New Video Angle Even More Damning For Steelers Mike Tomlin As Far As Intent Goes

Steelers Mike Tomlin Ravens Jacoby Jones Kickoff Return

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has released new video Monday of the Thursday night sideline incident that included Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin possibly interfering with Baltimore Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones and it further shows possible premeditated intent.

In the newly released end zone view of the return, Tomlin not only took a jump step to his right onto the playing field once Jones approached him, but also positioned himself right near the edge of the field after Jones started his return.

It has been speculated that Tomlin will be fined heavily for his actions and possibly suspended for a game as well. In addition, some have even suggested that the Steelers could lose a 2014 draft pick, but that might be pretty extreme.

The league is expected to rule on this by Wednesday at the latest.

  • Lamarr56

    Wow. This changes my perspective on everything.

  • Michael Pearce

    Why dont Goodell just expell the Steelers from the NFL for a year. I am just sick of all the piling on and rule changes every year. The NFL and its commissioner is a total joke.

  • steeltown

    I still advocate that its all pretty silly being that Cortez Allen has the angle would’ve tackled him anyway, Jones never slowed or broke stride
    Regardless, Tomlin should be penalized and made an example of, fine him and suspend him for one game, sure, but when you start talking about taking draft picks that’s when it starts getting ridiculous.


    This video doesn’t show intent imo, but I agree with Steeltown…Tomlin knew he was on the white border (common, but illegal) when the play started coming down the sideline. He could’ve easily removed himself from that position altogether, but he didn’t…fine certainly, suspension, maybe…draft picks, the NFL will have to prove intent, and Idk if they have that.

  • JohnB

    yep..thats pretty embarrassing.

  • Shea Fahr

    Intent or Not, does he really need to be that close to the grass?? I thought that is why Teams used to have a “stand back” coach. Is the Jumbotron that hard to see from the sideline?

  • StrengthOfVictory

    In order to penalize a draft pick, I think the league would have to determine not only intent, but malicious intent. His move was undeniably stupid, even if it was unintentional (which is getting harder to argue). But his momentary lapse in judgment carries no attempt at harming anyone. There is no pattern of this behavior from Pittsburgh coaches in the past.

    $100,000 fine and even a game suspension will more than suffice. Docking a draft pick (to me) says Mike Tomlin was attempting to trip or injure Jacoby Jones. I don’t believe he was at all.

  • JohnB

    His first foot on the line is then joined by his second foot..makes it look like intently planted himself in that position.

  • chris ward

    Tomlin clearly did this intentionally. Taking a draft pick away is ridiculous, but definitely deserves a hefty fine. Great job by KDKA to capture this footage.

  • Mike.H

    Planets align gentlemen: This could be the freakish year where all 2004 draft top 3 QB’s all miss the playoffs:

    Big Ben, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning. I hope Steelers sneak into the post season by skin of my teeth / rice paper. Let’s hope.

  • T R

    wow.. that step in kinda changes my point of few too.. fine him big time…

  • Rick M

    OK, I was wrong in initially saying it wasn’t intentional (it isn’t the first time I’ve been wrong and it won’t be the last. Yes that ‘full yard’ side-step on to the field – in the middle of the return – demonstrates Tomlin knew exactly what he was doing. As does his head cranked to the side as Jacoby nears.

    Man, we have a cheater for a coach. Great.

    For those of you who will still say this was unintentional (as I did initially), then you better have a good explanation for why he left his original viewing position and side-stepped onto the field in mid-return.

  • dgh57

    Why would Tomlin place his right foot on the very outside edge of the white line then all the sudden bring his left foot up next to his right foot if his intentions was only to watch the play on the scoreboard? You don’t need to do that if you’re only going to simply watch the scoreboard.

    The video evidence shows intent and he can expect the League to come down hard! I see a heavy fine coming, at least a one game suspension, and coaching from upstairs for the rest of the year.

  • Xclewsive

    I find it funny honestly and wish we would of won to watch Baltimore implode. LOL

  • Matt Manzo

    It was totally intentional! A fine is fine! But a draft pick would suck! For some reason, the way this season is going, I can laugh it off! Doesn’t really tarnish my image of Tomlin anymore than underdeveloped players or questionable draft picks.

