Steelers Place LB Sean Spence On Injured Reserve

Pittsburgh Steelers second-year linebacker Sean Spence will not return to action this season as the team announced Wednesday that he has been placed on the injured reserve list.

The three week window for Spence closed today and obviously the young linebacker is disappointed he isn’t able to return this season.

“There was frustration at first because I worked so hard to get to this point, all offseason, during spring ball and in camp and now I am back in the same predicament,” said Spence in an interview with “There is some disappointment, some letdown, but there is a reason to rejoice.”

Spence suffered damage to his peroneal nerve when he tore up his left knee during the 2012 preseason finale and that is a devastating injury to try to overcome.

As of right now, you still have to wonder if Spence will eventually be able to make it back. The Steelers did not waive him, so he will be able to continue his rehab with the team and work towards showing up at OTAs fully recovered. In the meantime, the Miami product will not be allowed to practice with the team, but he will still be allowed to sit in on meetings.

Spence is under contract through the 2015 season.

  • mem359

    Kinda suspected this.
    Steelers were probably happy to give him the few weeks of practice time, if he can make it back for next year.

  • steeltown

    Not for lack of trying

  • Probably did wonders for his confidence.

  • SwagDaddy330

    Rounds 1-3 of last 5 drafts:

    2008: Mendenhall, Sweed, Bruce Davis

    2009: Hood, Urbik, Wallace

    2010: Pouncey, Worilds, E. Sanders

    2011: Heyward, Gilbert, C. Brown

    2012: DeCastro, Adams, Spence


  • 2008-1 Starter still starting in the NFL

    2009-Produced 1 marginal DE and for a time stud WR

    2010 produced 3 starters
    2011-2 Starters
    2012-Top 5 guard

    Not the best haul but not the absolute worst either

  • Eric

    How much of this decision was the finger injury and how much was the knee?

  • Alan Felicia

    Don’t forget Keenan Lewis in 2009. Steelers traded down and had three 3rd round picks.

  • Richard Edlin

    2013 still looks promising. I’m still hopeful for Jones – Bell has realistically done most of what I’d expect by this point (given the OL injuries and his slow start) – Wheaton could have been pushing Sanders by now had he stayed fit.

  • NW86

    I would presume it was 100% the knee.

  • NW86

    Damn. I was really hoping he would be activated. This would have given him a chance to practice, even if he wasn’t ready to play yet. You need to have 7 inactives anyway, he would have just been one of the 7. Meanwhile, it would have saved them a little cap space for next year.
    Obviously both the Steelers and Spence are going to say all the right things, but I’ve got to think this means he wasn’t really very close to 100%, and that’s not a great sign about his future.

  • broke a finger? what does that have to do with fitness? If you fall down the steps and break your arm but have 0% body fat does that have anything to do with exercise? NO

  • Richard Edlin

    “Fit” is not just a matter of aerobic efficiency. As a WR, if you can’t catch a ball with your hands you’re not fit to play – or Mike Wallace.

  • SMH SMDH wow and you know this after 3 games? So I guess Ben is not fit to play QB if he breaks his throwing hand right? SMH

  • Richard Edlin

    Yes. That’s what the word means. Do you have this many problems with all three letter words? If so, that would explain your first name.

  • dgh57

    I kinda understand why they decided to go this way in that maybe in this way he can work his way back in gradually through the OTAs, TC, and preseason next year instead of him feeling rushed to perform this year. After all there was a Peroneal nerve involved here.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I wish him good luck. I cannot imagine all the effort he has gone through just to get on the practice field let alone to try and gett into a game.

  • mlc43

    Fit- Physically sound; healthy
    Sounds like the appropriate use of the word to me. Anyway, Dr. Doom, why make such a big deal out of it anyway? Wow. smh

  • It’s an ode to an awesome comic book Villain. Absurd view point you will probably be the first person walking into Heinz Field with a Wheaton jersey next year. That boys good.

  • Why not its fun.

  • mlc43

    Because you make yourself look like an idiot. Hey, if that’s your thing, more power to you.

  • Jeff

    ehhhhh this season is a waste…….. the build up to this season was pure excitement for the potential we all thought this team had……. I predicted 11-5 and here we are halfway through the season and not only are we already out of the playoff mix barring a miracle, but we are worse than the browns….. I’m 26 and this is one of the worst teams I can remember….. here’s to a good draft in 2014! I think we did have a good draft this year, we’ll just have to wait to see how these guys pan out.

