Steelers Todd Haley Now Being Sued For Unpaid $10K Dog Watching Bill

Because I know you can’t get enough news about Todd Haley right now, a Thursday evening report by WPXI has now surfaced and it seems that the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator and his wife Christine are currently being sued by a man who claims he is still owed $10,090 for dog sitting.

The Haley’s reportedly hired Nick Fiscante to watch their four dogs last year while they were living in a hotel following their move from Kansas City to Pittsburgh. The Haley’s reportedly made one payment but still owe Fiscante over $10,000 for his services. A hearing was set, but the Haley’s never showed, so the judge ruled in favor of Fiscante.

Mrs. Haley tried to claim in an appeal that Fiscante “does not have a boarding license and runs an illegal and filthy facility.” She also has stated that two of the dogs were given away after being retrieved because they were too aggressive.

During his Thursday talk with the media, Haley refused to comment on the pending lawsuit against him in which he is accused of backing out of a million-dollar home deal and doing damage to the house in question.

The Haley’s appeal for the owed dog sitting money is Nov. 4.

This is really getting comical now and the Steelers 0-4 start certainly makes it worse. Haley can’t seem to stay out of the news right now and you have to wonder what is going through the head of Art Rooney II right now with the season currently going to the dogs.

  • TJimmy

    He can’t get into major disputes on the sidelines, so I guess we have to live with these kinds of headlines.

  • Johnny Loose

    Starting to think these people suing him are just Steeler fans..

  • stairman

    I will bet he is gone by weds next week. Too much drama for the rooneys.

  • Joe P

    That is 3 law suits now that we know of, buyer of his house in Kansas City, contractor in Pitts, and now the dog sitter. This guy is just not right, where there is smoke there is fire. Too much B.S.!!! Did they not do a back ground check??? As the new left tackle said about Haley, he is a unique guy LOL

  • HopalongCassidy

    I defended Haley before but now there does seem to be some serious character issues with this guy. The Steelers dump players for off-the-field character issues. The staff should be held to the same standards.

  • TheBlitz

    No wonder we had an anemic and borderline offensive offense in the season opener against the Titans. How can one put together a winning game plan when he has a multitude of ongoing legal issues surrounding his brain ?

  • gene mann

    it seems the Oc and HC seem to be having outside issues

  • CrazyTerry

    Not too shocked about Haley after his KC “my office is bugged” incident. But his wife seems to be even a worse nutcase and may actually be contributing to Haley becoming worse in his public dealings. This wife seems at the center of almost every non football dispute in Haley’s life.

  • Doni609

    Well, looks like two of the dogs got lucky anyway. For those fans traveling to NJ for Sunday’s game, don’t forget your brown paper bag from Giant Eagle.

  • joed32

    The HC? What issues?

  • Matt Jones

    Enough is enough

  • Ahmad

    LMAO at that last sentence! I should have seen it coming but I was still caught off guard! Great joke!

  • 20Stoney

    So basically the facility was good enough to leave your beloved dogs in for months, but when it comes time to pay, they are suddenly unlicensed and filthy. These people are beginning to look like total pieces of crap to me.

  • Eric

    Fans are barking up the wrong tree if they think Haley is getting fired this year. Every dog has its day and Haley offense will get a win. Its time to give Todd a break, so get your paws off him.

  • Terrence Phelps

    When it rains…

  • Dr. Doom

    What a jerk!

  • Dr. Doom

    Would that not be funny!

  • Jackie Gerring

    Experiement over…can we please get ride of him….Please!

  • chris ward

    Would be surprised to see Haley back in 2014.