Report: Steelers “Very Upset” With Threat Of Draft Pick Loss Or Modification

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Steelers organization is very upset with the NFL’s threat to take away or modify draft choices as a result of the penalty given to head coach in Mike Tomlin for his Thursday night sideline incident.

“There is no precedent for it,” per a team source, Dulac reported.

It’s not surprising that the Rooney family, if indeed that is who the team source is referencing, would be upset and they are right when they say there is no precedent for a draft pick to modified or taken away due to Tomlin’s actions that resulted in the head coach receiving a $100,000 fine on Wednesday.

The New York Jets were fined $100,000 nearly three years ago when then-strength coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll on the sideline as he was covering a punt in the third quarter. Alosi was also fined $25,000 by the league for his actions.

At no time during the Jets incident, was there ever talk about them having a draft pick modified or taken away.

  • SG

    I would love it if the Rooneys would finally start some kind of pushback for once. The league is being run and ruined by horrible leadership.

  • mem359

    If the NFL is going to take away a draft pick for a momentary lapse of judgement that didn’t affect the game, shouldn’t the Patriots have lost at least 32-48 picks (for each game while Spygate was in effect)?

  • Elijah Stevenson

    This is not right, if that’s the case the patriots should be receiving some punishment since Brady has cussed the refs a couple of times but no it’s always the Steelers

  • Curtis

    What about spy gate, fines and a number 1 draft pick. If I do remember it really didn’t matter because they still had another #1 pick in that draft. We lost in AFC Championships and a chance to advance to superbowls. Not to mention went on to win superbowls.
    We hear time and time were the storied organization and franchise. I feel that were constantly being used as a example for the league. Enough is enough when is this going to end? Even when were right, such as James Harrison hitting a scrambling QB outside the pocket running for a first down then decide to pass the ball when he seen D-Bo sizing him up. Were wrong, the league decided to give Harrison a 1 game suspension for that hit.

  • Michael Pearce

    Rooney’s need to put their foot down on this-preferably on Goodell’s scrawny neck.

  • CrazyTerry

    Rooneys for all the respect they get in the NFL, usually get no real favors. Remember how they got penalized a draft pick for the salary thing. Kraft seems to wield more influence in the NFL than the Rooneys for some inexplicable reason.

  • patrick Mayfield

    I can’t think of a better way to make this story hang around for another 6 months. What a dick move.

    When they burned the spygate evidence and got Cowher to say it didn’t have an impact you could see they were trying to move on for the so-called good of the league. Now Tomlin stands on the wrong side of a line literally and they want to drag it out forever.

    What about the refs who are supposed to call the goddamn penalty to prevent this mess? Are they going to fine them?

  • Jarod Wells

    this is some bull. I am done with football for the year.

  • ND_Steel

    I’d give you two thumbs up and a “damn straight”!

  • justsaying

    The penalty should be the Steelers are given an additional 1st round pick.

  • greeny

    If the Steelers are to lose a draft pick, the federal courts should get involved. It is becoming brutally obvious Goodell’s preference for Robert Kraft. After all it was Kraft who orchestrated the players union and forced them to sign that new ridiculous CBA and the one team that was against signing it were the representation from the Steelers. In addition to that, it was Kraft who was instrumental in that ridiculous settlement regarding former players with post concussion symptoms and health problems after the players union proved gross negligance by the league. Boy did Goodell and league get off easy on that low ball settlement. You know Goodell and Kraft were hugging each other after that settlement. And don’t get me started on his hypocrisy regarding player safety.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    It’s not their style for the Rooneys to publicly go against the league. If they have a problem, they like to deal with it without any public fanfare. I agree with them for the good of the league. Unfortunately, the league offices have been dropping the ball in many ways that will end up being a detriment to the league in the long run.

    The Rooneys should quietly advise them that this is a terrible precedent, and that they should frankly, get their shit together.

    Just remember that since the advent of NFL network there is tons more crap that comes out on a daily basis simply because they need to find shit to write about and social media and all this crap is making it much worse.

