Report: Le\’Veon Bell\’s Injury Not As Significant As One Suffered By Matt Spaeth

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the mid -foot sprain suffered Monday night by rookie running back Le\’Veon Bell early in the first quarter is not as significant as the injury tight end Matt Spaeth suffered a few weeks ago.

Tuesday morning, Adam Schefter posted that mid-foot injuries sometimes turn out to be Lisfranc injuries and that is exactly what Spaeth\’s injury turned out to be. Spaeth needed surgery for his sprain and will reportedly sidelined up to 10 weeks.

Bell had an MRI on Tuesday, but the results are not yet known. Bob Labriola, however, did pass along the word that the Steelers second-round draft pick was wearing a walking boot Tuesday.

I suppose this is good news, but as Bouchette later points out, mid-foot sprains can still sideline players for several weeks. It is looking like Bell will most definitely miss the rest of the preseason and possibly even longer, but the Steelers have yet to confirm any of this and we still don\’t have a time-frame of how long Bell might be out for.

  • treeher

    Has anyone noticed that there seem to be a lot of these Lisfranc injuries lately? Not that many years ago, I never even heard of the term. Are the shoes they wear not as sturdy as they used to be?

  • Terribletoweler

    If I had to guess, the shoes are actually better. I’d say the contact is harder, the players are bigger, and so the bones have to support more weight and stress. Think of running a 4.4 40 time at 180 lbs and the stress on the foot versus doing that at 230 lbs. Major difference.

  • Patrick

    When you get stepped on by a 300# lineman you scream for Liz and Frank

  • mem359

    I’m also thinking that carpet covered concrete is probably tougher on the feet than natural turf.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    One of the Redskins has that injury too. You are right, I never heard that term before until this year.

  • bgsteelfan

    I think it’s a combination of the artificial turf surfaces, which do add to certain injuries, and the increasing forces being exerted by these athletes in recent years. Only in the last 5-10 years has performance really become a science and it is showing on the field.

  • Matt Searls

    Hey if we don’t loose a rookie for the entire season, or 2 for a couple months then we are doing between than last year

  • DoctorNoah

    Midfoot sprain and Lisfranc injury are part of the same continuum and, in many cases, are synonymous. They might not have been called that in public, but lisfrancs are nothing new to football, and I think it’s more a matter using correct terminology in the media that would lead one to think it’s that much more common. What had been passed off as a foot sprain in the past is now recognized by media and fans as a Lisfranc Injury. This is called ascertainment bias.

    Just think: when was it that you recognized that a “high ankle sprain” was a different injury from an ankle sprain, or when you actually gave thought to what your ACL did in your knee?

    And even five years ago, a concussion was still just “getting your bell rung” and now even someone with a Wonderlic of 3 could tell you more about head trauma in football than the average position coach in the NFL.

  • treeher

    Well, thanks, that’s a terrific answer.

  • dgh57

    I’ll never understand how football players play on that stuff. It’s gotta be hard on the entire body not just the foot to land on concrete!

  • joed32

    Agreed, excellent point.

    I was trying to hit “reply” and hit the down “arrow” by mistake, sorry about that.

  • NW86

    Well at least it sounds like he won’t miss half the season with it. I think this puts the talk of Bell starting week 1 to rest though. Even when he becomes available, with basically no preseason work, he probably shouldn’t start until he shows in a game that he is better than the next guy.
    This probably improves the chances of keeping all 5 RB’s too. One will have to be inactive every week, but it sounds like Bell may be inactive the first couple weeks anyway.

  • steeltown

    I don’t like the fact that due to injuries we have to carry extra guys on roster, mainly the TE and now possibly RB position (and maybe CB) but I guess that’s the breaks

    Im still confident with Dwyer, Redman and LSH running the ball till Le’Veon returns, obviously as long as the OLine does its part..

    I think LSH doesn’t get enough credit, he’s a damn good player. ARI’s run game was atrocious last season (like ours) I think they had only 8 rushing TDs total as a Team and LSH was responsible for 4 of them.