Andy Reid Not Sure If He Will Rest His Starters Against The Chargers

In addition to needing to beat the Cleveland Browns this coming Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers will also need three other teams to lose if they are to make the playoffs as the final AFC Wild Card team. One of those teams that must lose is the San Diego Chargers, who will play the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that has nothing to play for because they cannot improve their playoff seeding. After the Sunday loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said he’s still not sure as to whether or not he will rest his starters against the Chargers.

“I haven’t even gotten that far. I wasn’t anticipating this right here, so I’ll look at that. I’m not going to say anything now on that, but yeah, I’ll evaluate what we do, as we go forward,” said Reid.

The Chiefs have lost four of their six games with the two wins coming against the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders. In addition, they haven’t beaten a team with a winning record since they took care of a then-3-1 Tennessee Titans way back in Week 5.

As for a few of the Chiefs starters, it sounds like they want to play against the Chargers.

“The Chargers won’t play like it’s an exhibition game,” said guard Geoff Schwartz, according to the Kansas City Star. “I promise you we’ll be ready to play.”

Quarterback Alex Smith, who had a horrible game against the Colts on Sunday, shares Schwartz’s sentiments.

“You want to have some good rhythm, a good taste in your mouth headed into the playoffs,” Smith said. “I’d like to get this taste out of our mouth.”

The Chargers-Chiefs game won’t get under way next Sunday until 4:25 EST and by that time the Steelers might already be eliminated from the playoffs if either the Baltimore Ravens or the Miami Dolphins win in early games. However, should the Steelers beat the Browns and the other two games go their way, the late game will determine whether or not the Steelers or the Chargers get the final playoff spot in the AFC.

In case you are curious, both the odds makers and the betting public think the Chiefs will roll over pretty easily as the Chargers are currently 10 point home favorites on several of the main boards.

  • steeltown

    Indeed.. you would think Reid would want some momentum heading into the playoffs and would gain that by going full bore against San Diego, but something tells me he rest guys like Jamaal Charles and some others…

  • CrazyTerry

    It’s SD . they can beat the best of them and lose to the worst of them. It’s too bad Norv is still not the coach, or that would be really possible.

  • Rob H

    After seeing Reid for many years here in eastern PA, I can say that I have zero faith in him when it comes to big games, but since this game is meaningless to them, there’s a good chance he’ll pull it off, we can only hope.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    Well it makes sense for Andy to rest his starters, but I know chiefs aren’t dum enough to loose a division game, get us out and eventually might have to face SD in the playoffs

  • Elijah Stevenson

    The chiefs better use their starters they’ve been losing some games lately

  • WilliamSekinger

    I would expect Andy to defer this decision to his players who know they have been playing poorly. They seem to want to play against the Chargers and I don’t blame them. Momentum is everything during the playoffs.

  • Don2727

    The only thing helping the Steelers is that KC has played so poorly and want to go in winning..I think they play their starters, but will that really be enough..?

  • Don2727

    Damn that Miami game!..It still makes me mad..

  • DrakePirate

    I don’t think so, I think they will play to win … only good to great teams can afford to rest their players … they are neither, losing 4 of 6, I don’t think Andy knows what kind of team he has and has to go in winning … I still think they have a very good chance at winning and I think the 10 pt spread (money line is a great play)

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Loosing your last two games your asking to lose your first playoff game

  • alevin16

    I think a few years back the Bengals did not play their starters against either the Jets or Ravens, they faced them in the first game of the playoffs and were beaten by them. Hopefully Andy thinks about having to possibly play SD again

  • Jones

    Let’s worry about beating the Browns first. Can’t have them being another Oakland for us, or it’s all moot anyway…

  • Douglas Andrews

    Yeah we need a Norv Turner like implosion from the Chargers on Sunday

  • Jacob Dixon

    I think he won’t rest because he is playing agianst a division rival and you want bragging rights

  • Don

    And the Ravens game, too

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Then Shuisams two shanks against Oakland

  • steeltown

    you could be right

  • SR88

    I would like to see it all fall for Pittsburgh, but they would beat Cincy or Indy in first round, then get demolished in Denver. Miami will lose to the Jets I think. Ravens will probably lose to the Bengals, but Cincinnati has a history of coming up short and Baltimore played their way to a title last year. I just don’t see the Chargers losing. Remember, they beat the Chiefs a couple of weeks ago and KC didn’t rest anybody.

  • joed32

    I remember a few years back when we cliched early and went into Buffalo to play a team that was in if they won. We played almost all second stringers and rested our stars. The backups won the game easily.