    Oh well, let’s hope they figure it out soon because after several years it is really looking like the evidence suggests a vendetta agains the Steelers.

  • Carl Crozier

    Gotta start a precedent somewhere, and Pittsburgh is a great place to start!

  • Carl Crozier

    Government should get involved? Really??? Do you see what they have done to this Country and Healthcare? Don’t you think the NFL is ruining itself enough??

  • Rick M

    The Rooneys could have a private conversation with the NFL and demand that the league be more specific as to what they are talking about with respect to draft choices.

    If it is the tie-breaking point differential, the team and football fans in general will know that it’s a long shot that a draft pick will be affected. It would also prevent the NFL from doing something totally arbitrary and different after the season.

    Several months of speculation as to what the NFL plans to do just besmirches the Steelers even more, especially if it is something as easily explained as a possible effect on the point differential tiebreaker.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    The whole NFL disciplinary “committee” (of one) is a joke. Just making it all up as they go, apparently. Pick a fine amount out of a hat, take away this or that whenever you feel like it, not because it’s actually written down somewhere.

    Is it any wonder this nonsense is coming from the same organization who determined that pass interference would be a more costly penalty than a personal foul?

  • Pride_of_Baltimore

    So are the Steelers.

  • Face_Plant

    Great comeback, asswipe.

  • Luke Shabro

    Go somewhere else troll

  • Mike Cardwell

    The whole threat of a draft pick is total BS. It should have been a penalty and the ref’s missed the call just like all the other holding, offsides, or pass interference mistakes. Will the NFL modify a Detroit Lions draft pick the next time NDAMUKONG SUH tries to hurt someone? Or the next time a player fakes an injury? The fact that referee’s only call penalties if they believe a hold affected the play is a joke. How about giving a team a draft pick if they play a clean game. Never happen !!

  • greeny

    Violation of anti-trust laws if they lose a pick. I am sure you were ok with the government getting involved to erase Barry Bonds from the record books.

  • Gregory Smith

    Like the Ravens are really good this year. They are barley at .500. Don’t forget they came to Pittsburgh and lost fair and square. Raven fans have nothing to say about that. They might not even make the playoffs yet alone a Super Bowl is out of the question this year. The Ravens are still the Cleveland Brownies to Steeler Nation. You won the game (barley) so get over the situation and move on. Four more games to go……lets see what happens

  • Carl Crozier

    No sir.. you are incorrect. I have major issue with BIG government. There are Bigger issues that our Federal and Local governments should be worrying about rather than worrying about Baseball, Football or any other sport mind you. I’m and Eagle fan and would have had issues with the government getting involved in the Patiriots spygate situation and turned the Superbowl win over to the Eagles. It would have disgusted me as much as Tomlins actions disgust me. If I would have been Jones I’d have trucked him in a heartbeat! Back to Bonds? Not a fan…
    Anti-trust laws?? Please…

  • Gregory Smith

    Godell hates the Steelers. If this was any other team there wouldn’t be any talk about starting a precedent.

  • RonofBville

    They should be upset – but not with the NFL but with their Coach.
    Similar to New England this guy is a cheater.
    Loss of 1st round pick would be a just punishment and send the proper
    message to other cheaters.

  • murlut

    If its a policy in the NFL, fine, take the draft pick but you cant just penalize one team with a fine and hammer the next. There needs to be a strict policy and procedure manual that all teams have to sign off on. Each player should have one and sign a copy. You break the rules, you know the consequences. That ends the bickering.

  • PA2AK

    AR2 is running the show now…what respect has he earned?

  • Foncool

    The league could also be waiting to see what form of action the Rooneys take on the own against Tomlin. The Jets suspended their coach for the remainder of the season. (3 games and 3 playoff games). The Rooneys are going to have to at least match that or expect the loss of a Draft pick.

  • Gregory Smith

    Cheater? He did not even make contact with Jones unlike the Jet’s coach who actually tripped a player. They won the damn game. Why is everyone whining. The fine is appropriate. I can see if this had a dramatic effect on the outcome of the game then I would warrant any other punishment. To take away a draft pick is crazy. If this was any other team the NFL would not be considering that. Goodell hates the Steelers.

