Getting Marcus Gilbert A Few Snaps At Left Tackle During The Preseason Would Be Advisable

Coming out of their first preseason game against the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. seemed to be pretty happy with how things went with Mike Adams on the left side and Marcus Gilbert on the right. However, at some point during the preseason it would probably be a good idea to get Gilbert some left tackle snaps during a game just in case.

Based on the injury history of the Steelers offensive line, every play is an adventure and the odds are likely pretty good that all five starters won\’t play every snap during the season. Now is the time to work a few players at different positions, even if it is just for seven or eight snaps.

The Steelers seem set to give Guy Whimper a go at left guard at some point during the Monday night game against the Washington Redskins, so while it will be interesting to watch, at least he is getting some work in at another position.

Gilbert has received very little work at left tackle during the previous two preseason, so he could probably use a little more. This is one of many things I will be looking for against the Redskins.

  • joed32

    You’re right and I think they will.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    sounds smart to me.

  • Brendon Glad

    If it opens the door for someone else to take the starting RT job…then I’m all for it.
    I love this site with uber-enthusiasm. And you guys “keep it real” to tremendous abilities…and this is is a fan-site…so I will NEVER criticize this site in a malcontented way…
    But I must open this up for discussion. And put it to Steelers-Nation for consumption. A couple of writers on here have defended Marcus Gilbert as (for lack of better words) “something not to be worried about”.
    I received a comment from one of the writers several weeks ago which basically attempted to destroy my worries about Gilbert as starting RT, with numbers.
    I LOVE how much your staff digs into the numbers…but please don’t forget about the eyeball test….and please don’t simply accept what the coaching staff tells you (in certain positions of question…namely Special-teams, OL, and training/medical).
    So when you say “Bicknell, Jr. seemed pretty happy….and Gilbert on the Right”…that’s fine…you probably are reporting what is given to you by the staff….But PLEASE take the snaps in context.
    The TRUE starters were on the field for 2 series…and one series of them was completely endangered, (and in-the-end…ruined) by an unacceptable holding penalty by Gilbert on a running play. A hold which even had the Steelers Broadcast team in “zero-argument-mode”. It was not the critical block on the running play (in my opinion…I only saw it once so I am subject to argument) and created either a 1st or 2nd and 20 which was not converted.
    Dave Bryan, as a whole, mixes the eyeball-test very well with his penchant for statistics. And that’s why he is my favorite writer on this site. And NONE of us are perfect…I told my friends that Hines Ward was a slot receiver and nothing more when I saw him as a rookie.
    But I think we need to (as a Nation)…put MAJOR pressure on the RT spot…(or whichever spot is not manned by Adams. ) I think “kid-gloves” for Gilbert are a thing of the past. The dude terrifies me…(if he’s starting…and NOT in a GOOD way).
    Steelers in SB2013-14 will revolve around THREE things: (you pick the order)
    1) The opposite starting OT with Adams
    2) Special-teams being merely a “neutral” instead of a huge negative
    3) Keeping the injuries to “football-injuries” and not muscle or technique injuries. You can’t avoid the Heath Miller/Sean Spence injuries. You CAN avoid starting OT’s blowing up 3 TE/OL’s knees by being bowled-over…Ben getting crushed on failed-assignments…muscle strains that become muscle-pulls/tears instead…
    That’s my spiel. Come on Gilbert…Nothing would make me happier than for you to shove it down my throat and be an all-pro. But the dude terrifies me, as of now.

  • joed32

    And who would you replace Gilbert with?

  • steeltown

    Besides the holding call he played rather well overall, he was surprisingly good in the run blocking dept. and he only allowed 2 QB pressures (no sacks) while playing almost half the Offensive snaps Saturday night. He’s never pretty but he moves surprisingly well for his size, besides maybe Beachum he’s by far the best option at RT