The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Browns Recap, Officiating, Tomlin Presser, Offseason Talk & More Episode


Season 4, Episode 64 of The Terrible Podcast is up and co-host David Todd and I really pack a lot into this show and it starts with us talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers win Sunday over the Cleveland Browns in addition to what happened in the late game between the San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, we focus on the officiating and what needs to be done about it.

Mike Tomlin talked on Monday so we hit all of the major talking points from his press conference before going over a big portion of the roster heading into the offseason. We talk about the offensive line, the holes on defense and cover a few key points concerning whether or not a few players will be able to step up next season.

We have plenty of time to talk about the 2014 NFL Draft, but manage to hit on a few things in this episode. We also talk about the coaching changes that have taken place since the games ended on Sunday and cover a few additional Steelers talking points.

Hold on tight, because this episode has us all over the place.

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As always we love talking football, particularly Steelers football. We hope you enjoy listening! We hope you listen weekly and give us your feedback of two Daves talking Steelers football. Download it to your iPod or mp3 player and listen anytime.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 64 of Season 4 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • srdan

    Thank you for addressing my question.

  • SteelersDepot

    you are welcome. what was your question?

  • srdan

    pouncey at LG. i thought he played well there. But you put it well, foster quietly had a good season.

  • srdan

    Funny how winning cures everything. After four weeks people were calling for Lebeau and Haley’s head. After finishing the season going 8-4….crickets….

  • T R

    why was Curtis Brown not put under the knife yet.. he been out since week if we really cared.. just wondered.. most ACL /MCL injury are put in surgery quick to get them back healthy…

  • T R

    never mind just listen to tomlins press conference.. he said it had to heal first…

  • T R

    Dave and Dave i would like to thank you guys for all the work yal do.. I am a better Steelers fan because of you… I have always wonder how long you have being doing the pod cast and the steelers depot.. I have been a Steelersf fan since i was a child but living in NC and DC area. i was not aware of this site and podcast for the last two years. How old is Steelers Depot and podcast? damn i hate i have missed it. but for the last 2.5 years. this is the first website, last and most visit website i look at each day. Thanks so much..

  • alex

    the question is to sign him or trade him and sign Cody and Velasco on the cheap SO, you have a chance to sign both Worilds and Hayward and thus take a huge step is starting to solidify a very thin D…?

  • srdan

    That wasn’t my question.

    I wanted to get their input on signing pouncey and playing him at LG so we can pull him and decastro all over the field.

    I am not a big pouncey fan. Him and woodley are having similar careers. Flash in a pan. Terrific early on and then inconsistent and often injured.

    I like wallace’s nastiness.

  • srdan

    But you are right, if it came down to signing worldis or poucey, after watching velasco and wallace play, I’d have a hard time justifying letting 93 walk.

  • israelp

    “A disaster for San Diego” David? You remember the way the 2002 season ended, don’t you? Joe Nedney? Is anyone feeling sorry for the Steelers for that?

  • T R

    and Tomlin head..