Steelers Mike Adams Listed As Starting Left Tackle For Giants Preseason Game

There is a new leader in the clubhouse at left tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the depth chart for the first preseason game against the New York Giants has been released and shows Mike Adams at left tackle replacing Marcus Gilbert, who has been flipped over to the right side, where he started and played his first two years in the league.

Steelers offensive line coach Jack Bicknell, Jr. was asked about the flip recently, but pretty much wrote it off as not yet being permanent.

“Yeah, basically we\’re just trying to find the best combination we feel like for the team. said Bicknell, Jr. “So we want to take a look at both guys in both spots. I think it\’s premature to make any real statements as to how this will go from here. It\’s only been a couple of days and were just going to continue working it and at the end of the four preseason games and as we\’re getting into our season, we\’ll certainly have it set by then. But it\’s really up to coach Tomlin, obviously, exactly how he wants to go, but this will give us good chance to look at both guys, both sides.

“I\’ve always told all offensive tackles, you\’re never a left or a right. You\’ve always got to be ready to play both. You never know what\’s going to happen, so it\’s just a process that we go through. You\’ll notice we switch a lot of people. We have a lot of people playing two different positions, so when you only have seven guys up, you\’ve got to be ready to play different positions.”

Gilbert had been manning the left side all offseason and through the first week of training camp. This past Friday, however, Adams was flipped from right to left and the two haven\’t been switched back since.

Former Steelers offensive lineman Tunch Ilkin weighed in Monday with his thoughts on the switch as it relates to each players handedness as Adams is naturally left-handed. He made a great argument as to why Adams should be on the left side and Gilbert the right.

The Steelers still have a full month to go until their season opener, but it now looks like the starting left tackle spot is Adams\’ to lose from this point forward.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Of course there is no way to predict injuries, but if I thought one was going to be more durable than the other, he would get several extra points toward being the guy who is groomed to play the left side.

  • steeltown

    In the end, the word out of camp is Gilbert has looked very avg on the Left side.. so no surprise here

  • paltel

    Imho Mike Adams has slow feet which is a disadvantage at left tackle, however his large wing span may be sufficient to compensate for lack of foot speed. Gilbert has better foot speed and plays with more finess than Adams, but he does seem to play as agressive. At the end of the day I suppose I agree with Tunch and would try to play guys based to their promient (left/right) sidedness.

  • Matt Searls

    Keep Gilbert as far away from decastro as possible

  • Dorkewicz

    Now he’s right next to him

  • steeltown

    Oh god.. I didn’t even think about that……

  • mem359

    Always the possibility that they wanted to try a few weeks in one configuration, and now they are trying the other one.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Oh, I’m sure Gilbert has not seen his last snaps at left tackle. As Dave said, Adams is the leader in the clubhouse right now, but there’s still a lot of balls left to be hit before a winner is determined. In fact, we may even see both play left in the first preseason game even though the starters typically only play one drive, because they are also working on installing the zone blocking scheme, and that calls for repetitions, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see the starting o-line play more than usual this year in the preseason.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Well, I’ve mainly read that from Dale Lolley, and maybe a bit from Ed Bouchette, both of whom for some reason still seem to be convinced that Kelvin Beachum played “so well” at the end of last season. I’ve read from others that Gilbert is having a strong camp, so you really need to try to read between the lines with all of these different accounts until you get a chance to see the players with your own eyes.

  • Matt Searls

    thats what im saying..

  • Matt Searls

    its like a horror film

  • steeltown


  • Matt Searls

    do you know where we can see the rest of the depth chart for the game?

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    ..what? slow feet? no… MAX STARKS had a slow feet, but that doesn’t take away what he has contributed. Mike Adams has decent speed for a left tackle and can be a better protector than Marvel Smith was (Marvel Smith was an athletic freak for left tackle, well.. that’s before past few years where bodybuilders on HGH exploded at NFL combine) but Marvel Smith’s issues was always that he’d get pushed if the defensive end is big or stronger but I don’t see that with Mike Adams. Adams didn’t struggled with faster defensive players either only issues I saw was his hands placement and slipping (he’s a lefted-hand so maybe that’s why)

  • NW86

    Agreed. That, plus the fact that they’re all young and need the reps from that perspective anyway. I could definitely see the tackles playing the 1st quarter that way, then swapping and playing the 2nd quarter (when most starters will already be done) the other way.


    gilbert is soft and all finesse, Adams is the best run blocker on the team and out to prove a point, him and Ramon were great together in a stretch last season, when healthy, they are just reuniting that, look for us running left

  • SteelerFanInMD

    I think the coaching staff weren’t pleased with what they saw out of Gilbert at LT during practices so they abruptly moved Adams there to get him as many reps as possible before the season starts. Why else would they switch Gilbert out before seeing how he plays in a game after he had spent all offseason preparing to play LT?

  • paltel

    As for speed, Adams runs fast enough for a man his size, but his slow foot speed inhibits his ability to move laterally in pass protection. He has really long arms which may be sufficient to offset slow lateral foot speed.

    Johnathan Ogden couldnt move well laterally either, but he was able to become a HOF LT because of superior technique and his long arms. Starks was a serviceable LT also because of his wing span, however he is in SD because of his lack of running speed as well as a lack of lateral foot speed needed in a ZBS. None the less, Id of kept Max and let him compete for LT rather than signing Whimper or Batiste.

    I do not agree with you that HGH is a problem that needs fixed, however I have no desire to debate political issues in this venue.

  • cencalsteeler

    I agree with Tunch on the left and right handed advantage. But, I wouldn’t read too much into yet, they’re testing the waters which is smart.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I have always felt that Gilbert was never going to be a great fit at LT and when we drafted Adams I thought that he was the future LT that is why I have always been perplexed that Gilbert had been the consensus LT. It is still early but Adams IMO should be the guy to beat.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    That is what I see as well with Adams. Rarely did I see Adams getting beat with speed last season. I think his feet are decently quick. But more importantly, his stride is so long, he can make up ground with one step. I am very concerned with his hand placement and arm strength though. Hopefully that improves.