  • Everything Steelers

    I am sure a lot of you watched the Bama – game over the weekend…did you see where during the kickoff at the end…the guy who had the last chance to tackle him near the sideline…missed a little…happend to run on the white stripe a little… but there was a coach on the white on the sideline that the player ran into and that coach stopped the player 100%…now i am pretty sure the coach didnt do it on purpose…and this might be way off topic…but it kind of remindered me of that…that probably should have been a flag

  • Rob Rossi Jr.

    With this new angle it certainly appears that Tomlin may have purposely tried to get as close as possible to the field so that jones may have to give up the sideline, but it does not warrant a loss of draft picks if he would have tried tripping him or tackling him then I could see the harsher pentalty. A fine and possibly A one game suspension would be more then enough. As for kdka rating out their own team I find this a dispicable act of treason against your own team. It should have been a non story since it would hurt your own team. I call on all STEELERS NATION to boycot watching any programming on KDKA Channel 2 for the next six months to punish them for ratting out their own team. Wow glad our own media has our back. If that would have happened in Baltimore I bet the home media there would have never shown the footage just to get a story.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    this sickens me.

  • T R

    agree. Wow @ KDKA deleting them as a favorite on my browser. will never go to their site again..

  • Slab

    How is this even an issue in the NFL? If it’s a rule, define a penalty and enforce it. If the rule and penalty are out there, every time a coach steps over the line, throw the flag, assess the fine, whatever. Pretty bush league and silly to be having a discussion that ranges from “do nothing- coaches wander over that line all the time” to “$100,000 fine and loss of draft picks”. The NFL has little rules about everything from where you can lead with your head and where you can’t, how long your socks can be, and every other tiny little thing in the game, how is this issue something that is open to speculation?


    I was impressed by Cortez Allen’s speed.

  • FreakNasty

    all this does is lead me to believe that Tomlin needs to lose a lil weight…

  • Foncool

    Unlike Spygate which was an institutional action by the Patriots, this was a singular act by a single individual and obviously it could not be premeditated, but was an act of opportunity in the moment.

    That being said, since Tomlin is a Head Coach his punishment should be harsher than that of Jets conditioning trainer, since it was not a planned act it should not be as extreme as the loss of Draft picks to the team.

    It probably should be something similar to what Sean Payton received in a fine and one year suspension.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    It’s bad enough we can’t draft players next year because of him

  • cencalsteeler

    The draft pick is not going to happen. That is a collective punishment. What Tomlin did was an isolated incident, therefore he alone should receive the fine or punishment based on “his own” actions.


    John…I can’t take intent to disrupt the play from that, but I understand if you can.

  • Locke Lashley

    lol but you didn’t win did you.

  • Dave’s mom’s basement

    Absolutely disgusting. People who think this is no big deal should really have some foresight on how this makes our franchise look. This won’t go away for a long time. Anyone blaming KDKA for reporting this also needs some perspective. It’s called integrity. Something Tomlin “obviously” doesn’t have. 6 figure fine and we should feel very lucky if we don’t lose a draft pick. The video says it all. He purposely jumped out to the edge of the field.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    A one-YEAR suspension?? That would be absolutely ludicrous. Bounty-gate involved coaches paying their players bonus money to HURT opposing players. Spygate involved taping opposing teams’ practices in order to identify their signal calls during games (which is CHEATING) over an extended period of time.

    Tomlin had one small part of one of his feet in-bounds for a matter of seconds during ONE play of ONE game. No attempt to hurt another player, no pattern of said behavior, and no change in the outcome of the game being played.

    For that, he should be fined. And MAYBE face a one-GAME suspension.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Now, if we could just pair Allen’s speed with Tomlin’s lateral agility, we would have something really special.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I honestly watch it and still can’t say definitely that it was intentional.


    And then combine that with Ike’s han……. never mind.

  • Anthony Hodge

    I’m a Steeler fan that says,fine him and leave it at that because this video shows the exact same thing as the other ones,nothing more…. KDKA is trying to make more of it than its worth…A draft pick is really a lot for a play that didn’t injure anyone. Jones and Ratbird fans can say it stopped him from scoring,PUHLEASE,he was getting walked down and tackled by a faster man. All coaches of any level are always in that area protesting a call or close to the action. IMO if ya want to make Tomlin out of an example,then go back and look at every game in the past 3 weeks and fine every coach and player that’s in that restricted area. NFL and Goodell will have enough fine money to donate to a charity and drop this nonsense all together.

