Report: Steelers G Ramon Foster To Help With Line Calls Against Bengals

On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers left guard Ramon Foster said he will be in charge of helping the second-year offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum with the line calls during the Monday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals, according to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

According to Foster, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be relied upon to make sure the calls are right.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday during his Tuesday press conference that the initial plan is to start Beachum at center Monday night because they might not have enough time to get Fernando Velasco, who was signed on Monday, up to speed with the offense in such a short period of time.

Beachum told Will Graves of the Associated Press Wednesday that he credits spending Thursday nights at the house of injured center Maurkice Pouncey watching film for his quick adjustment to the center position.

Against the Titans, Beachum allowed two quarterback hits and a hurry after he took over at center for Pouncey, who tore both his ACL and MCL early in the game. Where the Steelers former seventh-round draft pick struggled the most, however, was in the run blocking department and that is an area that needs to improve by leaps and bounds by Monday night.

Despite working at the center position during the offseason and in training camp, Beachum unfortunately didn’t play many snaps at the position during training camp, and it showed Sunday against the Titans.

It is likely only a matter of time until Velasco becomes the starter, so if indeed Beachum does wind up starting Monday night against the Bengals, the team will need a herculean effort from him if they expect to run the ball against one of the best defensive lines currently in the league.

  • Berlusconi

    The most important thing will be to keep Ben upright. I don’t think the Steelers would be much better running the ball with Pouncey in the game, if the rest of the line is not blocking well. Often enough one missed block results in a loss of yards, so i hope everybody will play better. As long as we have Ben we can win some games.

  • T R

    Well said.. Now lets do it.

  • Jason

    Good, so we find a seemingly more than capable player who actually plays center and just handled himself very well against this same Bengal team in the preseason yet we insist on starting Beachum. It dosen’t seem like knowing the offense inside and out has helped any of our current lineman so why not throw a guy in that isn’t all that familiar with it? This coaching staff baffles me.

  • steeltown

    Good grief, I thought the point of starting Beachum is that he knows the calls and the offense as opposed to Velasco, who does not…. if Beachum doesn’t know either why not just start Velasco who atleast has recent experience against the upcoming opponent.

  • RMSteeler

    Why not just let Ben make the calls? Peyton does it. QB can see defense better than linemen. With 3 cooks in the kitchen, watch for wasted time outs.

  • RMSteeler

    Not to mention missed assignments leading to sacks/fumbles. Remember, the stadium will be 10X louder than Heinz last weekend.

  • Jay Jaber

    haha lol you know whats driving me crazy in the last 4 years we used 2 first round and 2 second round picks to draft offensive line man and somehow we still suck really bad in that department i dont get it ever since we let alan faneca walk are offensive line went down hill

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I’m starting to get highly annoyed with the Steelers decisions so far this year. Everything seems to be this play it safe not to lose attitude that just winds up blowing up in our face. I just don’t understand the logic. Beachum didn’t really play well at C last week, and hardly played the position during the preseason. Just friggin throw Velasco in there. He’s a proven NFL C with a good amount of starts under his belt.

  • steeltown

    Well, we went to and won SB43 with an avg OL and avg run game, lets hope they can get it together enough to keep Ben upright at the very least

  • Douglas Andrews

    That line was the worst in football that year. If memory serves me correctly wasn’t Darnell Stapleton one of the Guards? My point is that we have a young offensive line that obviously needs to play better and they will as they gel.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Let me get this right. Beachum will make the call but Foster will help to make them right and then Ben will oversea that. What is this….government red tape. Why doesn’t Ben make the calls to begin with…can someone help me with this.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed…the line just needs time to gel the talent is there. I’m not ready to give up on them just yet

  • steeltown

    Yea I think so.. Stapleton, Hartwig and Kemo was our interior OL at that time

  • Douglas Andrews

    Why throw that on Ben’s plate now along with any adjustments like audibles, sight adjustments that he might have to make. I would also worry about the play clock winding down with all those calls he would have to make.Beach has now played and practiced the C position so he should be able to make the calls as part of the C responsibilities. I rather have Ben doing what he normally does and he’s pretty good at it than trying to do too much during a game.

  • Douglas Andrews

    That interior trio had to be the NFL’s worst. D Dockett got a substantial raise after that SB thanks to them lol

  • Shea Fahr

    Turnover in OLine coaches combined with injuries and the fact they are very young will help you keep it in perspective.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I can understand that but that is not what the article was saying. The article stated that Ben would make sure the call was right which means he would have to pay attention to what is being called which would take him from other responsibilities as you said.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I’m not sure what is all involved but I would think he could handle it because like you said he did start an entire year playing that position.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Ben pays attention to the line calls anyway. He has to know the blocking assignments in order for the plays to work. I understand your point its reasonable but Beach is smart enough to handle those duties. Honestly I would rather they just start Valasco and let Ramon F make the calls.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I do not know everything that goes into the OL call and exactly all of Ben’s presnap reads he needs to make but I agree with you that Ben needs to do what the QB should be doing and not worried about everyone else’s assignment although he does kinda oversea it. I was trying to poke humor at the situation more than anything.

  • steeltown

    Funny because Velasco was recently asked about how fast he’s picking up the offense and his in his response he mentioned Foster specifically helping with the calls and terminology…

  • Douglas Andrews

    Lets just hope whoever makes the line calls that they execute better and give our 102mill QB some decent protection.

  • Douglas Andrews

    There you go…give Fernando the starting nod! i’m not worried about Beachum making the line calls but the tape on Valasco shows me he’s a better C.

  • bgsteelfan

    I think there is definitely a “play not to lose” aspect to their philosophy, as, let’s face it, if they are much below 8-8 again, stability or not, Tomlin will be in the hot seat. They won’t change coaches this year or this offseason, but it would make him very uncomfortable going in to next year.

  • SteelCity

    This seems to me to be a move designed to let Valasco play wither he starts or Beachum is ineffective so Valaso could replace him in game…

  • PA2AK

    Would like to see tape of the line prior to Pouncey injury. Thought they played well with a nice pocket in their first few snaps together. Helter skelter after he went down though.