Steelers Have Only Gone Three Straight Games Without Getting A Turnover Once Since 1992

If the Pittsburgh Steelers fail to come up with a turnover Sunday night against the Chicago Bears it will make three straight games without one. Dating back to the 1992 season, that has only happened once and it was in 2009 during a three game stretch in December. That was the month that they were supposed to unleash hell in.

“The turnovers, we definitely have to get the ball turned over for our guys,” defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said Thursday following practice. “I think the sacks will come. I think Tennessee ran the ball 40 times and Cincinnati ran it maybe 35 times. You aren’t going to get any interceptions or sacks [when that happens]. We have to force them to be in throwing situations but we definitely have to get more turnovers, no doubt.”

The Steelers have had problems forcing turnovers going on three seasons now and if they don’t want to start the season 0-3 Sunday night against the Bears, they better start.

It goes without saying that turnovers play a key role in whether or not a team wins a game. For the Steelers, getting two in any one game has resulted in a 57-12 (82.6%) record dating back to the 2004 season.

While we are talking about turnovers, let me close this post out by giving you this stat. Dating back to 2004, the Steelers are 51-4 (92.7%) in games that they merely win the turnover battle in.

Yes, Mr. LeBeau, we definitely do have to get the ball turned over for our guys.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Wow, that’s quite the amazing stat there, 51-4.

  • John21

    Turnovers are what the Bears do. Living in Chicago, I hear how it is coached, practiced and executed. There is a huge difference between the Steelers’ approach (If we play good defense, the T/O will come) and the Bears approach (Strip, punch or rake the ball at every opportunity; jump the route aggressively on interceptions). The high(-er) risk reward approach of the Bears has largely worked for them. I don’t want us to be the Bears but we could make a more conscious effort–like we used to (QB strip sacks)–to create some opportunities. We sure need them!

  • HuggieHall21

    I want to see the stat that says how many interceptions Ryan Clark would have if he was focused on trying to intercept passes instead of trying to knock everyone out.

  • Callentown

    Ya know John, I didn’t think the Steelers had any chance to win the game against the Bengals, so I watched the defense to see how they were attacking the ball itself (like you explain above).

    Literally, not one single attempts to dislodge a ball was made – as far as my amateur eyes could track. Not one.

    I think LeBeau’s style is to not jump the route but make the quick tackle. Without sacks, we have very little chance at gaining a turnover.

  • steeltown

    I somewhat agree.. even Teams like Tampa when you watch guys like Lavonte David and Gholston when they make a tackle they punch at the ball and are always going for the strip. I think the Steelers players are purely thinking sound tackling

  • Marcela Garza-Meza

    The are not tackling either, In the game vs Cincy several times we fail to trackle at first contact.
    We are not getting pressure in opposing QB’s, so I don’t recognize smash mouth football Pittsburgh style anymore.