League Now Has Mike Tomlin And Steelers Held Hostage For Remainder Of Season

The word came down on Wednesday from NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been fined $100,000 for interfering with a kickoff during last Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. In addition to that, the league will also now consider a modification or forfeiture of Steelers draft choices after the draft final order for next season has been determined.

What? Look, I am fine with the fine and would have been fine with Tomlin even getting a one game suspension on top of everything else, but to hang this loss of a draft pick over the Steelers heads is a bit ridiculous.

The league has had almost a full week to review the tape and talk Tomlin. They probably have camera angles that we haven’t seen on top of everything else. Tomlin gave his 20 minute side of the story to the media on Tuesday and will have nothing more to say on the matter moving forward. What is the league waiting for? Shoe prints? If they are going to dock the Steelers a draft pick, what’s the holdup?

If the league wanted to ensure that this would never happen again, wouldn’t it make sense to really punish the child instead of threatening to punish the child?

I would have a little more respect for the league’s final ruling on this incident if the decision was a hard and fast one. Now, the league has the dangling over the Steelers head like some sort of carrot. What they are really telling Tomlin is that he better keep himself and his entire team in line and off the fine list moving forward if he wants to keep that draft pick.

What we have here folks is the NFL holding the Steelers and Tomlin hostage for the remainder of the season. Anderson needs to shit or get off of the pot.

  • treeher

    Appropriate metaphor would be the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. This is absurd, to threaten to punish with a draft choice.

  • Ben Anderson

    Dave, I think the only thing being held hostage is Tomlin’s seat on the Competition Committee. Unless they can find some reason to let him keep it, it’s gone.
    In this way, they protract MT’s embarrassment and drive the point home while leaving the organization otherwise unharmed; and the relationship with the Rooneys and Maras still a solid one.

  • Matt Manzo

    If God is 9ers fan and we do lose a draft pick, how high of a pick would it be?

  • StrengthOfVictory

    If this is the league’s way of driving the point home a little more to all teams watching that things like this will be dealt with VERY seriously, fine. Maybe too many people assumed the punishment would simply be a hefty fine and no draft pick, and they feel the need to emphasize that their threat was indeed serious.


    But one way or another, they need to announce their final decision on this point before the week is up. This wait-and-see crap is amateur and childish.

  • cencalsteeler

    Maybe Goodell is taking a page out of Dean Wormers book and has the Steelers on double secret probation for the rest of the season.

  • Lamarr56

    This isn’t right. If your going to take a pick away, announce it now. Now, Tomlin will be haunted for the rest of the year. The NFL has now dragged this issue on for many months, fuck the NFL!

  • Chad H

    If the league knows the organization gave Tomlin the green light to trip Jones then you punish the organization.
    So the Rooneys spoke to Mike on his headset and said “step on the field.” OK now the league can say we “might” take a pick from you. We won’t tell you what round, it’s hide-and-go-seek, nan nan a boo boo.
    Hey NFL grow the F up. This is nothing more than a dictatorship ran league.

  • Rick M

    100% agree with the article. But this is Goodell’s way of inflicting even more punishment on the Steelers and their fans. It’s punishment through apprehension, and then additional punishment after the end of the season.

    What an incredibly classless NFL Head Office. They just sink to lower and lower depths. You think they’ve hit rock bottom and then they just sink deeper. And meanwhile all sorts of players incur DUI’s, assault accusations and charges, etc. and get absolutely no punishment.

  • steeltown

    This is getting tiresome. I want to just forget about it, dole out the punishment, but the problem is the NFL just made it possible for the media to continue to talk about this act that had no effect on the game for the next 5months

  • Superdriller316

    The owners need to get together and fire his butt.

  • george

    $100,000 is alot of cash-I don’t care how much you make! That’s enough. Why take a draft pick? Art an Dan didn’t interfere with the play!!!!!!!!!

