Antonio Brown On Pace To Break Steelers Single Season Reception Record

Six games into the 2013 season, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has registered 47 catches for 548 yards and that is the most in the history of franchise during that span of time dating back to 1960.

Should he stay on his current pace, Brown will shatter the Steelers all-time single season reception record of 112 catches set by Hines Ward in 2002.

While the Central Michigan product will need to average just over 6.5 catches over the course of the remaining 10 games in order to break his former mentor’s record, he almost certain to break his personal career high in receptions of 69 that set in 2011, his second season in the league.

Brown’s early success this season, however, has not gone unnoticed around the league and you can be sure that he will receive more than his fair share of attention from opposing defensive coordinators moving forward. Playing in his favor, however, is the recent revival of the Steelers running game, which will undoubtedly deserve more respect moving forward.

So do you think Brown has a legitimate shot at Ward’s record if he stays healthy?

  • steeltown

    Yes, I do

  • Jeff

    Man, I really miss the services of Mike Wallace.

    -Said no one, ever.

  • Apexsimba

    You don’t think he’d be doing way better than Emmanuel Sanders is?

  • steeltown

    He’d better be… he costs five times as much as Emmanuel

  • Deuce22

    Absolutely. He is Ben’s favorite target most of the time. Especially with the screens (although non-existent last week). Ben still does a great job of spreading the ball around to avoid AB getting too much attention from the secondary.

  • Apexsimba

    I’m not speaking on his contract situation obviously no one wanted to see our team in the poor house. But who would you rather have as a player Mike Wallace or Emmanuel Sanders?

    Wallace is doing better with a worse QB and the residual effects of his speed (drawing double coverages and such) are incredibly beneficial.

  • steeltown

    Well, yes, money aside, Wallace would produce more TDs for sure, while Sanders is a far better down field blocker and can contribute on special teams as a returner…

    I’d go with Wallace being that we lack TD production from some of our current players

  • Xclewsive

    Except on that pass and then drop by Moye. Brown was WIDE OPEN Brown could have scored!!

  • Eric

    I think the emergence of a running game will take away his catches. We should also note that his YPC is way down, but we all know that is be design. Sounds like Haley is getting his Rooney mandated goals accomplished. A running game and Ben not holding the ball for long time.

  • Mike.H

    ” Antonio Brown on pace to break single season receiving record “.

    — ” Over My Dead Body! ” says Derek Moye. 🙂

  • NW86

    I would be surprised, and that’s not a knock on Antonio. WR stats tend to ebb & flow during a season based on the situations that the team is in and the coverages they are facing. The Steelers spent a lot of time being behind in the first 4 games, and with no running game to speak of, so they abondoned the run and started slinging it to Antonio. I’m hoping they don’t have to do that too much the rest of the season. Plus, as mentioned, he’ll probably see a lot of double coverages going forward so I’d expect there will be some games where Manny or even Heath have bigger stats.

  • cencalsteeler

    I’d have to disagree with the both of you, respectfully. What you guys are forgetting to mention is the off field antics and the cancer he spread throughout the locker room. Remember his play last season? His lack of effort if the ball was not thrown directly to him. His not dressing on the last game. Not chasing defenders after an interception. Sorry guys, but I’d take Sanders over Wallace on any given Sunday.

  • Jason Brant

    Moye could have scored.

  • cencalsteeler

    The truth of the matter is we should all hope his stats go down. If this is the case, it would mean we are not playing from behind. We are spreading the ball around more evenly. We have established the run game, which would allow us to chew up the clock. Now, if he continues on this pace with YAC or specialty plays, then by all means, more power to him!

  • cencalsteeler

    He still would have had to beat Ihedigbo and Webb would have broke coverage to come help if it was thrown to Brown.

  • srdan

    Watching Wallace last season was painful. When he dropped passes it was tough because we were losing, When he cough them it was tough because it drove his price up. And we knew he wasn’t staying from game one. He knew it and became an issue for the team.

    We have a chance of keeping Manny. A small chance, and he will have to want to stay when Colbert approaches him with the 20% off Macy’s coupon. But there is realistically a good chance we keep him and not Hood (assuming Clark is gone). Depending on what Wheaton has, we may not even give him an offer kind of like Keenan. Cotchery is often overlooked by us, he is a beast but not a number 2.

    Wallace has ability that is not necessary in our current system. He made a lot of sense for Arians, but Haley’s offense may be the polar opposite. I think that Sanders is actually better for this offense and therefore like him better.

    “Wallace is doing better with a worse….” I am not sure how you are assessing this.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    not sure it would be way better but I think Wallace would have better numbers then Sanders.

  • Dr. Doom

    What is he doing in Miami? Nothing

    Sanders 24 rec 308 yds 12.8 per 1 td
    Wallace 27 rec 357 yds 13.2 avg

    49 yards difference? what exactly are they missing? I’ll wait

  • Dr. Doom

    Emmanuel Sanders who catches passes over the middle

  • AndyR34

    True…but, was the primary objective to get a long TD pass over top of a covered receiver, or get a first down to a wide-open receiver? Moye was covered pretty well…and although Ben threw a very nice ball over the CB, just the presence of the CB between Ben and Moye makes this catch more difficult than it would have been for AB. I’m not trying to absolve Moye from a failure to make the catch, albeit a more difficult one than for AB, but pointing out that Ben will always take the big play over the short, but sure thing. I still do not believe that he has bought in to Haley’s offense yet.

