Steelers Offense Is Slowly Starting To Run Through Heath Miller Again

The Pittsburgh Steelers 0-4 start to the 2013 season has included very few bright spots, but tight end Heath Miller certainly has to be considered one of them even though he’s only played in two games.

Miller, who made his season debut in week three in the Sunday night loss to the Chicago Bears, caught six passes for 70 yards Sunday in London in the loss to the Minnesota Vikings and his 28-yard catch on third and long during the opening possession of the second half kept a drive alive that ended in points.

Miller is not only contributing in the passing game, but the blocking department as well as he had a key block on the eight yard touchdown run by rookie running back Le’Veon Bell in the first quarter.

With only two games now underneath his belt in 2013, Miller has nine total catches for 105 yards and while he has yet to find the end zone this season, it’s only a matter of time before he does.

Last season, the Steelers offense ran through Miller to the tune of 71 catches for 816 yards and eight touchdowns and it is starting to do so again.

“It’s a small margin of error for victories in this league and we’re learning that,” Miller said following the loss Sunday. “Every play is important, whether it be in the first quarter or the last quarter and we have to understand that and we have to play as if the game depends on each play.”

Miller’s words are simple, but right to the point and he will never be accused of not knowing how important each and every snap in a game is. His commitment to the game should be used more often by the coaches as an example to the younger players on the roster. It will take that kind of commitment from everyone on the team if they want to right a ship that has taken on way too much water to start the season.

  • Reader783

    I have a feeling we beat the Patriots, Dolphins and Chargers, but then lose to everyone else, because that’s how we do it. I say 4-12 and think that that is rough, but then I look at the schedule and say, “Where am I getting 4 wins?” The Browns? Maybe 1. Ravens? Bengals? Bills and Jets? Maybe 1. Raiders? Maybe. Everyone else? Not seeing them. Could be a high draft pick this year.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    This team has a good nucleus and has the ability to win quite a few games and if they can get it together during the bye week we still have a small chance at the playoffs. We have only played 1 division game and we are only 2 games behind with 12 games left. There is time however it is dwindling quickly.

  • dgh57

    Heath Miller is the Man! I knew his return would inject some life into this offense!

  • The problem, in my eyes, is that the opportunities are dwindling quickly. We have the talent to be a mid-tier team. We are NOT playing like it. We keep shooting ourselves in the balls (hurts more than the foot). If we didn’t turn the ball over so much, we played well enough to beat the Bears. The Vikings are not that much better than us. The Browns don’t have any more talent than us, and they just beat the Bengals. The guys are not executing, and there are some big holes. This is not a super bowl team, but they are talented enough to be competitive, if they ever start playing like it.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    It’s always fun when someone contradicts their own post within a few sentences.

  • Bell Cow

    Why didn’t they use Derek Moye in the red zone?

  • T R

    We dont play the chargers, but i feel ya…at this point i dont even know what games we will win.. until we win one and know what the formula is.. But Adams has got to play better and our OL or we wont win one.. cause now the defense is starting to catch that cold.

  • T R

    Derek Moye has been inactive ever since Heath has been back.. we have got. So he was in street clothes. unless cotchery or someone gets hurt, Moye seems to be benched.

  • Reader783

    I was clearly joking around dude. Relax. It’s always fun to see someone miss a joke and call someone out. The joke being that we have in the past beat the best teams and missed the playoffs due to losses to the likes of the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns. Clear things up?

  • steeler fan

    Its simple stop turning the ball over get some turn overs on D and put in plaxico burress that would get us a lot of wins and maybe a wild card spot