Steelers Injury Report: T Mike Adams Added Friday As Questionable; T Marcus Gilbert Also Questionable

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now wrapped up their Friday practice and the final injury report of the week is now out and it includes one new player.

Tackle Mike Adams (ribs) was added on Friday after not practicing with a rib injury and is listed as questionable. Tackle Marcus Gilbert (ankle) is also listed as questionable after being limited once again. Should both be unable to play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, then Guy Whimper will get the start at right tackle.

Tackle Kelvin Beachum (knee) practiced fully on Friday and is listed as probable. Beachum had been limited on Wednesday and Thursday so it looks as though he’ll be good to go for Sunday.

Guard David DeCastro (ankle), defensive end Cameron Heyward (knee), wide receiver Markus Wheaton (finger), tight end Heath Miller (not injury related) and center Fernando Velasco (thigh) all practiced fully once again and all are listed as probable.

The two players that suffered concussions last week, cornerback Ike Taylor (concussion) and linebacker Vince Williams (concussion), both practiced fully on Friday as well and they end the week listed as probable.


    So if Adams and Gilbert can’t go on Sunday and Beachum goes down, can we just forfeit? Or would we have to watch (L to R) Whimper, Wallace, Velasco, DeCastro, and Foster? wow………..

  • RW

    And to think I once asked if it could get any worse than Adams and Gilbert at our tackle spots…

  • dgh57

    Isn’t Adams always questionable!

  • Wow this would mean Whimpie would see significant snaps

  • treeher

    We’ll be OK if we dress 12 offensive linemen.

  • joed32

    He played OK at RT last time.

  • marcus

    lol that is funny

  • dgh57

    I’m sure Kyle Williams(4 Sacks), Mario Williams(11 sacks), and Marcell Dareus(4 sacks) will be licking their chops in this game!


    The buffet is now open!

  • RW

    He’s been one of the better backup lineman during the regular season. If you want to single out anyone, it should be any lineman that’s played a tackle position. Guard has been relatively okay.

  • Eric

    I wish we took Jonathan Martin instead of Mike Adams in the draft. LOL I am joking, kinda, not really, I AM JOKING!

  • gene mann

    If I am Ben I fake a groin before sun start

  • george

    great mario williams versus guy whimper. if i was ben i would twist my ankle on the way to the game

  • CrazyTerry

    Seriously, how the hell does Adams get injured with so few snaps? THe one sving grace we thought we had was great depth at RT since none of them can play LT, but they all seem tobe OK at RT. But now that Adams gets a great chance to play, he is questionable too???

  • CrazyTerry

    Do the Steelers have anything to lose by getting Martin? Encourage Dlphins to release him and we can try him out. I dont think any club will dare touch him on waivers. Martin as disappointing as he was with Miami can’t be any worse than what we had here.

    The only problem is if Markice Pouncey’s attitude towards Martin if he gets a tryout with us.

  • Jazz

    Marcus Gilbert and Mike Adams? Two 2nd Round Draft Busts! I don’t know who the HELL is drafting who, I’m not in the Draft Room in April. But I will tell you this much, if Ed Bouchette comments were true that Mike Tomlin will not have as much say-so going forward as to who he would like to draft, Halelujah!!! Think about it, the Steelers have absolutely nothing behind Ike Taylor, William Gay, Troy P, and Ryan Clark. Now go back and take a look at the previous 8 drafts, with the exception of Keenan Lewis (by the way who is in New Orleans), and Cortez Allen, that Organization has absolutely nothing to show for it. Maybe it’s time the Rooneys put those Scouts on notice if they backed Tomlin on selecting some of these duds. However, from what I’ve read from the reports out of Pittsburgh, it was Tomlin that selected quite a few of these duds when the Scouts preferred to select someone else. If this is true, Tomlin shouldn’t even be allowed in the room on draft day. Ok, that is a little harsh, lol. But on a serious note, let the scouts do their job! But I reallly would like to know who in the Hell is responsible for drafting these Duds as DB’s/OL over the past seven years? What a Disgrace!

  • Glenn Gilbert

    The problem is we already have to many Martin types on our team. We need some guys with heart and some toughness. Not ones who can’t even defend themselves. How can he defend the qb and line if he can’t even defend himself. Incognito would be a better pickup.

  • Bob Graff

    Well i said the same thing but there are people out there who think we are hitting it out of the park on draft day. I know you are spot on, but some people think just because the Steelers pick em they are great .BTW the scouts are are a huge part of the problem , THEY SUCK! We need new blood in player development . Words like splash and pedigree have blinded the fans to what Steeler football is all about HARD NOSE EVERY DOWN DON’T QUIT PLAYERS. Who cares if you make one highlight play then play like crap for the rest of the game.

  • Bob Graff

    The front office picked this group of @#!$$%^%&&% so cheer for them blinded and call them pro bowlers like some do. Until the entire group is gone it will keep happening over and over again.

  • Richard Edlin

    I suspect the Steelers would be one of the better locker rooms for him – for a start, I suspect an existing relationship with DeCastro would help. Given the problems at Miami, I suspect he’s a better player than he’s shown to date & he’d be cheap.

  • Eric

    Absolutely agree with what you said. my concern is he graded out at 66 of 69 tackles an was considered the 3rd best tackle available behind Mike Adams in the 11 draft. We neeed an absolutely reliable tacjke on the left.