Troy Polamalu To Honor Veterans By Cutting His Hair

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu announced Thursday that he will be cutting his recognizable mane on Veterans Day as part of an effort to spread awareness of issues facing United States veterans.

The Steelers all-everything safety, who hasn’t cut his hair since he was in college, is joining up with the VFW and the Nov. 11 event is appropriately called the VFW Mane Event campaign.

In 2010, shampoo maker Head & Shoulders insured Polamalu’s hair for $1 million with Lloyd’s of London as part of a promotional campaign. Since that time, Polamalu has been featured in several of their commercials.

Polamalu isn’t the first Steelers player to trim hair for a cause, however, as defensive end Brett Keisel has been shearing his beard to raise money for the cancer programs at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at UPMC for a few years now.

Polamalu encourages everyone to go to the Mane Event website as there are several ways that you can show your support for veterans as well.

  • Luke Shabro

    Just another reason to love Troy

  • Kevin Gobleck


  • StrengthOfVictory

    NO!! Not the source of all his strength!!!

    (All joking aside, it’s great to see Troy joining up with such a worthy cause.)

  • chris ward

    Polamalu is one great human being.

  • Mike.H

    What do the suits @ Heads n Shoulders have to say about this?

  • Chris S

    Wow…good deed and all. I for some reason am doubting he cuts it all…maybe just trims a few inches or something like that. I would be shocked if he cut it short/etc.

  • steeltown

    Craziness!!!… I Love it

  • Robert Truax

    As a christian hasn’t he read the story of Samson? Samson lost his power after Delilia cut his hair.

  • kakello34

    As a 20 year service member, thank you Troy!

  • GNG

    I hope he trims it and not go William Gay on us.

  • Ahmad

    I’m sure gonna hate to see the hair go but it’s for a good cause so I can’t complain.