Steelers TE Matt Spaeth Back In Pittsburgh Having Injury Evaluated

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked Thursday to update the condition of tight end Matt Spaeth, who reportedly injured a foot Wednesday during drills.

“He\’s being evaluated in Pittsburgh as we speak, along with a couple of other guys,” said Tomlin. “So I should have that information a little later on this afternoon.”

Tomlin had said after the Wednesday practice that he thought Spaeth might have gotten stepped on during the tight ends versus linebackers drill. Following him being carted off, Spaeth was later seen by Bob Labriola with ice on his foot.

While Tomlin didn\’t say it specifically, he did say that all healthy players will suit up for the Saturday night preseason game against the New York Giants. I doubt Spaeth will be one of those players.

With Spaeth likely down, the Steelers will get a good look at several young tight ends on the bottom of the depth chart.

  • treeher

    We know what Spaeth can (and cannot) do. Let him get healthy.

  • Brendon Glad

    Even though I’m not a Spaeth fan, this injury is not good in any way. Because I do not want Heath Miller (old-school-beast that he is)…to rush himself back out there unless he’s ready.
    I’m no doctor, but I still feel like Heath needs to wait an extra 2 months past September or even more before he sets foot in an NFL game.
    Rod Woodson’s return (in 4 months) was a thing that no one attempts nor expects (and he only had to do it for 1 game, which helped him). Adrian Peterson and RGIII are setting “new standards” for recovery of major knee injuries.
    But to my understanding, Heath’s injury was significantly more severe…AND he’s older, AND he plays a position where extreme force is being placed upon his knee every time he does “in-line-blocking”. Which may be 20-30 times per game. Neither Peterson nor RGIII have to deal with that.
    So I hope that either Spaeth’s injury is minor, Johnson is fully recovered and looking adequate, the Steelers quickly find another TE to fill the void…or Heath Miller is an absolute “freak” beyond even what I MYSELF consider him (and he’s pretty high on my ‘freak-level’)…or else this injury to Spaeth could be a major problem going forward.

  • Brendon Glad

    And I didn’t mention Paulsen, but I’m assuming him as a solid TE who will be number 1 while Heath and Spaeth are out…and fighting very well for himself for #2 when Heath is playing.
    But you kind-of need 3 in each game (so an in-game injury doesn’t derail an entire section of offense) . So without Spaeth, and without Miller, it is quite concerning.
    And IF Spaeth is down, and Miller indeed needs another couple of months as I suspect he does…then I am putting QUITE a bit of optimism in Paulsen to even say what I just said. So I can only pray that he is worthy of such faith…I think he is, but I dang sure am not ready to bet my salary on it.