Steelers 2013 Regular Season Play Direction Report

Below are the offensive and defensive directional stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers through the first four games of the season and it’s not hard to see where both units have come up short so far.

The rushing offense is just now finding in its legs now that Le’Veon Bell is finally healthy and that in turn should help the passing offense a little more.

On defense, those two big runs by running backs Matt Forte and Adrian Peterson over the course of the last two games really skews the right guard directional numbers. The defense has allowed 491 yards rushing so far this season and those two runs accounted for 115 of them.

Rushing Offense
Plays: 7Plays: 9Plays: 11Plays: 18Plays: 14Plays: 10Plays: 3
Rank: 29Rank: 28Rank: 22Rank: 26Rank: 15Rank: 25Rank: 32
Avg: 6.00Avg: 2.89Avg: 1.91Avg: 2.67Avg: 2.57Avg: 5.90Avg: 0.33
Rank: 11Rank: 23Rank: 30Rank: 28Rank: 22Rank: 6Rank: 32
Rushing Defense
Plays: 8Plays: 10Plays: 21Plays: 27Plays: 28Plays: 22Plays: 7
Rank: 28Rank: 26Rank: 7Rank: 22Rank: 2Rank: 5Rank: 28
Avg: 2.88Avg: 3.60Avg: 3.90Avg: 2.15Avg: 6.57Avg: 3.55Avg: 6.14
Rank: 5Rank: 12Rank: 19Rank: 1Rank: 30Rank: 13Rank: 23
Passing Offense
Plays: 39Plays: 37Plays: 47Plays: 10Plays: 6Plays: 19
Rank: 24Rank: 10Rank: 24Rank: 17Rank: 20Rank: 6
Avg: 6.41Avg: 7.76Avg: 5.53Avg: 9.00Avg: 24.50Avg: 12.89
Rank: 14Rank: 18Rank: 22Rank: 18Rank: 2Rank: 11
Comp %: 69.23Comp %: 59.46Comp %: 80.85Comp %: 30.00Comp %: 83.33Comp %: 42.11
Rank: 15Rank: 27Rank: 1Rank: 23Rank: 2Rank: 12
Passing Defense
Plays: 36Plays: 18Plays: 41Plays: 6Plays: 7Plays: 12
Rank: 28Rank: 30Rank: 29Rank: 30Rank: 17Rank: 19
Avg: 7.17Avg: 5.83Avg: 5.59Avg: 12.33Avg: 15.71Avg: 4.25
Rank: 26Rank: 4Rank: 14Rank: 20Rank: 20Rank: 3
Comp %: 69.44Comp %: 61.11Comp %: 70.73Comp %: 50.00Comp %: 42.86Comp %: 8.33
Rank: 17Rank: 6Rank: 26Rank: 27Rank: 10Rank: 1
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