Mike Tomlin Says Troy Polamalu Has A Contusion To The Birth Certificate

The Pittsburgh Steelers have wrapped up day ten of training camp and head coach Mike Tomlin met the media on the field at the end of the Sunday practice and here is what he had to say.

“Really a kind of an uneventful day, good work, as has been the last several days. Introduced some other components of situational football. Worked backed up, continuing to develop red zone package offensively and defensively and worked kickoff and kickoff return and special teams. Really kind of more of the same. I like the energy and enthusiasm. Guys really getting in the rhythm of this thing and we\’re seeing the results of it. They\’re developing a skill that\’s going to be required of us being good and just generally from an effort standpoint, they\’re doing a nice job of fighting through. Obviously, we\’ve got a number of bumps and bruises that are associated with this time of year. We\’ll do the best we can to treat those guys to get those guys out there as quickly as we can.”

At the end of the Q & A session, Tomlin was asked about Troy Polamalu being sidelined on Sunday.

“He\’s got a contusion to the birth certificate,” said Tomlin. “It\’s from the 70\’s. He\’ll be ok.”

In addition to Polamalu not working, Lawrence Timmons (personal), Nick Williams (knee), Terry Hawthorne (knee), Curtis Brown (unknown), Cortez Allen (knee), DeMarcus Van Dyke (hamstring), Matt Spaeth (knee), Ross Ventrone (unknown), Adrian Robinson (unknown), Brian Rolle (unknown) and Curtis McNeal (unknown) were also sidelined.

While Le\’Veon Bell, Jarvis Jones, Steve McLendon and Jason Worilds did dress on Sunday, Bob Labriola reported that they only did individual drills.

  • James Kling

    “A contusion to the birth certificate?” That’s actually a very, very witty remark by Tomlin. Polamalu was born in the 1980s. Tomlin seems to be suggesting that 1) he’s a throwback to the 70s Steelers, and 2) only his certification is bruised, not his actual body. I’d love to see Polamalu have a career year in defiance of expectation that he’s “washed up” or close to retirement.

  • Bob Graff

    After watching a bunch of preseason footage i have come to one conclusion. These guys don’t work very hard , and i’m serious . All i see is a bunch of guys that look like they are in great shape but they are only jogging around. These guy are actors not football players. No wonder they are all injured they are not in football shape they are just actors filling out a football uniform nicely. Were are the real gassers, blocking sleds, guys getting beat into shape. It looks like it’s more important who fills out the uniform with the best appearance. Where has real football gone???

  • Superdriller316


  • Shea Fahr

    I see where you are going with this and I agree that the landscape is changing in huge ways. I often have to remind myself that it is an entertainment business and as much as I miss the “two a days” and really physical camps, I remind myself that this is TODAY’S NFL and for better or for worse, it is what it is…Just try to have fun with what is left of it I guess.

  • mem359

    These guys are coming into camp in better shape than players would have 10 or 20 years ago, so there is less need to beat them into shape (in general). In fact, overworking players is a sure way to increase the number of injuries.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that elite athletes are very efficient in their movements. Think of a marathoner, or an Olympic swimmer, or a top notch basketball player. When they are going all out, they make it look easy. Once you see the effort, it is a sign that they are gassed and their technique is starting to fail.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Meaning he had a veterens day off since he is so ‘old’. Awesome Tomlinism right there.

  • Bob Graff

    Tell Jerry Rice or Jim Brown that . BTW an elite swimmer trains very hard sometimes 6 hours a day. I,m talking about training [it is training camp] Iwill stand by my statement they don’t work hard.

  • Mike Sweeney

    Entertainment at its finest. Would really like to see the blood, sweat and tears, for the grind of the season. It used to start here but now, it’s not. Oh well!!!!!!!!!

  • Steeler Wheeler

    That’s just the speed of the game. Too fast and too powerful for most humans. Teams from today would line up and dominate a team from the 60’s or 70’s…for a play or two, then after all the starters were carted off the 2nd stringers would probablt fair well also. Assuming they’re playing by today’s rules, by the start of the third quarter, the current NFL team would be down to a QB wearing flags, the long snapper, a tough fullback if they carry one and a couple of kickers and special teamers. The route would be on!

  • Piper

    what ever? go back to setting on the couch for 3 1/2 hrs. I don’t ever recall you playing anywhere.