Steelers Optimistic About RB Le\’Veon Bell\’s Injured Foot That Won\’t Require Surgery

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had some encouraging news about injured rookie running back Le\’Veon Bell Thursday during his press conference, but he still isn\’t prepared to give a firm timetable as to when he might be ready to play.

“The significant injury that we\’ve been working with the last several days is Le\’Veon Bell,” started Tomlin. “We\’ve got some clarity on that, he\’s got a mid-foot sprain. He won\’t be participating this week, but we are optimistic and encouraged. It has developed – how its developed over the last 48 or 72 hours – he\’s doing some things without discomfort, some rehabilitation-like exercises. It won\’t be surgically repaired or need to be surgically repaired.”

Tomlin went on to say that he didn\’t have a long-range schedule in regard to when Bell will be able to play again only that they will deal with it conservatively moving forward with rehabilitation.

“In the big scheme of things, that\’s encouraging news,” he said.

Bell suffered the right foot injury early in the Monday night preseason game against the Washington Redskins. As far as the early reports suggesting that he will be sidelined 6-8 weeks, Tomlin says he isn\’t sure where those reports originated from.

“I don\’t get caught up in those predictions,” said Tomlin. “Sometimes guys throw lines in the water just to see if something sticks. I don\’t know where that came from. That was never expressed by any of our medical experts. That\’s just today\’s NFL.”

  • Jason Brant


  • Patrick

    They make it up so we read about it, it’s todays writing pretending to be journalism

  • joed32

    My sentiments exactly!

  • 2443scott

    so i should prob keep bell in my fantasy line up till i cant on week one ….i guess i can wait up till the game starts to decide …..

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Take that sh#t Adam Schefter/ Ian Rappaport…listening to Tomlin talk Bell may be gametime decision Week 1 🙂 We’ll see! Preseason obviously is over for Bell

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Where’s that special bucket of “sludge” that Hines Ward used to keep his foot in before the Super Bowl? Time to dust it off!

  • steeltown

    Well that is certainly encouraging news…

    But I’ll say what I said before this injury when he was dealing with the knee, Lets not rush this thing..It could still be 6weeks at this point, im not sure we’ll know till the time comes for him to suit up for practice

  • reg38

    “Sometimes guys throw lines in the water just to see if something sticks”


  • TheBlitz

    He should have never played that game on Monday.
    Hope the staff and particularly Tomlin learned something from this.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Like what? Not to play rookies in the preseason?

  • TheBlitz

    Like being cautious with the guy who’s most likely going to be your feature back day 1 or by mid-season.

  • Ken

    “Sometimes guys throw lines in the water just to see if something sticks” I do like Mike Tomlin! He is a good coach I think he was the best pick of those interviewed for the job. Quite often and way more than people want to believe there is luck involved that decides whether or not a coach is considered good or bad…. Ben R. slides in the draft to the Steelers pick and they win Super Bowls, they don’t win superbowls with Byron Leftwich.

  • WilliamSekinger

    The kid need to get out there and play. Can’t not play you draft picks in the preseason cause you might be worried about what might happen.

  • TheBlitz

    That’s not what I said. Yes he should play. But given the recent knee injuries I would be cautious to throw him out there just 2 or 3 days removed from a setback. He could have been rested and play against Kansas.

  • James Kling

    The foot injury was totally unrelated to the knee injury though. Some Redskin rolled up on him, stuff happens. You put a guy out there to get some reps and you expose him to injury; you don’t, and you risk him not being ready to play.

  • James Kling

    Translation: sometimes reporters go fishing to see what they can reel in by luck.

  • Jason Brant

    If he’d re-injured his knee, this would make sense.

    He hurt his foot.

  • paltel

    It doesn’t sound like Tomlin gives much credibility to the rumors spawned by the paid sports pundits. No doubt the fans of baseless rumors are disappointed.

    Despite my confidence in Dwyer, I am as anxious as everyone else to see if Bell is a high performance muscle car or just a newer model of the Mendenhal sedan that is always in the shop for repair.

  • paltel

    High draft picks should be treated no differently than any other player in practice and on the field. A feature back that can’t survive practice and a couple preseason carries isn’t going to be much of a feature back. From a coaching stand point, Id rather find out what I have now rather than wait for the start of the season to find out.

  • paltel

    SuperBowls? They don’t get through a couple games with Byron Leftwich, it would have been the start of the T. Martin era.

  • TheBlitz

    Until I see a tape of how the foot injury may have occurred I tend to agree with those who believe this foot injury could have been a result of overcompensating from his previous knee discomfort.

  • TheBlitz

    I didn’t anoint him as the feature back but from all the reports in camp he was well on his way to become one. Preseason isn’t over after the skins game. Plenty of time left to evaluate players.

  • TheBlitz

    I would like to see the tape. If you have a link please post here. Until then, I tend to favor the opinion of those who think this could have been a result of overcompensating from a discomfort on his knee.

  • Ken

    No one has said anything because it was just 4 carries, but he didn’t look very comfortable before the injury… I’m sure he just needs to get the nerves out if he can stay on the field.

  • Jason Brant

    So Tomlin and his staff should learn a lesson from this based purely on speculation?

  • Bong

    Wow, just wow.

  • Bertrand Birdsall

    While I think he needs playing time, I tend to agree with the TheBlitz. Why take the chance.

  • steeltown

    Ok, I just saw Le’Veons interview.. and now I, myself am alittle more optimistic about this whole thing. He seems in good spirits and says he can walk on it and put pressure on it and things of that nature.

    Good news

  • steeltown

    Le’Veon said in an interview that he planted his foot pushing the pile and someone rolled on the his back leg

    That said, I would’ve been reluctant to play him..or sort of in favor of starting him against KC instead

  • Dan

    Although Tomlin’s comments seem more positive than reports from yesterday, nothing new is really reported. A mid-foot sprain could be called a Lizfranc injury, it’s still an injury to that ligament…just a symantecal difference. But since their not using that term it seems clear there is no dislocation which is great! And Tomlin did not refute that he may be out 6 weeks, he just said the report of 6 weeks did not come from the organization. I think our only take away is that it doesn’t appear to be a severe injury and it will heal when it heals.

  • DAznarDPT

    Biomechanics of an injury like this is highly unlikely due to just overcompensation. While there are plenty of injuries that can occur due to compensation, the nature of a Lisfranc injury by definition is due to trauma of some sort. Enough force must be applied at the proper angle, similar to an ACL injury although with that self generated forces can be enough (think planting and turning). I’m a PT myself, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Ask any PT, orthopedist, or just take some time searching the interwebs and you’ll see that there’s little evidence in having a lisfranc injury secondary to overcompensating.

  • RW

    I think they wanted to be extremely cautious with him. Who knows what the first opinion even was – for all we know it may have been that the sprain wasn’t all that bad and the steelers wanted a second opinion just to be safe. I suspect he’ll be ready for one of the first four games.