Bills Choose Not To Sign Former Steelers QB Dennis Dixon

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon worked out for the Buffalo Bills Sunday following the knee injury suffered Thursday night by starter E.J. Manuel, but the team looks set to sign free agent quarterback Pat White instead.

Dixon was with the Philadelphia Eagles during the preseason and completed 10 of 16 passes for 61 yards in the two games that he played in. He was also sacked twice in those two games.

The Bills decision to potentially go with White, who has yet to complete a pass in a regular season game, is not a good sign for the Steelers former sixth-round draft pick.

The Bills announced Monday that Thaddeus Lewis will be activated off the practice squad to start Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

UPDATE: White is leaving Buffalo to go for his scheduled workout Tuesday with the Oakland Raiders, according to Adam Shefter.

  • AndyR34

    Hm-m-m…I can remember not long ago folks on here were demanding that he should start over Batch and/or Lefty. Seems that all of that upside never materialized as he can’t get more than a cursory look from some other teams. I guess all of these other FO’s are as ‘stupid’ as ours! LOL

  • CrazyTerry

    He was not very good. But no one can tell me Brady Quinn is better than Dixon. I find it amazing such horrilble QBs like Quinn still have a job while Batch had no options other than PIttsburgh and Dixon cant find a job.

  • Dr. Doom

    They just signed him today.