Whimper And Beachum Helped Steelers Tackle The Ravens

If I would have told you prior to the season getting underway that the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to beat the Baltimore Ravens in week seven with Kelvin Beachum playing left tackle and Guy Whimper playing right tackle, you would have called me crazy. Ok, I am crazy, but that’s exactly what happened Sunday at Heinz Field.

Whimper, who was signed as a free agent during the offseason after being dumped in February by the Jacksonville Jaguars, took over for the injured Marcus Gilbert at right tackle in the first quarter and played well. How well? While the All-22 tape of the game is not yet available, the television replay shows that Whimper gave up at best a half a sack and a maybe a pressure or two as far as his pass protection went. In the running game, Whimper was part of an offensive line that helped produce a season-high 141 yards rushing.

Whimper, who is apparently called, “Abdullah The Butcher”, by his teammates, butchered Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones and outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil for most of the game. This, after not playing a single snap on offense in the first five games.

“We knew coming into this game that the two defensive ends , [Terrell] Suggs and [Elvis] Dumervil, were going to be some problems, so we worked extra hard this week to be able to neutralize them and we did a good job,” said Whimper after the game.

Beachum, who started his second straight game at left tackle, handled Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs quite well even though he did allow a sack and a pressure or two. Beachum proved that his performance last week against the New York Jets wasn’t a fluke and he certainly deserves to remain the starter moving forward.

It’s still way too early to tell if Gilbert will back from his quad injury next week for the game against the Oakland Raiders, but if he isn’t able to go, Whimper has at least earned the opportunity to get start in his place. How crazy is that?

  • Arturo García

    #TeamWhimper Ok, maybe not, but sure the OL did very well. If you could make some breakdown on some plays to see the good stuff they provided us with, would be great.
    Who would say William Gay and Guy Whimper played a big part on a week 7 win again those ugly ratbirds?

  • Kelly A

    This one of the beautiful things about life, it’s called the ‘unexpected’. When I was saying weeks ago that this fanbase should be supportive of this team, it wasn’t just for the sake of saying it. If any team can turn a bad season around it’s this team. Everyone on this team, from the Antonio Brown to the last person on the practice squad, is on the team for a reason and they all have their own value. Never underestimate anyone in life because you may miss out on something special; this team is special and they’re just getting started.

  • Aric Brown

    Either the ravens front line is terrible or our offensive line just played a great game ( by our standards anyways) I was also impressed with the playcalling.. Haley seems to be finding ways to use the tools that he has (Wildcat was mind blowing)

  • dkoy85

    I’ll always say Gay has a chance to play a big role. I’m a fan of his

  • SteelerFanInPatsland

    The day Wimper was signed, somebody looked up his sack % from last year & built the narrative that he was incompetent and that the Steelers were making an obvious mistake in dealing with him at all. Maybe the Steelers looked at the film and thought that his faults were correctable.

  • James Kling

    He should consider legally changing his name to Abdullah the Butcher. Whimper? Not so intimidating…

  • TJimmy

    Whimper allowed pressures and half a sack. No different than his stats with Jax.

  • steeltown

    Well stated

  • Callentown

    I’ve been hounding Haley all year so it’s only fair that I point out that he called a great game yesterday. Breaking out the Wildcat??? I never saw any of that coming.

    Clearly building much of the offense around Bell.

  • steeltown

    I love it. I said when we acquired Whimper that sometimes a change in scenery and/or coaching and scheme can change a player..but after a few weeks I was unimpressed with him. Well, I owe him an apology, I hope he continues to improve because we need all the help we can get at the Tackle position.
    Well done Abdullah the Butcher, well done

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I was thinking the same thing but the one thing is it could have been much worse with who he was dealing with.

  • Eric

    Well done Whimper and Beachum. One game does not make a trend, so get it done next week in Oakland


    Kudos indeed…I watched with the sound down for a lot of the game, and to be honest I didn’t notice Gilbert was out until halftime. I hope Gilbert is not down long, but they seem to know he might not make it (thus had 8 OL active).

    At this point…whatever is working, keep it going.


    I think that was more of a wrinkle for BAL than anything else, but Bell should get 20 touches a game based on his production.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    And Mike Adams filling the TE roll in “big” package also helped, prolly better TE package than with Beachum…

  • srdan

    Did anyone else notice that Gay started instead of Allen?

  • srdan

    Maybe it was a wrinkle and nothing more. But defensive coordinators have to respect it. Every play we ran out of the WC yesterday was postiive. If you are a DC getting ready to play the steelers now, you have to put practice time and film study into it. Just another wrinkle.

    End around pass last week, Wildcat this week. It is a headache to prepare for. I comment Haley for the playcalling, and the players for executing.

    Over/under for receptions this year for Big Ben. Two. Who wants the over? lol


    I commend him as well…the personnel on both teams totaled 36 players (18 ea team) that were new to the rivalry, but you have to shake up the play calling in this game a little.

    If it gives OAK something else to prepare for, that’s great too.

  • John Hinton

    I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by how well Whimper played AND all in all, while I am not a fan of William Gay, he has (for the most part) played above the line through the first 6 games.

  • Johnny Loose

    awesome, thank you

  • CW

    Agreed. Though you could probably put a lot of names beside “the Butcher” and sound pretty intimidating.

  • CW

    That’s true, but Whimper had serious issues with the Jags for a couple of years. Though it might just have been lousy cut rate quarterbacks and terrible drafting that usually goes into a terrible coaching group.

    Could be half of Whimper’s problem was playing for an organization that no one even on the team ever gave a shot in hell of doing anything most seasons leading to terrible blocking and little follow through.

  • James Kling

    Percy Dovetonsils the Butcher?

  • JB

    2 wins in a row, and definitely showing improvement. Whimper, Beachum and Gay? dogs and cats living together?! Mass hysteria! Too bad they couldn’t sort most of their issues in training camp. I will still temper my enthusiasm a bit – they have shown improvement, but its only 2 games. I’m a believer in Bell, and AB is a real #1 WR – clutch plays, and smart plays from him. they will still struggle at times during the season (as all teams do), but the arrow is definitely pointing up again. they staff and organization will need to weed through some shortcomings this offseason – but I am happy agian!!

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Don’t forget he was pretty bad in the preseason too. Just an awesome performance considering all the negativity surrounding him.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Not sure why you were down voted. I agree. Adams played the TE position well and that certainly helped the run game.

  • CW

    I said a lot of names, not every name. Good one though.

    Very funny. 🙂

  • steeltown

    Gay started last week against the NYJ as well

  • steeltown

    Indeed.. we were discussing this very thing earlier in the week regarding Beachum getting TE reps, so why not Adams.. glad it came to fruition

  • sean mcmartin

    the same players performing due to 0-4 start, They needed a fire lit under them and it took four games for the fire to get lit..


    There is plenty of time for this to sort itself out, but assuming (more like hopeful) this 5 (counting Gilbert as the 5th) can sustain this season as a unit…what will Colbert/Tomlin do next year with Pouncey?

    Do they keep Valesco, and move Pouncey to LG? Foster is under contract for 2 more yrs @ starter money, but a cut friendly contract. Plus, I just can’t see them staying with Beachum @ LT unless he just plays lights out.

  • Busforever

    I understand, when you’re playing football and your name is Whimper, you need a nickname, but… how the hell came Abdullah The Butcher? That’s a freakin’ serial killer nickname lol

  • Riverstko

    Gay is better working the sidelines allen is better in the slot.

  • Riverstko

    Only On Goal To Go Plays/4th and SHORT! Anything else wont make sense.

  • Riverstko

    Dont Change That Line!