Pleased To Welcome Aboard Alex Kozora

You have probably noticed by now that Alex Kozora has been brought on to contribute to site and he should compliment the tremendous writing that both Matthew Marczi and Jeremy Hritz contribute to the site.

Alex really loves the X\’s and O\’s of the game and his primary focus will be individual player and play breakdowns during the season with perhaps a few other projects mixed in. Once the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl in February, and perhaps even sooner than that, his focus will then turn towards the draft so that he can get a head start on me.

Make sure to give these guys a hand every now and again.

Welcome aboard, Alex.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Welcome Kozora. I noticed that he first few articles were game breakdowns and thought that is what he was more into. Can’t wait to match wits with him for the draft.

  • Kevin SFIC

    He did a great job with today’s practice breakdown….exactly what we’ve been missing here.
    By the way, have you checked out BG’s updated chat board tonight? He’s tweaked it a lot and nailed it. As good or better that ESPN’s

  • Matt Searls

    Welcome! I look forward to reading more of your stuff. I loved the training camp notes. Glad to have you in steeler nation!

  • Kevin Gobleck


  • Rubem Dornas

    Welcome, Alex!

  • Douglas Andrews

    Welcome aboard

  • steeltown

    Great job so far Alex, welcome

  • Luke Shabro

    Great job Alex. All the writers on here do a fantastic job. Dave, any chance we can get some of these guys on the Terrible Podcast?