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David Todd – Quick Thoughts Steelers-Giants Preseason Opener

By David Todd

The Steelers opened their 2013 preseason campaign with an 18-13 loss to the New York Giants at Heinz Field Saturday night in a game that was sloppy and lacking in entertainment almost from the start. From an evaluative standpoint the performance of individual Steelers players largely matched up with what we have seen the first two weeks of training camp. Many of the players who have stood out or flashed at camp did so again Saturday. Those who have struggled in camp mostly continued to do so. The wheat and the chaff are quickly being sifted.


Stevenson Sylvester suffered the only noticeable injury as Markus Wheaton rolled into his lower right leg after Sylvester made a tackle on special teams. Both Sylvester and Wheaton reacted, and I’m guessing Sly made an audible noise when hit. He did get up and run off the field, but didn’t return to the game and was scheduled for X-rays on his right ankle. Early returns from LBs coach Keith Butler have been positive on Sly, but the competition at the backup linebacker spot has become the most interesting in camp. He can’t afford to miss much time.

The Good:

*Newly-acquired running back LaRod Stephens-Howling looked very good getting some extended work in the first quarter, rushing seven times for 40 yards. LSH showed an ability to quickly hit holes and cut back runs, finding lanes opened by the Steelers new outside zone blocking scheme. He’s a lock for the 53 and his performance Saturday suggests that he could be more than just a 3rd down or change-of-pace back.

*The offensive line opened with Mike Adams at left tackle and Marcus Gilbert on the right side and I’m confident that will be the alignment for the season opener September 8. The starting five played close to 20 plays and showed an ability to open holes in the running game. Gilbert and guard David DeCastro were especially effect on the right side, getting an extended push and driving defenders back downfield on multiple plays.

*Fullback Will Johnson was targeted twice and made two catches out of the backfield. Johnson has good hands and can be difficult to bring down in the open field. He caught one pass in the flat from Roethlisberger and another on a bootleg by Gradkowski. Johnson caught 15 balls last year and was probably under-utilized. With the injuries to the tight ends look for him to have a bigger role in the offense particularly early in the season.

*UDFA wide receiver J.D. Woods out of West Virginia made an excellent catch going up high for a ball and holding on as he got flipped in mid-air landing on his head. He’s still a big long-shot to make the team, but he’s been catching everything in camp and continued to do so last night. He certainly increased his chances of making the practice squad.

The Bad:

*Running back Le’Veon Bell, the number two pick out of Michigan St., was held out for precautionary reasons with soreness in his left knee. Bell has gotten more attention than any player in camp, and while you can’t fault the Steelers for playing it safe, it was disappointing that Bell didn’t make his debut.

*The back-up offensive linemen were every bit as bad as feared. Kelvin Beachum, the back-up at four of the line spots (with Gilbert the likely back-up at LT), was fine at right tackle, but no one else looked good. John Malecki, who appeared hobbled at one point, was barely serviceable at center and he was the best of the group. For some reason tackle Joe Long dressed but did not play. He is probably the best of the rest.

*Landry Jones and Baron Batch collided on a simple hand-off on Jones’ first NFL play resulting in a fumble and a safety. For Batch, who is going to struggle to make the roster, little mistakes like that could be the difference.


The Good:

*Lots of good here as many of the Steelers back-ups shined. Al Woods gets the game ball with six tackles, three assists and a sack. Woods only played 30 snaps last year but could be in for increased time if he continues to dominate like he did Saturday.

*Alameda Ta’amu embarrassed himself and the team last year. He came to camp out of shape, got injured and didn’t show a high-compete level. On top of that he got arrested for drunk driving and a variety of other charges on his South Side spree. Last year’s fourth round pick started the preseason on the PUP with a hamstring injury and was hardly noticed when activated last week, but it was clear he arrived in much better condition this year. Saturday night Ta’amu made his first positive impression as a Steeler. He was credited with two tackles and was able to get a solid push up the middle on multiple occasions working with the second-team. He took a step toward winning the back-up nose position behind Steve McLendon.

*The back-up inside linebackers were excellent across the board. Kion Wilson, Marshall McFadden, Brian Rolle, Vince Williams and Terence Garvin all did good things (against the Giants 2nd & 3rd team offense). ILB was a position that looked to be sorely lacking in depth coming into camp. As a group these guys went a long way in assuaging those fears. This now appears to be the most interesting position battle in camp.

*Corner Josh Victorian and safety Robert Golden, two personal favorites, had solid nights. Golden’s on the roster, Victorian helped his standing particularly with so many corners out injured. While he’s a bit undersized, he competes and has solid coverage skills and ball skills. Worst-case he’ll be on the practice squad.

