Steelers Bring Back Ross Ventrone To The Practice Squad

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a practice squad roster move on Friday as safety Ross Ventrone was resigned and cornerback Brandon Jones was released.

Ventrone was with the Steelers all throughout the offseason and the preseason, so this is a curious move to say the least.

Jones had only been with the Steelers a short time.


    You can buy a jersey for just about any team in the NFL with the name “JONES” on it and be safe for years.

  • steeltown

    Curious indeed, one would think he would’ve been signed at the beginning of the week as an extra body due to Polamalu’s injury.. but then again, we have Clark, Shark, Will Allen and Golden.. this is strange, maybe someone was injured in practice?


    Checkout Ventrone on Wikipedia. “Ventrone was signed, promoted, or released 21 times by the Patriots during the season, including eight transactions in November 2011.”

  • Douglas Andrews

    With that Jersey you could keep up with the JONES’S!

  • 2winz

    well honestly, I don’t know too much about ross other than his brother is a really good special teamer on the 49’ers. I remember watching preseason and i didn’t pay too much attention to ross, the only thing I noticed was that he looks like polamalu with the hair lol I was watching a 49’ers game and I saw his brother running faster than everyone else.. I was like.. wasn’t ventrone on the steelers this past preseason? why did they release this guy? he looks like a beast on special teams.. turned out it wasn’t ross lol but maybe that has something to do with them signing him back.. he’s a good special teamer?

  • gene mann

    maybe they like him as a ST guy or just worried abou Troy Shoulder.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I like Ventrone but not sure if heart is enough to overcome his ability