  • mlc43

    I really like Bell. I think Shamarko will be good. I’m not sure on J Jones to be honest. I haven’t lost all hope but I’m definitely not as optimistic as some are. I still have hope for Wheaton. I NEVER understood the L Jones pick. We’ll see how the rest pan out.

  • That is your opinion to me an idiot is someone who yells this or that guy sucks and had nothing to back it up except well he makes 10 million. And I could care less what someone on an internet board thinks of my point of view. Far as I am concerned Who in the blue hell are you.

  • Richard Edlin

    I realise that. I don’t disagree about Wheaton’s promise – and if he’d been fit, I fully expect that he’d have overtaken Cotchery and would now be pressuring Sanders for #2. However, he’s not been – which is a shame – and at no point have I criticised him, his potential, or his appetite for work.

  • Can’t rise up the depth chart when your listed as out 4 weeks.

  • Jeff

    L Jones really was an awful pick….. Even if Ben was older, how often does a 4th round QB really work out? If he was drafted as a backup QB, I don’t understand that either. They’re a dime a dozen on the FA market. 4th round has so much more value at other positions.

  • mlc43

    I’m someone that knows the definition of fit. You are someone that does not. Have fun with the rest of your day, because you aren’t worth one more moment of mine.

  • mlc43

    Totally agree. We probably could have just taken Shamarko there and not have had to give up or 3rd rounder next year. That whole situation was not well thought out in my opinion. I’m just a fan, though. What do I know. lol

  • You just spent one didn’t you why bother answering at all

  • I think they wanted the QB that went before him but they panicked

  • Jones was picked after Shamarko

  • 08 and 09 really set us back…

  • Callentown

    I have to point out doc that while you listed starters, that does not mean it was a good pick. Just watch the games! lol

    I believe the 2013 draft will be better than those 5 drafts combined. But, they WERE pretty bad. Plus 2008 was a disaster!

  • mlc43

    We drafted Jones, which is who we were talking about, with our original 4th round selection a few picks later. I stated we could have, most likely, picked up Shamarko THERE, instead of giving up next years 3rd round pick. We essentially traded away a future higher round pick for a player we picked up in the 4th round. Then drafted a back up QB, which we could have just picked a cheap one up in FA, as Jeff stated. Gasp….which we did. The whole 4th round was odd.

  • Brendon Glad

    I think it’s a wise move. I think it could be potentially very dangerous for Spence to be inserted into mid-season form of a game when he has only played about one quarter of preseason NFL football in his career, and coming off of that nearly permanently crippling injury.
    Hopefully by next summer it will be like having a new acquisition to the roster, and he can resume a career that by all accounts was looking promising at the time of the injury.

  • Mike Carroll

    Agree, they should’ve waited 4 spots and hoped Shamarko was still there. That 2014 3rd round pick is turning into an increasingly valuable pick for the Browns.

  • westcoasteeler


  • gene mann

    There was no need to rush him back let him get healthy and win the ILB job in 2014

  • kakello34

    This defense is just too deep and stacked with high skilled talent to give Spence a chance. Just look at the way they mutilated the Patriots offense.

  • kakello34

    The doctor gave him clearance

  • Nolrog

    They weren’t horrible drafts, but not great. Too many big misses (Sweed, Davis, Urbik, Brown, Worilds (I can’t give you Worilds as a starter, they spent another 1st round pick on that position t o replace him) Spence, Adams and guys who don’t live up to their round: Hood, Gilbert, Mendenhall).

  • Nolrog

    Those are the guys who should be making up the core of the team right now. Those drafts hurt a lot.

  • Nolrog

    Yeah, I think that’s a safe assumption. He could still do stuff with the finger. The knee on the other hand . . . .

  • SwagDaddy330

    I don’t know the stats but i am going out on a limb here…. I am going to guess that most NFL teams that contend, have a higher percentage of starters with their first three picks. The 2008 and 2009 drafts have ZERO out of 6.

    I would guess 2 of 3 from year to year would be the norm.

  • Jazz

    Yet people continue to Praise Kevin Colbert? The past 5 to 6 drafts have been extremely poor, that’s the main reason that team is in the predicatment that it is in. Rounds 1-3, that is a piss poor A$$ Job Mike Tomlin/Kevin Colbert. Tomlin doesn’t know how to evaluate talent, time for the Rooney’s to step in and fix this crap!!

