Play Of Jason Worilds Has Not Gone Unnoticed By Mike Tomlin

While Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley has been sidelined the last three games with a calf injury, backup Jason Worilds has filled in admirable in his absence. With the slight chance that Woodley might be back this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, head coach Mike Tomlin was asked indirectly during his Tuesday press conference what type of rotation he would use if Woodley does indeed play.

“That’s to be determined, not only on whether or not Woodley is ready, but his level of readiness,” said Tomlin. “I acknowledge the work that we’ve gotten from Worilds, particularly on the left side of our defense, has been impressive and has not gone unnoticed by me.”

While he’s been sidelined, Woodley has said that he would be open to playing on the right side if that is what is deemed best for the team. Tomlin was asked Tuesday if that indeed is a possibility.

“It’s definitely something to consider given Jason’s prominence since he’s been down, certainly,” said Tomlin. “But, I’m not ready to make that determination at this time and obviously, Woodley’s health and availability is the chief element of that decision and the decision making process.”

Tomlin said Woodley worked partially on Monday and that he expects him to do the same on Wednesday, so right now there’s no guarantee that he’ll be play this week. If he is ready, however, you would have to think that he’d would eased back into action as some sort of rotation and perhaps that rotation will include him, Worilds and Jarvis Jones all being on the field at the same time on obvious passing downs. This was done on occasion before Woodley went down injured and Jones seemed to be comfortable and effective rushing from the inside when given the opportunity.

On Sunday, Dolphins right tackle Tyson Clabo will be ripe for the picking as he has allowed 10 sacks, nine quarterback hits and 26 hurries in 470 pass blocking opportunities this season. The way that Worilds is playing right now, you would think he will be given every opportunity to add to his three game hot streak of rushing the passer.

  • Garrett Hunt

    How many snaps does Jarvis Jones have at LOLB this season

  • alex

    everybody say DUH!

    we all see what we have today, but will not have tomorrow…

    the response, moving forward, must be, ‘sign-em, play-em’, not ‘sign-em, and lets think about it, and maybe play-em’!

  • CrazyTerry

    They need to cut Woodley. So what if they accelerate the cap hit. They will be saving huge on the followin year’s cap. Woodley is not worth the 8M base he will get. Injured way too often. Of course, having said that , Woodley will go somewhere and play injury free like oftinjured Colon just did.
    But what makes him expendable is that he has not repeated that super hot streak before he went down in NE 2 years ago. He needs to be an all pro level , not just the best player on the steelers front 7 to be worth the money. Timmons is not earning his money either. He got extended before free agency but he is not playing like the all pro he was projected to be. Not enough of an impact in pass coverage on passing downs.,

  • dgh57

    It’s a step back if Woodley starts and part of the plan in winning football games is putting the best players possible on the field of play! Also as Dave said Clabo isn’t having a good year so counter that and play your best pass rusher, already!!

  • joed32


  • Kelly A

    Are we talking about the same Timmons that is ranked #12 in the NFL in tackles, and has yet to miss a game since 2009? I understand this fanbase is critical, but there needs to be some level of reasoning when we are talking about letting people go. Woodley for one doesn’t need to be let go, if anything were to happen to Worilds, they we would need him; I’m sure that the Steelers organization will modify his salary to accomodate the cap, but to outright let him go, not sure that is going to happen.

    Secondly, Timmons is definitely worth the money he is getting; if anyone has watched this man play, he practically is the leader of the linebacking core; his pass coverage is no better or worse than anyone else on that defense; but more to the point, the man is consistently getting a high number of tackles each game. Why the solutions with this fanbase always includes cutting and firing people is beyond me; I’d figure that employing the same philosophy as other successful franchises such as the Seahawks or 49ers, which suggests to keep the group together and only making moves if necessary and not to just appease a certain segment of fans that believe it should be done.

    Again I’ll say like I’ve been saying since week 1, if you feel that you can do better, apply and join the organization to employ your initiatives; otherwise, be reasonable and support your team regardless how it looks.

  • steeltown

    It might happen after 2014, when the dead money is far far less (especially if he struggles with injury again in ’14)

    Timmons has been a god send. He has playing next to a rookie this season and has played next to multiple guys over the last few yrs (Farrior, Foote, Williams, Wilson, Sly etc.) he has the been the one constant only missing two game in his entire career (2009) He plays like an all pro the problem is he is having to do too much more often than not

  • steeltown

    Love Timmons, only missed 2games in his career, guys a beast

  • steeltown

    Wow.. Clabo has allowed 10sacks??…and we thought our Tackles were bad. Kind of puts things in perspective.

  • Bradley Campbell

    I think J. Jones is a little better suited for ILB duty after watching him play. His pursuit is remarkable. I would love to keep Worilds but we are going to have the same problem as the offense RT solid and no LT. Unfortunately Worilds and Woodley play the same position.

  • treeher

    Now you’ve jinxed him. He’ll go down on Sunday.

  • steeltown

    {knock on wood}

  • Don

    If woodley is willing to play on the right side allowing worilds to play left then there you have it. Problem solved..

  • CrazyTerry

    Never said Timmons should be let go. But his contract money was pre free agency. So his equivalent salary if he were unrestricted would be 10M plus level. Maybe Williams presence at the other spot is putting too much strain on him. I don’t give any credence to those tackle numbers because our DL is so bad maybe Timmons is forced to tackle people he wouldn’t normally have to tackle. . I just think he needs to be more consistent at a high level. He had a peak year with pass coverage last year. It just seems like he took a step back this year on that. Maybe Troy and others being so bad at pass coverage is putting Timmons in an unfair light on those up the middle passes. I don’t know for sure. But just to clarify, in case I was a little too broad with my criticism, I don’t put Timmons in the same overpaid level as Woodley. As far as Woodley, you ask him to take a paycut with playing time incentives to go back to his original salary level, or he needs to go. We can’t afford to have him burden the cap like Troy has in recent years. Suck up the dead money and move on. You will get massive savings the following year anyway.