Richard Mann Explains Decision To Add Of WR Devon Wylie To The Practice Squad

With two wide receivers already on the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad in Kashif Moore and Justin Brown, the decision to add free agent wide receiver Devon Wylie earlier this week to the eight man unit was a curious one. In a recent interview with David Todd of 970 ESPN Radio, wide receiver coach Richard Mann explained the reasoning behind it.

“I think what it is, is another set of legs and plus I’ve heard that he’s a pretty good receiver,” said Mann. “I don’t know him that well. Getting to know him, spent a lot of time together in the last day or so, but that’s another set of legs that will help us in practice, because with Markus [Wheaton] down, that puts a little more pressure on the guys to be on the show teams and I think Coach [Mike] Tomlin is just giving us a chance to not wear a couple guys out all the time.

Wylie, who was released from the practice squad of the Arizona Cardinals just over a week ago, was selected in the fourth-round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs out of Fresno State. After making the Chiefs roster as a rookie, he played in just six regular-season games, catching 6 passes for 56 yards. He was also used occasionally as a kickoff and punt returner.

So will Wylie stick once rookie wide receiver Markus Wheaton, who is still recovering from surgery to repair a broken pinky finger suffered in the London loss to the Minnesota Vikings a few weeks ago, is ready to return to practice? Mann wasn’t ready to say just yet.

“You never know what you got,” said Mann. “He seems like he might have some talent. He looks quick, he looks like he has good hands. So, we’ll see.”

  • daddeeekip

    Another stupid jackass move by the coaching staff, your best preseason pass rusher Alan Baxter doesn’t make the team for a guy who doesn’t get a hat on Sun Chris Carter. So we then cut Baxter from the PS for a guy who is hurt Kion Wilson ( hamstring ) and now sign another WR to the PS. No wonder why the Steelers have the record they do and no depth to replenish the OLB position when probably Worilds and Carter will both be gone next year.

  • Bell Cow

    We also have New England coming up on the schedule so they may have added Wylie because his size and skill set is similar to Edleman and Amendola.

  • charles

    Another Todd Haley move.

  • Eric

    I said it then, saying it again now, “DUMB MOVE”

  • Eric

    I would really like an official explanation of the Baxter Cut

  • PA2AK

    Agree with your frustration on Baxter, but as far as legit depth…the lb position might be our best

  • SteelersDepot

    The same third string Alan Baxter that remains unsigned even after having a workout with the Packers? The same Alan Baxter that beat furniture movers during the preseason? That Alan Baxter?

  • Dom

    I hate people who get SO worked up about the backups, If all goes well he shouldn’t see the field on offense so stop making out it is the end of the world. I’d rather take a look at a mediocre WR because speed can make things happen over somebody who has to learn LeBeau’s system. We are not going to get any OT worth a place at this stage of the season so what is the big deal?

  • Kick

    Wylie is now the fastest steeler who can flat out fly. His problem has been injuries. If healthy he will be a steal.

  • charles

    Do you think that he will last longer than Haley’s last upgrade, Levi Brown? Sarcasm aside, I like Haley’s additions to Steeler O. He is slowly through the waiver wire making the Steelers O faster and meaner.

  • HarryBackside

    Exactly. Because we all know that the offensive coordinator is in charge of making personnel decisions.

  • Bell Cow

    It’s the practice squad! Stop over reacting. The squad changes several times throughout the season and most of these guys will not see the field on game day.