  • Madi

    But not all of them because they were bad players. Keenan Lewis and Mike Wallace are bad draft picks? No, they were great.


    Mendenhall and Sweed had all the talent they needed. Sweed didn’t work out for mental, coaching, and injury issues. Mendenhall did work out, not that people remember it. Misused by BA the way they all were, plus injuries, plus a bad connection with the coach kept him from working up a second contract. Davis was a horrible pick from day 1.


    Wallace and Lewis outplayed their draft status by miles, and signed for what, like a combined $85 million this offseason. Can’t put that on the 2009 draft. Urbik will never be what he hoped, but he turned out okay. Bad cut, but not the bust we thought he was when we first cut him. Hood gets way too much grief. So-so starter, but one we desperately needed. The 2010 SB run alone, he was crucial. Not what we hoped, possibly a scheme thing, but going back in time and seeing who else was available, there were not many other prospects that would have made sense. Not enough to feel bad about the pick for me.


    Pouncey good. Worilds is a good enough player but a bad pick because Harrison had too much in the tank, and they should’ve known. Should have gone ILB there and we all knew it. But Worilds did fill in a lot when the starters went down with injuries. If he hadn’t been hurt so much himself early on, we might view him differently. Sanders good.

    Dwyer and AB in the 6th.


    Heyward good, underrated. Gilbert I still like more than everybody else, and was a need pick. He bailed us out his rookie season and I think can still get better. He’s been better than I ever expected, as a guy who was supposed to be a guard only. Brown is a big disappointment to me at CB, but not a total bust as an ace on ST. And Allen in round 4 helps makes up for it.


    DeCastro amazing pick. Not giving up on Adams, who still has tons of potential. Spence, how could we see this coming? Looked good early on.


    Love the first 4 picks.

  • 20Stoney

    As things turned out, they could have signed Brian Hoyer and had a backup that could actually play if needed. They never should have released him in the first place.

  • joed32

    I think Cotchery might be the 2nd best receiver right now.

  • 2443scott

    even if he made it back this year he wasnt going to do alot ….he needs the rest of this year off yet …and come into training camp like a new first round draft rookie of 2014…hes had the play book so if hes as smart as everyone believes he is he should know the play book by hard by now ….and comeing into 2014 as a rookie already knowing the play book …should be alot of advantages to that for him and team ….

  • Chad H

    You can’t argue with the almighty Dr. Dork aka Tomlin butt snorkeler.
    Please Dr answer why are you such a douche.

  • srdan

    To me, that looks good.

    What is missing is a 9-10 player or two ala 43 or 7. But HOF players don’t come about that easily.

    The 2011 draft was really good. Hayward has star written all over him. If you switch C. Brown’s name for the 4th round pick, youre talking about 3 quality starters.

    2010 looks good as well. Dont forget about AB and dwyer.

    2009 and 2008 are the glaring holes on this team. For a team that grows it’s talent and doesn’t buy it, it’s a big kick in the balls. Out of the two drafts we will have 0 players on the team from the after this year. ZERO!
    So my theory is, assuming it takes 3 years to feel the pain/gain from the draft, We still have a year to go. of this mess. I do think once we are 3 years removed from this years class, which 4-5 of them are already starting as rookies, we are in for a treat again. Assuming they get good coaching.

  • A lot more people hate you than hate me.

  • just because they are not starting here does not mean they are not starting

  • whose to say Thomas would have been there

  • Could you site that Dr. and the trustworthy source you received it from

  • kakello34

    Nah, no need to. Thanks for asking

  • exactly sounded made up

  • kakello34

    Nah, since you can’t spell CITE properly, you don’t get a cite from me.

  • Let me guess your ed bouchette’s 4th cousin twice removed

  • Brown who as a miss?

  • kakello34

    Not that I know of, but let me look for a site to cite your claim!

  • How do you know there current backup can’t play? And when you have a 6-4 wr that runs like a deer makes even a terrible QB look good ala Tommy Maddox.

  • 20Stoney

    Because I’ve seen them all play. They absolutely butchered the handling of Hoyer, but at least they hung onto Leftwich. Keep Hoyer and you never have to use the 4 on Landry Jones.