Should We Be Concerned If The Steelers Go Winless In The Preseason?

If the Pittsburgh Steelers wind up losing their preseason finale Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers, it will mark only the fourth time in the last 48 seasons that have finished winless in their exhibition games.

In each of the three previous years that the Steelers have gone winless, they have failed to make the playoffs with the last time being 2006. So, should we be concerned if they fail to come out on top on the scoreboard against the Panthers?

According to my research, there have been 29 instances where a team has gone winless in the preseason dating back to 1998, and only seven of those teams went on to make the playoffs in that particular season.

In addition, 15 of those 29 teams finished with a losing record and only once did a team win more than 10 games, and that team was the Indianapolis Colts as they finished 14-2 in 2005 after going winless in the preseason.

Coaches will always say that their record during the preseason doesn’t matter, and I am sure that head coach Mike Tomlin believes that as well. However, based on history and history alone, I sure do hope the team can come out of Carolina with a victory.

Teams That Have Gone Winless In the Preseason 1998-2012

2004 SF 2 12 N
1998 CHI 4 12 N
1999 CIN 4 12 N
2007 KC 4 12 N
2008 CLE 4 12 N
2009 KC 4 12 N
2000 BUF 5 11 N
2003 ATL 5 11 N
2003  HOU 5 11 N
2006 WAS 5 11 N
2012 BUF 6 10 N
2000 KC 7 9 N
2000 CAR 7 9 N
2002 STL 7 9 N
2012 MIA 7 9 N
1999 SD 8 8 N
2002 BUF 8 8 N
2006 PIT 8 8 N
2007 ARI 8 8 N
2009 CAR 8 8 N
2011 OAK 8 8 N
1998 DAL 10 6 Y
2005 KC 10 6 N
2009 ARI 10 6 Y
2010 IND 10 6 Y
2011 ATL 10 6 Y
2008 NE 11 5 Y
2010 CHI 11 5 Y
2005 IND 14 2 Y
  • Shannon Stephenson

    That is funny because I was telling someone else the same thing…although the preseason record doesn’t matter, it is still an indication on how good your team is and history has shown that teams that do well in preseason normally play better in regular season. Lets hope we can buck that trend!

  • TJimmy

    Any stats on one-win teams?

  • Andy Flaherty

    From the opposite perspective, didn’t Detroit go undefeated in the preseason before going 0-16 regular season a few years back?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I believe so.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I don’t think you should be concerned unless you’re one of those people that seriously think the Steelers will be 12-4 or better this year and on their way to #7. Seems like the same team as last year. Our best card, as always, is Roethlisberger, so we roll with him. If he goes down, than so do we. If he stays healthy we have a shot at the playoffs I would think.

  • Matt Searls

    not unless our back ups are playing 3 quarters every game this season

  • Matt Searls

    in 2010 both the bears and the colts went 0-4 in the preseason. both won their divisions and the bears went to the nfc title game.

  • Matt Searls

    if you look at our schedule 12-4 isn’t insane.

  • rizzo29

    Look how the Steelers finished last year losing last 3 0f 4 with basically the same team, there,s a lot of reason for concern