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Report: Steelers Rookie RB Le\’Veon Bell Out of Game With Foot Injury

The debut of Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le\’Veon Bell started with him carrying the football four times for nine yards on the opening drive against the Washington Redskins, but the second-round draft pick limped off the field following a failed third down conversion.

According to Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio, Bell limped off after running a route and was having his right foot examined by trainer John Norwig on the sideline.

Bell was expected to play most of first quarter after sitting out the preseason opener against the New York Giants with a bruised knee.

We will update this post when more news is reported.

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I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Anthony Renzelli

    Lol sounds about right. I thought he was durable

  • Kolie Oak

    No problem, let him rest anyways.
    Right now Dyer is better.

  • JPDQ

    Well that didn’t take long. I’m sure it’s just a “bruise,” nothing to worry about…

    One quarter in and this offense looks just as disorganized and chaotic as ever. Terrible O-line play, Ben running around for his life, penalties everywhere… Dwyer should be given the starting job and let everybody else PROVE they are either healthy enough or talented enough to win the job. Enough of this sh*t.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Dwyer looks real good running tonight, but somebody needs to get in the ears of those offensive lineman.

  • BurgherinMD

    Ben better be wearing a suit of armor this season…

  • Paul Barracliffe

    Hes a glass bell. its only a matter of time before he shatters

  • Bell Cow

    Tomlin is terrible at handling injuries. Bell shouldn’t have been playing at all. By the way, this offense is embarrassing to watch tonight.

  • Bell Cow

    It’s embarrassing to watch.

  • JPDQ

    Somebody should tell Sanders that. He’s posing after every catch like he just knocked out Joe Frazier.

  • Patrick

    Why is Bell and Ben playing at all? Tomlin has lost his frickn mind

  • Patrick

    Dwyer sucks

  • Patrick

    He’ll be gone soon so why worry about him

  • Paul Barracliffe

    The Browns are better than these. scrubs

  • JPDQ

    9 carries, 57 yards? I’ll take that all day long, even with a fumble. All day long.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Bell gets hurt almost as much as this site goes down for maintenance.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I already have said this, Dwyer is the guy you go with. I understand the potential of Le’Veon Bell but unlike every other fans and media calling him one of better rookie offensive player, I disagree. He has all the potentials to become next Eddie George but Dwyer already proven he’s the better back on this roster last season.

    Problem? Tomlin and Haley both mismanaged the situation with Dwyer and injuries to O-Line doesn’t help either.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Are you entirely sure?

    I think Manny Sanders is here to stay, we finally gave him the right role that he was drafted for. He’s no Hines Ward in blocking department but he’s definitely one of better blocking WR in game and has much more polished catching radius to go with above-average speed.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see us lock him up for fewer years and smaller contract compared to Antonio Brown. By this, I mean this season (give him a backloaded contract that’s affordable for currently cap room situation).

  • Bell Cow

    Despite who our starting RB will be, this offense looks worse than it did last week. Tomlin needs to start taking some heat. This team looks like a disorganized mess and that falls on his shoulders.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I thought we should have erred with caution on Bell but i guess that wasn’t a option so we can just go and get him hurt.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Our team will be ok. This was expected. We are throwing new stuff into new players’ faces, apparently Tomlin want to endure the growing pain now rather than end of the season.

    Considering how our seasons have went past few years, it just might work. Big ben looked really limited and that’s not coincidence.

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