  • Richard Edlin

    Yes, we should be upset with Tomlin. However, there’s been a lot worse than this which hasn’t had a draft pick penalty. There are a lot of other infringements that haven’t affected results where this hasn’t been applied. As a single example, given the little PED-world that is Seattle, they probably wouldn’t pick again this decade if this standard was enforced.

  • Richard Edlin

    I don’t know whether or not the draft pick will be lost either way but the Rooney’s ought to suspend Tomlin for a game.

  • Richard Edlin

    Your last lines are just paranoia.

    Part of the problem is that Tomlin really should have been penalised and ejected at the game. The officials failed, and so now the league feels like they need to show that this is serious. This means taking action beyond what is justified and beyond what would have been necessary had the officials done their jobs … what would have been a big disruption during the game has now turned into a circus after it.

  • Gregory Smith

    If that is the case the Patriots should have lost a boat load of draft picks for “spy gate”. Did the Jets lose any draft picks? Those antics had dramatic effects on the game but this dumb decision didn’t cause anything. Fine…..yes, maybe even a suspension but to take a draft pick is outlandish.

  • Tracy Schillinger

    Why would they have to match the Jet’s consequence when contact wasn’t made, and a plea of innocence was given? Tomlin is an experienced coach. Which is why he was paying so close attention to the game at the best angle possible. I believe he was happy about the play, but not because he knew that he personally had anything to do with it.

  • Richard Edlin

    Agreed … and as below, Seattle wouldn’t have a draft pick for a very long time given the number of penalties they ought to have had for PED misconduct. For what was alleged against the Saints, they also got off very lightly if Tomlin’s activities are viewed enough to lose a draft pick.

  • db2013

    Bottom line, coachec should stay off the field and let players play their game. what a crappie example set for his entire team. next thing you know, everyone will be 2 ft onto the field, players, coaches, camera persons, chearleaders, etc….he knew what he wsa doing. the draft thing is pretty harsh but roll the dice you pay the price….looks like this time they pay…lol

  • clifford symonds

    Draft picks ( plural ) really! WTF is going on in NYC.

  • Virdin Barzey

    The Rooney’s need to unleash Steeler Nation on the league leadership…

  • Gregory Smith

    A draft pick is over the top. He didn’t run onto the field and tackle the dude. No contact at all and they won the game.

  • greeny

    Why are you here if you are an eagles fan? As a lawyer, this could violate anti trust laws. We have to wait and see what the league does. The Jets did not lose a draft pick 2 years ago for a blatant tackle by a coach which cost the returner his season. Please don’t preach your tea party ways on this website. This is not the place for it. And spare me the sarcasm.. I will say only this. You are correct on the health care. If they only would have listened to Newt Gingrich who was the first person to propose socialized health care back in1993 we may have got this right. Again, if you read the title of this blog, the Steeler organization is upset rightfully so.

  • pittsburghjoe

    I think Rooney should embrace this liberal decision.

  • Carl Crozier

    As a football fan, I was here to read about a cheater. If the league decides to take or manipulate draft picks I say it’s justtified, if they decide that the fine is punishment enough, then so be it.
    We are talking about a head coach here.Also someone who is a prominent player on the competition committee. The Bozo in New York was a trainer. I’m thinking a head coach and a person who is on a committee that makes the rules certainly should know better and certainly should be penalized even more.
    As for me preaching teaparty ways, you sir are the one that brought the government into the discussion, which I’m just stating the government doesn’t belong in it, and should stay the heck out of it and take car of the nation first and foremost.

  • greeny

    Did Tomlin tackle Jones? I saw last night in the Jaguars game the coaches doing the same thing…it just didn’t impact any returns. One of the reasons why the league is waiting additional penalties (i.e. draft picks) is probably due to the fact their lawyers are looking into anti-trust laws. Government or not that is the reality. You took it to the next level. I am just stating the facts not opinions.