A Look At The Steelers 2013 Salary Cap Situation Post Final Roster Moves

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now made their final roster cuts and transactions so now we have a pretty good idea as to what the 2013 salary cap situation looks like with the season opener now almost one week away.

According to my numbers, the Steelers are nearly $3.8 million underneath their adjusted cap number. These numbers might not be exact, but should be very close.

So what’s next? For starters, it still think there is a possibility that Ziggy Hood gets a contract extension between now and the start of the regular season. That’s not guaranteed to happen, but when you consider that Steve McLendon, Cameron Heyward, Nick Williams and Hebron Fangupo are currently the only defensive linemen under contract for 2014, I think they need to try to work something out.

Can running back Isaac Redman get his 2013 cap number dropped with a modest extension? I think so and that could be another deal that gets done very shortly.

As for wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, it’s not looking good this late in the game, but stranger things have happened.

Ben Roethlisberger$2,600,000$13,595,000
Troy Polamalu$7,500,000$10,137,500
Ike Taylor$6,000,000$9,454,166
Lamarr Woodley$3,600,000$9,190,000
Heath Miller$5,162,000$7,958,500
Lawrence Timmons$750,000$5,816,250
Brett Keisel$2,825,000$4,900,000
Ryan Clark$3,500,000$4,750,000
Antonio Brown$650,000$3,120,000
Ziggy Hood$715,000$2,990,860
Maurkice Pouncey$977,250$2,527,875
Emmanuel Sanders$2,500,000$2,500,000
Larry Foote$1,500,000$1,833,333
Cameron Heyward$984,548$1,828,644
David DeCastro$745,177$1,775,886
Shaun Suisham$1,425,000$1,762,500
Jarvis Jones$405,000$1,582,818
Jerricho Cotchery$1,000,000$1,500,000
Ramon Foster$1,100,000$1,500,000
Steve McLendon$900,000$1,458,333
Isaac Redman$1,323,000$1,323,000
Bruce Gradkowski$1,000,000$1,283,333
William Gay$1,000,000$1,166,666
Jason Worilds$630,000$985,000
Matt Spaeth$825,000$962,500
Marcus Gilbert$668,402$880,204
Mike Adams$480,000$805,375
Le’Veon Bell$405,000$749,200
Curtis Brown$555,000$685,300
Cortez Allen$555,000$652,875
Sean Spence – PUP$500,000$636,345
Al Woods$630,000$630,000
David Johnson$630,000$630,000
Michael Palmer$630,000$630,000
Greg Warren$840,000$620,000
LaRod Stephens-Howling$715,000$620,000
Plaxico Burress – IR$940,000$620,000
Chris Carter$555,000$595,700
Felix Jones$715,000$587,500
Guy Whimper$715,000$555,000
Kion Wilson$555,000$555,000
Markus Wheaton$405,000$552,844
Shamarko Thomas$405,000$518,287
Landry Jones$405,000$514,805
David Paulson$480,000$491,474
Kelvin Beachum$480,000$491,474
Drew Butler$480,000$481,666
Robert Golden$480,000$481,666
Nicholas Williams – IR$405,000$419,462
Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith$480,000$480,000
John Malecki$480,000$480,000
Will Johnson$480,000$480,000
Vince Williams$405,000$424,670
Derek Moye$405,000$405,000
Hebron Fangupo$405,000$405,000
Isaiah Green$405,000$405,000
TOTAL 53 PLUS IR & PUP$66,305,377 $113,386,011
James Harrison$0$4,930,000
Willie Colon$0$2,150,000
Alameda Ta’amu$0$324,984
Chris Rainey$0$136,239
Terry Hawthorne$0$47,513
Toney Clemons$0$37,368
Terrence Frederick$0$34,422
Justin Brown$0$26,018
Baron Batch$0$23,256
Ivory Wade$0$4,000
Terry Carter$0$3,334
Ikponmwosa Igbinosun$0$3,334
Ryan Lee$0$3,334
Marquis Maze$0$3,334
Brandon Lindsey$0$2,667
Jake Stoller$0$2,667
Nick Embernate$0$2,500
Mike Golic$0$2,500
White, Anthony$0$2,000
Dixon, Connor$0$1,667
Cordian Hagans$0$1,667
Adrian Robinson$0$1,666
Chris Hubbard$0$1,500
Saunders, Weslye$0$1,334
Reggie Dunn$0$1,333
Omar Hunter$0$1,333
Joe Madsen$0$1,000
Curtis McNeal$0$1,000
Alan Baxter$0$833
J.D. Woods$0$833
Brian Arnfelt$0$667
Mike Farrell$0$667
Terence Garvin$0$667
Anthony White$0$667
Luke Ingram$0$500
2013 Salary Cap*$123,000,000
2012 Carryover*$758,811
2013 Adjustment*$1,168,000
2013 Adjusted Salary Cap Number$124,926,811
2013 Contracts Plus Dead Money$121,142,815
Amount Under Cap$3,783,996