The Bad:

*On a 3rd-and-9 from their own 21, Eli Manning found receiver Rueben Randle in the flat for a short gain. Both Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu came up to make the tackle and missed, leading to a 16-yard game and a first down. Three plays later on a 3rd-and-four, Manning found Victor Cruz behind William Gay. Again Clark and Polamalu couldn’t make a tackle and Cruz went into the end zone for a 57-yard touchdown. Rules one and two in Dick Lebeau’s defense are don’t allow the big play and tackle the catch. The Steelers safeties didn’t get it done on that drive.

*Cam Heyward made no impression. A first-round pick in 2011, Heyward is someone the Steelers need to take a step forward this year. With a solid effort from Al Woods, he may not get a chance to compete with Ziggy Hood for the starting RDE job, which would put him behind Brett Keisel again this year. More is expected.

*Shamarko Thomas has a long way to go. Thomas saw very little time on Saturday and what he did was in the nickel. Thomas looked great during OTAs and mini-camp, but hasn’t looked as good in training camp. He’s a great story, an enthusiastic, high-energy individual and has a future in the league. He should contribute on special teams this year, but he’s got work to do.

Special Teams:

The Good:

*Sushi continued right where he left off last year. Rock-solid, ho-hum from 34 and 41. I feel bad for Danny Hrapmann because he appears to be a solid kicker, but he has no chance, barring injury, at winning the job.

*Kashif Moore, J.D. Woods and Reggie Dunn all appear to be capable in the return game. They haven’t had much opportunity, but Plaxico Burress’ injury may mean there is an opening for a return guy. Stay tuned.

The Bad:

*Well Danny Smith now has some tape to look at. This wasn’t a good effort in general but to some degree that is to be expected with no live work done in training camp.

*Damon Cromartie-Smith completely whiffed on a punt block that let Giants third-round pick Damontre Moore in untouched on Drew Butler. DCS is known as a good special teams player. He has used up his practice squad eligibility and can’t make mistakes like that and make the team.

*Putting the ball on the ground is one way to guarantee a short tenure with the Steelers. David Gilreath surely was looking to make an impression but showed questionable judgment fielding one punt inside his own five and fumbling another that he clearly should have fair caught. The competition for the fifth wideout has been better than expected and Gilreath really hurt himself Saturday.


It’s the preseason, not much to critique here.

The Good:

*Tomlin chose to hold Bell out. While that was disappointing it’s hard to argue with the decision.

The Bad:

*Todd Haley will again be under a microscope this year. The Steelers longest play from scrimmage was 14 yards. While it’s hard to get worked up about this, it will be interesting to see if they start throwing the ball downfield as the preseason moves on.

*The Steelers repeatedly tried to run middle screens, most-often with Jonathan Dwyer, and had no success. I’m not sure why that play should figure prominently in the team’s game plan, particularly with the lack of depth at tight end.

Big Officiating Calls:

*It’s preseason. They generally seemed to get it right.

Up Next: The Steelers will travel to Washington to play the Redskins on national television on Monday August 19. Kickoff is 8:00 pm on ESPN

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  • JohnnyV1

    I completely agree with the assessment of the inside linebackers, and linebackers in general. D-line also did pretty well. Seems to be some talent, although inexperienced, at WR also. Big Ben physically looks better that ever, which will hopefully translate to a healthy season.

  • steeltown

    They now have some film to dissect..

    I thought Isaiah Green played well, like Victorian he is a bit undersized but he moves well in space and had a PD or two

    Where was Golic Jr in this game? I was surprised to see Hubbard receive as many snaps as he did while Golic received none.. atleast to my knowledge

    Im hoping Joe Long excels when given playing time next week

  • Marcus

    I agree with everything but Cam Hayward. He sniffed out a screen pass, which allowed Worilds to get an easy sack.

    I know he didn’t really have many standout plays but he fought hard and new his assignments. I think he has it between the ears, and is a very capable player.

    That being said, I think that Al Woods shouldn’t get a shot against 1st string competition. I think he has earned it. Neither Hood or Hayward have set the world on fire, and even though he had a great game against I be it the 2nd stringers, you can’t hold that against him, as all you can do as a player is beat the guy in front of you.

  • Marcus


  • Patrick

    Steelers showed me nothing different than last season. Pop gun offense lousy running game. Average carry was pathetic. They have wasted draft picks in Hood and Heyward, number one picks at that!.
    Special teams were once again deplorable and with a new coach to boot.
    A few plays here and there by back ups against the Giants back ups won’t cut it.
    What were they thinking in bringing in Todd Haley? I realize it’s practice but this has been going on since last years preseason. Not very sharp at all .

