Steelers Directional Stats Through Week 1 – Defense

Throughout the season I will be posting the Pittsburgh Steelers directional play stats for both the offense and the defense along with their league rankings for you to peruse. Below are the stats for the defense through week one. In case you missed it, here are the stats for the offense.

Rushing Defense Week 1

Plays: 1Plays: 3Plays: 4Plays: 10Plays: 8Plays: 12Plays: 2
Rank: 21Rank: 11Rank: 10Rank: 9Rank: 3Rank: 1Rank: 11
Avg: 5.00Avg: 3.00Avg: -0.50Avg: 2.10Avg: 0.13Avg: 3.42Avg: 8.00
Rank: 18Rank: 14Rank: 2Rank: 3Rank: 2Rank: 20Rank: 20

Passing Defense Week 1

Plays: 5Plays: 3Plays: 7Plays: 1Plays: 1Plays: 3
Rank: 31Rank: 27Rank: 28Rank: 19Rank: 14Rank: 11
Avg: 11.00Avg: 5.33Avg: 4.14Avg: 0.00Avg: 25.00Avg: 0.00
Rank: 28Rank: 6Rank: 6Rank: 2Rank: 22Rank: 1
Comp %: 100.00Comp %: 66.67Comp %: 42.86Comp %: 0.00Comp %: 100.00Comp %: 0.00
Rank: 31Rank: 12Rank: 3Rank: 1Rank: 15Rank: 1

  • Weiss Chad

    Does this mean they cant run at ziggy and woodley, and are throwin either at worilds or jones and doing it quite easily.I’m not sure but in short that’s what I gather from this the most.Very interesting