  • Brendon Glad

    If they like the player, I say “shoot first: ask questions later”. If they don’t, then so be it. I have said multiple times on here that trying to figure out 3-4 DE play is over my head. So I have zero opinion on Ziggy Hood.
    RB’s are easy to find, so I would not offer Redman anything other than security. Perhaps a longer deal at the same rate with a reduced cap-hit.
    Clark and Taylor have proven to be very fair negotiators. Never over-valuing their worth. So I see any extensions with them as being more about whether they want to keep them or not. I’m for keeping them for at least 2 more years apiece.
    Big Ben might be a nice extension to work on right now. If another veteran of more pressing immediate need cannot be signed by Monday or Tuesday. I would be attempting to swallow-back some of that cap-room Ben gave us in his 3 other restructures, and sign him to an extension before the cap number skyrockets. He may be a “bargain” at 18-22 mil/yr by 2017

    Because SUPPOSEDLY, repeat…SUPPOSEDLY the NFL is going to be tripling its revenue somewhere in the next 10 years. Yet, the cap number has remained the same for these first couple of years. And reportedly is not going to increase for another year or 2. But it MUST at some point soon. So like I said, if they like the player, then they should get the deals done sooner rather than later.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Wouldn’t they owe Embarnate his full salary in an injury settlement since he had an ACL?

  • Venkar

    Does the amount under the cap roll over to the next year?

  • Eric

    Speaking of Taylor being a good negotiator….. He was coming off an injury year, while in his 30’s and the FO could have gotten a pay cut from him and we could have kept Keenan Lewis. Certainly we would rather have Keenan than Curtis Brown, Willie Gay and I. Green. In other news, I would have cut Whimper and brought him back at the same rate when nobody else picked him up. That way, his salary would not be guaranteed should we cut him later this year.

  • Henry

    Al Woods should be given a 2-3 year contract immediately. 4th DE with old man Keisel ahead of him and hes also the backup NT.

  • Matthew Marczi


  • Matthew Marczi

    I agree. He’s going to be a valuable asset this year, maybe a Nick Eason Plus.

  • T R

    so we dont owe Dwyer nothing?

  • SteelersDepot


  • Markzila

    god, when’s the last time we were this far under the cap to start the season?!

    PS – dave could you plz unblock me on twitter for the love of god? i wont troll you about the Pens anymore…

  • Brendon Glad

    No, I said a “fair” negotiator. Ike is making a very similar amount to what Lewis got from New Orleans. As one of only 2 (that I know of) roaming CB’s in the league (Revis being the other).
    So maybe you feel Lewis is better than Ike. Or better than Allen. Because Ike is a FAIR negotiator…and he would sense the disrespect that asking him to take a pay-cut for the sake of signing Lewis would imply. So he would refuse and they’d have to cut him, if that’s the route they chose.
    Personally, I love Ike Taylor, like Allen a lot and am only luke-warm on Lewis (especially with the offer he received.) 1,000% in favor of the route the FO took, and would encourage an extension with Ike Taylor. He’s a borderline HOF’er if he could catch. But he can’t. So as it stands, he’s a lock-down corner. Well worth 7mil/yr.

  • Brendon Glad

    Keenan Lewis signed a deal worth over 5 to 6 mil/yr. So he needs to be about 5-15 times better than the 3 you mentioned for it to be sensible.
    OR he needs to be better than Ike. And he’s not, in my strong opinion. I don’t think he’s even close. But I’ve been wrong before.

  • Soliciting Steelers


    We’ve got some ex-steelers possibly due another tour of duty, what’s chances of Stillers revisiting:

    Tony Hills
    Crezdon Butler
    Toney Clemons
    Thaddeus Gibson
    Terence Frederick

    I recall Tony Hills not fitting our old Mauling Oline scheme, but his athleticism may fit the ZBS better…also, Thaddeus Gibson is interesting and seems to always draw our interest since he was stolen, thoughts?

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I would like to see what T. Clemons could do with an actual QB

  • SteelersDepot

    I would say less than zero.

  • Mike Cardwell

    I would still like to know what happened with Terry Hawthorne. How can a guy drafted in the 5th Round drop off even the practice squad for every PF team on the planet?