Steelers CB Curtis Brown Announces His Return To Practice Wednesday With Authority

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Curtis Brown announced his return to the practice field Wednesday with authority as Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio reports via Twitter that the former third-round draft pick had the best hit of the day.

Prisuta goes on to say that Brown delivered the hit on running back LaRod Stephens-Howling on a pass out in the flat during the two-minute portion of practice.

Brown had been sidelined for well over a week with an ankle injury, so it is good to hear that the team is starting to get a few of their sidelined cornerbacks back on the field.

Brown has been a big special teams contributor for the Steelers over the course of the last two seasons, so it is no surprise to hear he is hitting and tackling well. His next course of action will be to show that he can cover receivers during a game, which is something he hasn\’t shown the ability to do during his limited playing time on defense.

Monday night against the Washington Redskins, Brown figures to get a good hard look on defense during the second preseason game and the Steelers really need him to turn the proverbial corner this year.

Despite his big hit Wednesday, the day was not perfect for Brown as Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times reports that the cornerback cussed at himself after failing to come up with an interception during drills.

  • jpbucco

    Are you sure he wasn’t talking to Ike?

  • alex


  • Douglas Andrews

    Nice to hear CB is not only back at practice but that he’s making plays is really good news. Hope he turns his career around it would be a pleasant surprise if he pulled off a year like Keenan Lewis did last season.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Just glad he is back…we can work on catching tomorrow

  • Craig Ressler

    Never been a Curtis Brown fan. I think he was a wasted pick.

  • falconsaftey43

    Brown has all the athletic ability you could want. Lets hope he can figure out the mental side and contribute.

  • gene mann

    special teams are good but he need to show he can play CB

  • Kolie Oak

    Yes CB does have all the damn talent in the world, but obviously he’s a knucklehead…
    Talent alone will get him nowhere, and quite frankly I’m really hoping Isaiah Green comes along.

  • steeltown

    Yea.. if C.Brown doesn’t turn the proverbial corner soon.. I think the Team will waste no time going in a different direction.. that being Isaiah Green or Victorian and hopefully Hawthorne soon

  • steeltown

    Glad he’s back.. he needs the reps in camp and he Definitely needs the reps in preseason. Looking forward to extended looks at C.Brown, Victorian, Isaiah Green and Hawthorne against WASH

  • GoSteelerz

    I like Ryan Steed, way under the radar, but his college film and his work against the Giants looked very good to me, fundamentally sound, ball skills, and a fine tackler… We will see. I always like to see the guy that nobody expected, to end up being a big time player. Like Donnie Shell or Jack Lambert! LOL