Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders Leaves Lions Game With Right Foot Injury

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has left the game against the Detroit Lions in the second quarter with a right foot injury. His return right now is questionable.

With Sanders sidelined, Markus Wheaton is now the third receiver and has already registered two catches in the game, his fourth and fifth of the season.

The Steelers only dressed four wide receivers for the game as Derek Moye was a pre game inactive.

The Steelers currently lead the Lions 17-10.

  • Bill Molinaro

    Great gut level win for the Steelers. My hat is off to them. Go Steelers!

  • 20Stoney

    I thought then, and I still do…they should have taken the draft pick.


    Blessing in disguise. Wheaton will get playing time. Sanders is gone next year.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Which foot was Sander’s lis franc injury?

  • 2443scott

    more foot probs …steelers took a chance keeping him and they needed a wr …they would of been better off letting him go and got a pick from ne …but as always seems steelers can never let a guy go that they should and dont try hard enough to keep guys they should …then either with in season or year later they bring them back .

  • srdan

    Then I didn’t agree with you, now I do! lol

  • srdan

    Good point. And Cotchery gets PT. He doesn’t get enough recognition.