  • alevin16

    Did the Jets lose a Draft pick when their coach purposely placed players on the sidelines? I don’t remember them losing one and that was much more clear cut.

  • george

    Nest thing you know Goodall will remove the ping pong tables from the locker room!

  • Callentown

    Dave, curious to know your opinion here..

    Do you think Rooney will make a phone call. Or is their stance usually to just let the NFL front office handle its own affairs without interference?

  • Rick M

    There’s obviously a troll on this site from another fan base if he feels your comment is “negative”.

  • SteelersDepot

    make a phone call? not sure I understand. What kind of phone call?

  • Rick M

    OK “neg” guy, have the guts to put actual your name down and explain why you’re fine with a 3-5 month delay in announcing the draft punishment.

  • Rick M

    I kind of think like Callen does. Do you feel the Steelers owners are fine with this possible additional punishment hanging over their heads, rather than be announced now?

    Can you think of any earlier league rulings where this kind of threatened additional punishment has been made?

  • Steeler Wheeler

    A call to the spirit of Bon Scott 🙂

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I’m most infuriated that—because a potential loss of draft picks is being discussed—this Mike Tomlin incident is actually being mentioned in the same breath as Spygate and Bountygate. Those two scandals are nowhere NEAR the same level of offense as this momentary lapse in judgment.

    No malicious intent, no one was cheated out of anything, no one was hurt, and the primary person involved has openly accepted responsibility in the most contrite manner.

  • Mike Carroll

    Well said. This single, momentary transgression is very minor compared to those two scandals.

  • Callentown

    Dave, the kind you might make if you are one of the more influential owners and king Roger is getting carried away.

    The kind that says, “hold on a minute here; this isn’t Spygate. It’s an incident versus a team-wide plot. Why are we even discussing draft picks here?”

  • Eddy

    Good article, I never thought about Tomlin stepping on a NFL field like the Iran Hostage Crisis. But that’s exactly what’s going on.

  • 2443scott

    there team name isnt the steelers ….they play in ny so they get special treatment

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    with the way this team has been drafting lately, Id rather lose a 2nd round pick than a 5-7. Seems like every year our 2nd rounder is a bust and a late round pick steps up and becomes a contributor. (Beachum, Brown, etc.) of course this is just me being an annoyed fan.

  • 2443scott

    cant wait to see next games played and see if the networks watch sidelines or not ….as long and far back as i can remember i always saw players and coaches in white and on the edge field they stand next to refs in the white talking to them or yelling at them …..but this is nfl and the steelers are the nfls poster child and whiping boy …..

  • alevin16

    Yes, heavens forbid we annoy NYC. Also their name isn’t the Patriots.

  • AndyR34

    Also their name isn’t the Cheatriots…there I fixed it for you!

  • Johnny Loose

    You know they ONLY be talking about the sidelines. We’ll probably miss half the damn game..

  • Johnny Loose

    Why don’t they just threaten to take away Heinz Field and give it to the Raiders while we’re on the subject. I hate Roger Goodell as much as Leonidas hated messengers telling him to forfeit his territory.

  • joed32

    They did not.

  • Chris Ranieri

    Be careful Goodell could fine you for saying that…

  • Virdin Barzey

    And folks laughed at me when I said that the front office of the NFL has it in for the Steelers. Who’s laughing now. What’s even more alarming is that some of you are more upset at the NFL holding the Steelers hostage rather than the actual punishment of taking draft picks! Did some of you have your brain just fall out of your head. A draft pick? For what?! Are you nutz?

    I know the Rooneys would never do this but it would be cool if they address Steeler Nation and send us all after Ray Anderson. Put his address out their and let the Nation deal with that clown. This is the Goodell stoogie that has been the key guy in changing the game with all these stupid rules on hits.

    I can’t stand Adolf Goodell but its Anderson and fools like him who never played in the NFL that is changing the league and considering a draft pick. This idiot has it in for the Steelers and I would be more than happy to give him the Tommy Maddox treatment and then some.