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Dave you had mentioned how Keenan Lewis worked through injuries in preseason last year because he knew there was a fierce competition with Cortez Allen. Sly needs to wrapped that ankle and if he can walk needs to compete IMO. This maybe his last rodeo. I felt bad for Golden who had one pegged and didnt bring it in. I have rooted for Gilreath but he maybe in a heep hill of trouble with the way the other WR’s have performed. I was surprised at Dunn who I felt performed well. The boy was sure quick on his PR.

  • Luke Shabro

    I understand your comment about pop gun offense but I don’t expect them to open it up much in the first game. Although the Giants torched us. The special teams though. My god. Made me think of the The Who song “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. New boss, same as the old boss. I know that was their first live special teams action but that was horrifically bad.

  • Luke Shabro

    I was a fan of Gilreath as well and it was one preseason game but he was performing extremely poorly against 2’s and 3’s. Justin Brown shocked me. He was playing against 2’s and 3’s but all the reports out of camp were on point, soft hands, caught about everything. Pleasant surprise

  • steeltown

    Its preseason.. you don’t show your tricks during preseason… and LSH who received the majority of snaps with the 1st Team had around 5.7yds per carry avg, that’s pretty damn good

  • steeltown

    Yea, I have always supported Gilreath, but he blew it.. not only did the other younger guys show better awareness in the return game but they also excelled in the passing game

  • cencalsteeler

    Three things that concern me in this EARLY season. Special teams, secondary and offensive scoring (I’m tired of settling for three’s).

  • Patrick

    They can’t throw downfield at all with Ben? They must be worried that he’ll get hurt

  • cencalsteeler

    Agree with you about Isaiah Green.

  • Luke Shabro

    I agree. Good slot receivers against our secondary reeealllly concerns me. Amendola and Brian Hartline were licking their chops watching that Cruz touchdown

  • steeltown

    I think we’ll see some downfield throws in the coming weeks

  • steeltown

    Yea, but had A.Brown come down inbounds with that catch in the endzone it’d be a whole different story.. not to mention a ‘W’

    I agree about the special teams to a point, I think it was mostly young guys being too aggressive. That can be fixed.

    The secondary however is a concern, but mostly because of injury. For the most part I was impressed with the young DBs

  • Luke Shabro

    I’m worried he’ll get hurt so I’m ok with quick throws right now.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The one thought I also had was even though we ran well against the Giants…they have all new LB’s starting for them this year so we may have looked better than we should have. Just a thought

  • Pete

    I agree. While it was a good effort by Howling, I’m not getting excited by a preseason game. He’s fighting for a roster spot and he did well. The real test will be the regular season against real defenses. The Bengals thrashed the Falcons but lets wait a few weeks and see what’s what.

  • walter mason

    I cant help but feel concern for little Howling. Harrison is going to kill him when we play Cincy. .

  • Luke Shabro

    There were holes and I feel like the inside zone had something to do with it. LSH really surprised me at how well he cut through the zone

  • steeltown

    Oh I agree with that, I was simply commenting on the above mention of “lousy running game”.. in relation to our #3 RB at best who just ran for 5.7yds per against the NYG 1st Team

  • charles

    Steeltown, from your posts I know you are a big Bell fan. LSH showed what acceleration can do with ZBS, you can get to the available hole and through before it closes up. Is it possible that Batch would be a likely candidate to be able to take advantage of this too. He seems to be the fleetest of the RB corps other than the scatbacks.

  • steeltown

    You would think so.. but I haven’t heard many good things out of camp about him this year.. still a ways to go though

  • charles

    Carnell Lake’s secondary worries you?! The DEs seem to be our weakest point. There is some good talent behind Gay, who should be fighting to make the 53. But if the line gets no pressure it will be easiest to blame the secondary.

  • Dan

    Although it’s really hard to assess much of the nitty gritty watching the network broadcast, it did appear to me there was a tremendous gap in quality between the first team O-Line and the the 2nd and later squads. Hope either the backups improve or the first team guys stay healthy this year.

  • Dan

    So when is the league going to revisit the definition of a catch? By what logic can a receiver gain control of the ball, get his feat down and then later have it ruled no catch because he did maintain control at a later point? If you want to rule such things a fumble, then fine, but it still baffles me how you can uncatch a ball. You’d think the league would have corrected that several years ago after the zebras took away Troy’s interception in the playoffs. I’m still mad about that.

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    For all the love they get in Pittsburgh, Troy and CLark are going to be a weak link in a weak chain this season. I know a lot of fans think they can still move like they did 4-5 years ago but they are not even close.

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