Steelers Film Room: Two Point Conversion Play Same As Touchdown

If the two point conversion play ran Thursday night by the Pittsburgh Steelers late in the loss to the Baltimore Ravens looked similar to the touchdown play, it’s because it was the same play except for the route ran by wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

“We called the exact same play that we scored on the touchdown before,” said Roethlisberger after the game. “I knew they had a corner down, obviously after getting hit with Le’Veon [Bell], so they brought a different corner in. I took a chance with Emmanuel and I’m frustrated with myself, I got to give him a better ball.”

As you can see in the two animated gifs below, the only difference in the two plays is the route run by Sanders. On the touchdown play to Jerricho Cotchery, Sanders broke inside, but on the two point conversion, he broke outside for the back shoulder throw. While it would have been a tough catch the way that cornerback Chykie Brown was face guarding him, it’s a catch big-time receivers make.

In hindsight, Roethlisberger said he thinks Antonio Brown was wide open on the other side.

“The only tough part about it is I have to pick a side,” said Roethlisberger about the play. “It’s a quick throw and there’s no way to read it out from right to left, and hindsight is what it is, because afterwards, I asked JCo (Jerricho) and AB (Antonio) if they won and AB said that he won in the corner.

I will get you better gifs of these plays once the all-22 views come out. I like that the play as so many options, but like you, am disappointed in the execution the second time around.

  • Don

    I think cotchery was open again for the score..should have went to him…

  • steeltown


  • HopalongCassidy

    It was a poor play all the way around. Sanders was well covered. I don’t know how the ball didn’t hit the defender in the back. Sanders dropped it but I wonder if his vision was obstructed. There should have been another option for Ben.

  • dgh57

    Hand the ball off to Dwyer or leave him in there to pick up the blitz so Ben has more time to look elsewhere for a receiver. Looks to me like Sanders was his man from the start as I don’t see Ben even glancing to his right.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I said after Cotchery was so open on the TD i’d go back to the same play same receiver.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Not to make excuses for Sanders this was a clear drop but i wonder if there was Pass interference on that play the Defender never looked back .

  • LucasY59

    I agree it was a tough catch to make, but if Sanders thinks he is worth a lot of $ in FA he NEEDS TO MAKE THAT CATCH. It was a drop, he had both hands on it.

    He has had every opportunity to play himself into a big contact this offseason and has failed IMO.

    If Ben is putting the blame on himself for the throw it shouldn’t be that he needed to “give him a better ball” he should be blaming it on choosing to throw it to Sanders instead of Brown (the WR that has stepped up this season)

    I also understand they were attacking the backup CB, but I hope the team learned what they have in Sanders and don’t give up too much to try and resign him if he cant make the kind of plays necessary to win important games.

  • steeler4life

    if same play should have same receiver just out play themselves on two pt conversion.

  • Betz Smiff

    E Sanders should have caught the ball, tough catch but one a big time receiver makes. He also dropped the long ball along the sideline in the 1st Q and if I’m not mistaken he had another drop of a TD pass on a ball that went right through his hands. Game was a microcosm of his career, nice guy to have, will make the routine catch most times but can not be counted on the help his team by making the tough catches that 1 and 2 receivers make…… if he is looking for a big pay day I am sure he will get it, just hope it’s not in Pittsburgh.

  • Rory

    Too bad Ben didn’t recognize the blitz by Elam, if he tells AB to run a slant we have an easy conversion.

  • CrazyTerry

    Sanders is the most unreliable WR on the team. So it is stupid for Ben to look for him as your first option – wide open or not when it is winner takes all on that one play. I dont care if Ben had to wait an extra second. The most reliable guys are Jerricho and Heath. AB is reliable overall , but he tends to drop those passes in the end zone. So even though AB is our first WR, he would have been my second read at best in such a situation. You want to go with AB the most over the course of a game. I am not ready to trust him at the goalline for some reason at this point. But he is far superior to Sanders even then. And stiupid of Haley not to have more than one play design for the last two plays.

  • Virdin Barzey

    I agree that Sanders is the most unreliable WR but that is catch a NFL receiver needs to make. The ball was right where it needed to be. 100% Sanders fault.

    Yes, I agree that it was dumb of Ben to throw it to Sanders but he’s supposed to be a professional and he is far from one. Should have taken the 3rd round pick from the Patsies.

    I disagree with you about AB. He may drop some passes but when the game is on the line he comes up big. I also disagree about putting blame on Haley. It was very clear from this game that Ben is going thru his reads quicker but every now and then he already makes his mind up where he’s going regardless of the coverage. That last play was one of them.

  • Bob Graff

    They knew they needed 2 for a long time there should have been a better play. Poor coaching that play might work 2 out of ten times.

  • ND_Steel

    A better ball? Please, it hit his hands…

  • CrazyTerry

    I love what AB brings to the team. Overall, he has been great clutch., After the OAK game with the two crucial drops/fumbles, and he did have acouple of end zone drops this year in other games . I have to knock him down a notch as far as your best option in the end zone. But dont get me wrong. For me , with Heath nearly back in form, it’s HEath first option, Jerricho being super hot(ride the hot WR as much as you can until he proves otherwise) becomes the second option, and AB the third .Sanders should not be on timing routes. He is your breakdown option. Just ask him to run around Santonio style . Sanders did a decent job of that his rookie year.