteelerz

    If Steed keeps playing the way he has been, I hope they surprise everyone and keep him… At least the practice squad, but he’s looked better than anyone except the starters… We’ll see. I would like to see them keep Garvin, at least on the practice squad. If nobody is looking at him then they may be right in cutting him now and keeping him under the radar if they want him on the practice squad.

  • Brendon Glad

    3 rookie free-agent OL who have yet to play a snap? For THAT group? I guess we can only hope they have someone they are trying to hide. Because the other more obvious reason isn’t too encouraging.

  • Eric

    Get rid of Whimper and Batiste ASAP

  • Matthew Marczi

    As bad as they are, these undrafted tackles they have are even worse. That’s why they don’t even get playing time.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Garvin and Woods are safe for this cut IMO. Wilson has played decent too but someone has to go. Gilreath still has a small chance but he needs to show something in practice just he he gets another shot.

  • Larry Sarver

    Rolle has shown positives in all his action so far. He’s just short in stature. So is Sharmarko! Need to rethink this one.

  • james p

    how is it that the oline has looked awful and we have 3 guys who haven’t even taken a snap in a gm to see what they have. you cant tell everything in practice. I was hoping golic would have a chance but not even in on one play I don’t understand. they are playing batiste knowing what he is. atleast see what the kids have in gm action