Tomlin Says Cadence Issue Led To Botched Field Goal Attempt

Midway through the second quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night loss to the Baltimore Ravens, a 50-yard field goal attempt by kicker Shaun Suisham turned into a disaster as it appeared there was some confusion with the timing of the snap.

On the play, Suisham appeared to start his approach just prior to the ball being snapped by Greg Warren and as a result, the timing of the play was thrown off. Suisham was asked to comment about the play that resulted in a 12 yard loss after the game.

“That really wasn’t a planned play,” Suisham said. “Our timing was really off. We just tried to get something out of it.”

Head coach Mike Tomlin was also asked during his post game press conference about the play and he explained the problem being a result of the cadence by holder Mat McBriar.

“We were doing it on a cadence to slow down their rush and the crowd noise,” said Tomlin. “I don’t think Shaun Suisham heard the cadence. I think he started to the ball early and of course created the situation where we weren’t able to get the play off.”

As a result of the play, the Ravens were left with great field position as the ball turned over on downs and they turned the Steelers misfortune into three points of their own.

Many are wondering why Suisham wasn’t flagged for a false start on the play, but as you can clearly see, he really did start moving forward just a hair before the ball was snapped. That’s a tough call to make.

  • TheBurgh805

    Dammm how does this even happen…

  • Matt Manzo

    Sushi can’t kick 50 yarders anyway! Maybe we go kicker and punter with picks 1 and 2 next year!!!!

  • dgh57

    Should of had Ben try one of his short pooch punts to try and pin them back inside their own 5 yard line and make them drive 95+ yards for a score since they had to many short fields to work with in this game to my liking.

  • SG

    Yep, Sushi is like 4 out of 13 on 50 something yarders for his whole career. But Tomlin keeps throwing him out there in big game situations and watches him fall on his face.

  • JohnnyV1

    This was as poor as the end-of-game onside kick. What in the world was that! Special Teams coach is touted to be an ace, but he needs to clean this “stuff” up b/c it if we get one of those two right, we might be 6-6.

    Suisham is a quality kicker. His accuracy % is up there, and he generally gets pretty deep kickoffs. He just poorly executed the kick and I’m guessing he was told to do the Triple-Lindy onside kick-off crap.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Sorry, I don’t buy this cockamamie story unless Suisham claims to be blind now.

  • Rick M

    No disrespect intended Johnny, but who touted him as an “ace”? His special teams were in the bottom quarter of the league the last several years he was with Washington and they made no effort whatsoever to keep him from signing with the Steelers.

  • JohnnyV1

    None taken @ all Rick. It was one of the broadcasters from one of the recent games (Detroit game or Browns game) I believe. And when he was hired, I did the same as you, looked up his stats from his previous addresses and wasn’t impressed. I was being kind of a wise-guy with my comment above.

  • chris ward

    Bizarre things happen when the Steelers play on Thanksgiving. Bettis coin toss controversy and now Suisham botched field goal/ Tomlin sideline incident.

  • Chris92021

    I completely agree. Suisham doesn’t have the leg for a 50 yarder in cold weather. Heck, I would rather go for it on 4th and 6 with the option for Ben punt than a Suisham field goal any day. I still don’t trust that guy.

  • Chris92021

    Trust me, the Redskins miss him right now. They make our special teams look like Pro Bowlers.

  • CrazyTerry

    Danny Smith has been the coach whose units have improved the most this year. This was a terrible game for STs. Ironically, the punter had his most consistent game and until this game, it was the punter who was an anamoly on a stellar STs unit. Suisham also has made way too many inexcusable blunders this year in two losses despite being superreliable in the other games . A top notch kicker who cant kick 50 yard plus FGs needs to be super reliable and 3 blunders (the two 31 yard misses in OAK, and now this ridiculous unpenalized false start) are too many for a good kicker without deep range. And most of his onside kick attempts have been pretty bad.

  • sean mcmartin

    All one can do is hope Colbert makes up for some big misses and lands some pro bowlers in the draft.maybe find room for worilds.

  • CrazyTerry

    There were no huge winds. It was not Heinz field. That is still a 30% plus success including Heinz. Not impressive by any means, but maybe Tomlin felt a conversion on 4th and 6 was not any more of a possibility the way the offense was choking in the first half.
    My main beef with Tomlin was he should have been going for the 4th down and 1 both times earlier in the game regardless of field position. Over an entire game, that pays off especially with how our D was letting Flacco get to midfield easily anyway.

  • JohnnyV1

    The ST units had nowhere to go but up. The return game is not good. The punter situation has been pretty bad, except one booming punt a few weeks ago and Thursday. Coverage units have been much improved. We can say Suisham cost us the Oakland game, but the Steelers didn’t play very well. We can say he cost us the Baltimore game, but where was the offense in the 1st half?

    I agree, Suisham isn’t a world beater, but he’s been pretty solid and better than wing-nut quadzilla.

  • dgh57

    Tomlin needs to learn what happens if there is a missed FG or worse if something goes wrong like it did in this instance. The opponent ends up with a short field to score with which means not the full 55 or so yards but only 25 or so yards for them to get within Justine Tuckers range who is having a Pro Bowl type year. So in the end 3 points were scored for the opponent not the Steelers a 6 point swing!