Steelers Versus Bills Week 10 Projected Inactive List

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Buffalo Bills Sunday at Heinz Field and below is a best guess as to what the inactive list will look like this week. The official list of inactives will be announced 90 minutes before kickoff.

Landry Jones – Nothing has changed here with Jones as he will be inactive for a ninth straight game.

Hebron Fangupo – Fangupo has only dressed for one game this season, so we can expect him to be down once again.

Derek Moye – With Markus Wheaton expected to make his return, Moye will likely be back on the inactive list as the Steelers will likely only dress four wide receivers.

Kion Wilson – Wilson was inactive last week in his first week back on the roster and it looks like we can expect a repeat of that this week.

Richard Gordon – Gordon has yet to dress for a game since he was signed to the roster, so there is no reason to think he will against the Bills. Maybe Mike Tomlin will surprise us.

Curtis Brown – Whatever the issues are with Brown, he hasn’t dressed since the win over the Jets a few weeks ago. The signing of DeMarcus Van Dyke this past week really makes this all confusing. Brown was not listed on the injury report this week.

Marcus Gilbert – I have no idea how this last spot will work out. Both Gilbert and Mike Adams are both listed as questionable, but being as the former is battling an ankle injury that kept him very limited throughout the week, I will guess that he will be down.

  • gene mann

    why id Gordon on the Roster?
    It time to see what Fangupo has if he can play NT

  • Madi

    You know, I’m not a betting man, but I think Alameda Ta’amu could have stayed inactive all season just as well as Fangupo. With McLendon and Woods around, we should have kept the prospect that was younger and had a higher ceiling. Still don’t get it.

  • gene mann

    especially since he playing with the cards

  • Alizee Alize

    the most surprising comment was regarding Curtis Brown. We had a win a few weeks ago?