Bears WR Brandon Marshall Says He Took Steelers CB Ike Taylor Too Lightly In 2010

The last time Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall faced Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor was in 2010 when he played for the Miami Dolphins. In that game, Taylor limited the 6’4″ wide receiver to just five catches for 57 yards and no touchdowns. On Thursday, Marshall said he took Taylor too lightly in that game and promises to be more prepared to face him again Sunday night.

“He’s one of the best in the business,” Marshall said, according to Jeff Dickerson of “It seems like he’s getting better as he ages. I remember a few years ago playing against him in Miami. I disrespected him a little bit. I didn’t do my film study and I got out there and he did some things that really put me in a tough spot.

“So I’ve been going back to my Denver days and my Miami days just watching him and seeing how he played me, watching a lot of film because I have a lot of respect for this guy and no longer will I overlook him.”

As a member of the Denver Broncos in 2008, Marshall caught 11 passes for 112 yards against the Steelers in a 28-10 loss and while not all of his catches came against Taylor, five of them did.

“You know what, he’s a technician,” Marshall said Thursday. “He’s smart. He’s always in the right spot.”

Taylor was in the right spot Monday night in the Steelers 20-10 loss to Cincinnati Bengals as he personally held wide receiver A.J. Green to just six catches on 12 targets for 41 yards. He will have his hands full again this week with Marshall, who already has 15 catches for 217 yards and two touchdowns in two games played.

  • 2443scott

    talk about head games

  • Mkeller

    Ike has had lapses but he’s mostly a tough well conditioned SOB that holds up on an island. He will be among next off seasons many tough decisions. I love his grit but 7 mil is out of whack with the current salary cap for a team that may be in the midst of a major rebuild.

  • Sabbie

    Ike Taylor will at minimum play as a great depth option/ nickel back for 3 more years, if not for the Steelers, he will play elsewhere.

  • Jeff

    I have a guy in my office that despises Ike Taylor and thinks the majority of Pittsburgh hates him….. Talk about fantasy land. Ike has been the best corner on one of the best defenses over the last decade. He never gets hurt, and he’s always responsible for the opposition’s best. I really hope Ike is remembered as one of the greats in Pittsburgh. If he had hands, this guy would be a hall of famer in my opinion

  • NW86

    Yes $7M is a lot, but look at the other side too. Ike is so valuable the way he can lock down #1 WR’s in single coverage, and if they lost him, where would that leave them at CB? I think if anything, they offer him a short extension, changing salary into signing bonus and pushing off some of his cap hit into 2015-2016. His salary in those years would need to go down some in order to compensate for his age and make the cap hit a little more reasonable.

    I’d say Troy is in more danger than Ike – he will cost $8.25M, is injury prone, and we could be more prepared to replace him with Shamarko (though that might necessitate re-signing Clark on the cheap for a year).

  • steeltown

    Well said

  • steeltown

    I for one, will miss him when he finally hangs em up

  • srdan

    The truth about Ike is that since he was benched a few years ago for his poor play, he has been a top 5 corner in the league. He has to make the probowl before it’s all said and done. I like him as a person and a player. Swagger!

  • Bob Loblaw

    If he had hands we probably couldn’t afford him at this point.

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    me has been a top CB for the last 6 years. Best CB against the run in the league and usually blankets the other teams best. 3 bad games in the last 5 years… The Denver loss and the 1st 2 of last year…