  • Miller JC

    Seriously, we don’t know if he intended to do that or not. This sport has gotten so weak in the past 10 years. And Jones has said all along that he saw Tomlin from far away, so it didn’t affect his run. Give him the fine and get over it already. But because Roger and the rest of the NFL commission should actually wear skirts, they probably will do something asinine and take away a draft pick. Plus, guess what, the Ravens won. I live in Baltimore and they will be griping about this for the rest of the year. This incident actually just replaced the ‘lights out’ fiasco. And they won that game too !
    Was it as serious as when the Patriots were caught with their pants down ?

  • Miller JC

    OMG ! These idiots here would have marched to the congressional steps. Provided they knew hoe to spell CONGRESS. Most in Baltimore can not.

  • Miller JC

    Exactly, you do see that all of the time. Which is probably why the ref didn’t throw a flag.

  • Anthony Hodge

    Exactly the point! Fine Tomlin and leave it.

  • Miller JC

    He should go ,definitely. From now on, I’m watching for any coach that does the same thing and emailing the league about it. Time for some prime ‘nitpicking’!.

  • Anthony Hodge

    That’s why I wish ratbird fans would just STFU, they won and they’re still whiney like they lost.

  • Anthony Hodge

    Nope.But to come back from that deficit and lose by 2 must make you and your fan base proud. Wahat a relief you guy felt when Sanders dropped that 2 pt. conversion pass…lmao

  • Brian Miller

    enjoy that pic of one ring…you won’t be getting another one for awhile…something to make your fans and coach whine just a “tad” more…

  • Brian Miller

    They are just like their coach…I have never seen people cry and complain more after they WON!! It really is pathetic…

  • Teresa

    As a RAVENS fan who watched the game, I won’t go so far as to say Tomlin did this intentionally or that JONES would have scored. I will say that I think Tomlin knew where he was standing and that #12 was coming up the sideline but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt & say he thought he could move out of the way before #12 got to him. I have always had a healthy respect for your team & your coach. We have a great rivalry because neither team will ever say DIE. We keep fighting right until the buzzer. While we trash talk back & forth, none of it is with true animosity toward your coach or team. It’s just fuel for the games. However, I have to admith that I lost a little respect for Tomlin. It was a “dirty” thing to do and totally unncecessary. Ben & your team were fighting us every inch of the way & didn’t need any “dirty” play to match us. But I don’t blame your team for this, just Tomlin. He took responsibility for it so the matter is closed for us. What the NFL does to him is up to them but I don’t think your whole team should be punished with the loss of a draft pick. By the way, I sincerely hope Mr. Bell is okay. He’s a gem & will be a beast for you in the future. Until we meet again, Squealers.

  • Teresa

    But here in BALTIMORE, we don’t cheat to win and we know HOW to spell “how”.

  • Xclewsive

    Touche, but you were still mad! LOL

  • Douglas Andrews

    Caught a lot of flack for saying that Tomlin’s move was intentional after the game. The video seems pretty clear that Tomlin could have distanced himself from the field of play well before the Jones got close to him. He looked over his shoulder and stepped on the field about the time J Jones is about to run by. As much as I think he’s a good coach he was wrong on this one.

  • darks

    No we didnt, but you can thank Sean Suisum for that blunder. Two times. Missed Field Goal, and him being stupid enough to kick it to Jones in the first place.

  • darks

    Just like the Superbowl with the lights out fiasco. They are still whinning about that too.

  • darks

    I saw that game, and there was more than one coach on that white line and part of the field. There were like 10 players all on that line.

  • mokhkw

    Just remind them that is was because of their Coach throwing red challenge flags for no reason/calling for 1st down measurements when it’s clearly a 1st D when teams were running the no-huddle that made the NFL change the rules and penalize coaches for doing the same (throwing red flags on unchallengeable plays)

    I imagine Tomlin’s actions will result in similar changes being made for next season & it’s probably long overdue as they should have locked this down after the Jets side-line wall from 2010.

    Jets were fined $100,000 and their actions were intentional & involving multiple coaches & players. If Tomlin receives anything more than that an appeal should follow.