Report: Steelers TE Matt Spaeth Suffered Injured Foot Wednesday

According to Bob Labriola on the Wednesday edition of Steelers Live, Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Matt Spaeth appeared to suffer a foot injury during practice after tripping over a linebacker during drills.

Labriola reports Spaeth was sitting on the side with ice on one of his feet after being carted off the field earlier in practice.

Head coach Mike Tomlin said after practice he thinks Spaeth might have have been stepped on during the drill.

“He stepped wrong, maybe stepped on someone’s foot,” Tomlin said following practice. “We’ll see what it looks like.”

This is certainly good news as the Steelers can ill afford to lose Spaeth for an extended period of time due to both Heath Miller and David Johnson being sidelined indefinitely on the PUP list as they continue to recover from knee injuries suffered last season.

Spaeth, who was signed this offseason following two years away with the Chicago Bears, had just returned to the practice field recently after having to have his knee drained last week.

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  • Getitout

    When we are “relieved” Matt Spaeth’s injury isn’t serious, that says a lot about the status of our tight ends right now!

  • Milliken Steeler

    You are wrong. They brought Spaeth back because he has turned into a hell of a blocker and Haley runs two TE sets. Spaeth is the second TE and at 6’7′ he can be used as red zone target.

    He brings great help in protecting Ben and in our running game.

  • HuggieHall21

    @millikensteeler:disqus , Really?

    I agree with @Getitout:disqus , it says a lot about the status of Steelers TEs if they are relieved that a “hell of a blocking” TEs injusry isnt serious.

    And being 6’7″ and averaging 1 TD a year isn’t exactly a red zone threat.

  • Ahmad

    OK I was fearing a torn ACL at the most. I hope he can play Saturday.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I’ll bet Gilbert was involved in either stepping on or being stepped on.

  • Milliken Steeler

    When you throw the ball to him he catches it. I noticed you failed to show his td’s considering how few passes have been thrown to him. I believe he has 8 td’s despite few balls thrown to him.

    He’s 6’7″ and can catch. If we use him in the red zone. he’ll be a threat. Two TE sets were not a specialty of our last coordinator who under used his TE;s. Look where heath was headed stats wise until Ben went down last year with Haley, In his first year with this offense.

    The TE’s will see more balls thrown there way now with our new Coordinator.

  • joed32

    I know where you’re coming from and it’s an on going funny joke but that really was kind of a fluke accident and could have happened to anyone. Poor guy will be dumped on for the rest of his career because of it.

  • steeltown

    Thank you

  • steeltown

    I think you forget that the main job of a TE is BLOCKING

  • steeltown

    We made it a goal over the last season or two to improve our run game, drafting OL and now a RB this past draft. Bringing in one of the better run blocking TE’s is another part of the puzzle.. and actually his receiving avg or rec. per targets overall during his career is pretty damn good, around 62% rec. He just doesnt see a lot of targets

  • steeltown

    So was I, thankfully not another knee injury. To be honest, I almost hope he’s held out of this first preseason game

  • Getitout

    Depends what team you are on. I dont think Gronk or Gonzalez do much blocking. I think their main job is CATCHING. The main job of a TE on the Steelers may be to block, and we could argue all day whether or not they are used correctly. That’s why Heath is so valuable, he can do both. I’m not real confident Spaeth can do both, as evidenced by his career numbers.

  • steeltown

    Depends how you perceive the League, they do just as much blocking as they do catching on most Teams. In the NEW NFL (pass happy) they would of course have you believe differently.. most people only recognize the guys throwing, catching or running the ball, but make no mistake TE’s need to be able to block first and foremost. Not to mention Teams have 2-3 TE’s and all usually have different skillsets, we have Miller the dual threat, Paulson who excels at pass catching and Spaeth who excels at blocking

  • Steeler Wheeler

    OMG, getting carted off the field because someone stepped on his foot? He’d better stay far away from a ballroom dance class.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Do ballroom dancers have cleats and spikes and weigh 300 lbs? I’m not going ballroom dancing then. lol

  • alex

    and he can back-up Gilbert when he falls on himself @ LT…