  • Apexsimba

    A player to take more pressure off of Antonio and speed that kills. Mike Wallace’s presence alone was good enough to take coverage off of Antonio so he can make plays. Antonio’s play from week 2 when he didn’t have Heath to help take the pressure to week 3 when Heath came back are like day and night. Emmanuel also seems like he can’t have a 100 yard game to save his life something that even Jericho Cotchery has done this year. And even if Mike Wallace’s stats are only slightly better they’re still better.

  • Mike.H

    ” Over My Dead Body! ” says Derek Moye while cracking open a Diet Monster with Cool Ranch Doritos. 🙂

  • Mike.H

    … then followed by a loud burp!

  • Jeff

    To extend the Wallace vs. Sanders discussion below, if you’re a Wallace guy, you can’t cherry pick all of his good qualities, ignore his bad, and then compare him to a number 2 receiver.

    Sure, Wallace is a rare talent speed-wise and score on every play. BUT, you don’t get that without the baggage. He was a cancer in the locker room last year. Then he starts bad mouthing the steelers before he even takes a pro snap with the dolphins, saying Tannenhill has a better deep ball than Ben. And did you see Wallace’s antics after his first game as a Dolphin? The team won, but he only had 1 catch for about a dozen yards, and he throws a hissy fit after the game….. AFTER A WIN!!!!

    Right NOW, they are a better receiving corps without Wallace IMO. Pure talent-wise, maybe not, but overall, yes. When I say overall, I’m taking into account the combination of talent, leadership, salary cap implications, and maybe most importantly willingness to WIN.

    Gunna stop sh*tting on wallace now, because I like to remember the Wallace that tore up this league as a young determined kid through midseason 2011. It didn’t have to be that way. I used to love the guy.

  • Apexsimba

    I want someone to show me where anyone said Mike Wallace hurt the locker room because all I’ve ever seen was assumptions. And along with all the problems people say Wallace had all I saw was our most productive receiver year in and year out.

    Also being the number 2 receiver isn’t an excuse because Wallace had a better season as a 3rd receiver in his rookie year than Emmanuel has ever had. It’s about production and so far Emmanuel has under produced his entire career.

    I’m not ignoring his problems I get it he lost his focus at times and expressed frustration early, but it’s like everyone believes athletes are preprogramed machines rather than human beings that can grow up and learn from mistakes. Now I do understand it wasn’t our decision and Mike took his money and ran, but for uninformed Steeler’s fans to act like every player that ever left us “sucked” anyway shows how some of us have this spoiled rich kid attitude. Which is why a lot of fanbases hate us.

  • PA2AK

    I think you are missing his point. He’s given credit to his freak speed…but if Wallace wasn’t wide open and two steps in front…he wasn’t catching it and could/did still drop it too often for big money. He rarely fought for a ball and he bitches and moans…not speculation either…direct quotes from his mouth. He was exciting and that speed and deep threat will be all but impossible to replace. Better off without him and that’s why he’s crying in Miami.

  • steeltown

    Well yes, I was considering on the field play only..and even though Sanders has multiple skill sets, I’d still take Wallace’ TD production at this point.
    But, yes when considering the price tag and attitude of said player that is no longer a Steeler, then yes there’s no way I want him.

  • Apexsimba

    The only think I ever heard him say as a Steeler is that he loses focus. Much like a lot of NFL players.

    I also never said anything about his speed. I’m talking about his production. Like how Wallace had as many Touchdowns in his first year as Emmanuel has to date. Or how Emmanuel’s career yards don’t compare to Mike’s first two years in the NFL.

    And I never said Wallace was irreplaceable, I’m just sayin Emmanuel ain’t the man to do it.

  • Ahmad

    The Steelers have made some very questionable salary cap decisions the past couple of years, but locking up AB long term last year was a stroke of genius. He is a hard working guy and he’s a wonder to watch in the open field and now is on pace to break the Steelers single season reception record. Not too shabby for a 6th round pick.

  • Dr. Doom

    Really see you aren’t looking at the whole picture. His stats are not worth 60 million period /discussion.

  • Dr. Doom

    Omg did you buy his jersey last year? He is doing nothing but complaining and sucking in Miami. Emmanuel does what he is asked to do. Ok lets do this Wallace got sixty million:

    You would have to get rid of this list to afford him:

    Heath Miller
    Ike Taylor
    Troy Polamalu
    Brett Keisel
    Lawrence Timmons

    So while you may in theory be strengthening one position you are severely weakening many others. He’s gone accept it no one cares on Art Rooney Drive.

  • Dr. Doom

    I am so glad, the Steelers kept the right one. Kudo’s to them

  • Apexsimba

    Ok first things first calm down. Second I said earlier I’m not speaking on his contract situation simply his production. I know we weren’t able to keep him because for some odd reason 55 million over 5 years wasn’t enough for him, but to sit and act like we’re better off without him is ridiculous. He was our most productive receiver and he was better than Emmanuel Sanders.

  • PA2AK

    You’re also ignoring his attitude. His production was wildly different when he was proving something than what it has been since he dubbed himself a top 5 WR in the league. Also, comparing career production between Sanders and Wallace doesn’t hold much weight. Sanders has been hurt quite a bit. If we take away half of the facts and circumstances….then yes, Wallace would be nice to have right now.

  • PA2AK

    “…he loses focus.” but what about his antics last offseason, season, and now this year? he’s had more years acting like a primadonna than he has years producing on the field.

  • PA2AK

    Don’t forget Wallace’s TD production from last year. Much different than when he was actually working. Completely different offense than his first couple years as a starter.

  • Riverstko

    I think he will break the record. Opp. defenses are not going too respect him enough to double team him. Meanwhile AB will be eating them up. Looking forward to AB having a Breakout Year!

  • Riverstko

    Next season they will double team him haha