Tight End Demand Around The League Is Greater Than The Supply

The Pittsburgh Steelers won\’t be the only team watching the wavier wire closely for an experienced tight end over the course of the next few weeks as the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens are just two teams that will be on a the lookout for some help at the position.

The Ravens have already signed veteran Dallas Clark to help ease the loss of Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson, but like the Steelers, they will surely be looking for a non-vested veteran that can block to come free.

The Dolphins really took a hit at the tight end position over the weekend when they lost their all-everything tight end Dustin Keller to a serious knee injury, so you can expect them to not only look at a few veterans that are currently unemployed, but a few that might be waived soon as well.

Being as the Steelers won\’t be without the services of both Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth for the entire season, it is doubtful they add a vested veteran to the roster prior to week one. Why? Because any vested veteran that is on a 53 man roster for the first week of the season must be guaranteed his base salary for the entire season.

The Steelers claimed Michael Palmer off waivers a few weeks ago and he Jamie McCoy will most likely battle for a spot on the roster over the course of the next few weeks. McCoy should make his preseason debut Monday night against the Washington Redskins, so he will definitely be worth paying close attention to.

What you see right now on the Steelers 90 man roster is likely all you will get as far as the tight end position goes, so don\’t get your hopes up for another one that is starter capable to be added between now and the start of the regular season as the demand around the league is certainly greater than the supply.

  • T R

    This is true.. Big money Miami will jump on first thing release in next few weeks and pay top dollar. LOL

  • Patrick

    Gee were talking about Tight End

  • Ken

    I think Will Johnson will fill the roll of a tight end on many sets. He is the best choice to do so…

  • Mike Amaro

    I say make a move for Will Heller.

  • Brendon Glad

    It’s worth watching…big time. I have said since the day I heard about Heath’s injury that he will be doing incredible work to even make the PUP list. It appears he has done that work. But I’m still very skeptical of it being safe for him to return by week one.
    I imagine you are correct. And I DON’T want an unqualified guy snatching a spot away from a deserving player. I’d prefer they keep what they planned on keeping, wait for Heath, and find creative uses for Will Johnson in the meantime as an H-back.
    In other words…very few 2 tight-end sets until late-October or November. But maybe someone will slip through the cracks to us.