Report: Dan Rooney Says Pittsburgh Will Never Bid To Host A Super Bowl

Pittsburgh Steelers team chairman Dan Rooney is of course in New York for the Super Bowl festivities this week and he had some interesting comments pertaining to the city of Pittsburgh potentially hosting a future Super Bowl.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Rooney said Pittsburgh will never bid for a Super Bowl because of a lack of hotel space, but that he is, however, open to more cold-weather cities hosting future Super Bowls.

Rooney’s comments probably won’t be popular with those in charge of promoting tourism in Pittsburgh, who chimed in on the matter in an interview with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review after Super Bowl XLVIII was awarded to the New York/New Jersey area in 2010.

“I’d be more than happy to put in a bid for it, said Joe McGrath, who at that time was the president of Visit Pittsburgh. I tried to convince the Steelers before they built the new stadium to put a dome on it. Frankly they said, “Our fans won’t go for that.” I said, “But we can get a Super Bowl.” They said, “Eh, we get enough.” … But it does make a tremendous difference in our January.”

As far as the seating capacity of Heinz Field goes, Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported that when and if they ever add the 3,000 extra seats to boost seating capacity at Heinz Field to 68,500, it still won’t be enough. Only five of the 48 Super Bowls (including this one) will have been played before crowds of fewer than 70,000, reported Bouchette.

As a consolation, Steelers president Art Rooney II has said he would like to see the NFL Draft come to Pittsburgh, so it looks like fans will have to potentially settle for that.

  • dgh57

    LOL!! I wouldn’t mind playing the SB on our home TURF!

  • Shawn Winbush

    you said it partner!that would be sweet!

  • Matt Manzo

    This is why we are such a great franchise/family! “But we can make more money?!”…..response: “So what. We make enough money.”
    We are so f-ing awesome!
    In a world that bows down to the dollar we value so much more. A perfect example of why I say, The Pittsburgh Steelers represent a way of life!
    Black n Gold forever!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Honesty is hard to find and Dan shows that. If Pittsburgh in his honest opinion cannot support it then so be it.

  • AndyR34

    Thank you Matt!

  • itsgonnalast

    If Detroit can host a Super Bowl, anyone can.

  • CrazyTerry

    I am sorry. But that is the kind of inertia the team needs to get rid of. The Steelers won’t make money off of a SB. So I don’t see why the team is getting praised for not going for a SB hosting gig. The Rooneys didn’t do a good job coming up with a stadium that could give the team a home field advantage with acoustics. How many times has an opposing QB been forced to go to a silent count? That is a big failure on part of the Rooneys. Also , they have not done a good job being proactive in figuring out the decrease in dedication among fans locally and cultivating a new generation of fans ala the Penguins. They have been too content. The lack of proactiveness in courting new fans locally is what led to so many empty seats in games which counted for playoff eligibility.
    And why the 3000 seats now when demand is lower? if there was a time to get the 3000 extra seats, it should have been from the very beginning since the stadium was built when demand was really high.
    This does not detract from the Rooneys overall legacy, but let us not overpraise them. They get a B- from me for the way they built this stadium.
    Also I love outdoor football, but maybe an AZ style retractable stadium with natural turf should have been an option to consider , even if they may not have gone for. At least consider it. Too late for that now. Such a stadium would have gotten bowl games in addition to a SB.
    Also if Indy can host a SB, why can’t Pittsburgh?

  • Luke Shabro

    I’ve been wanting to go to the draft for a while but if they hold it in Pitt, I’m going without a doubt. That would be badass. Grab some Primanti Bros, an IC and go watch the Steelers grab a future star in the 6th round 😀 good times

  • PA2AK

    Detroit would host anything if it led to making money and distracted people from seeing…well Detroit.

  • PA2AK

    Lack of attendance is on the fans. Have to wait a century to get season tix, but half those clowns won’t go if we aren’t looking dominant. What I would do to have a shot at going to every game….every miserable game too.

  • Steve

    After losing the first 4 games in 2013, many people wrote the Steelers off, and that was the reason for the poor attendance IMO… After visiting Pittsburgh after moving away, I do understand the lack of Hotels. Do you know to get SB tickets they have to be ordered a year in advance?

  • CrazyTerry

    I blame the PSL holders too. But that’s Rooney’s job to figure out how to reach more fans so he is not dependent on just those jaded PSL holders. Dan Rooney has done his job building one fan base. Art Rooney II has to step up to the plate to build that new fan base. We still have a strong steeler nation worldwide. But at home, the home fans brag about their fandom but don’t back it up. There is simply no excuse for that many no shows for the Miami game if those no shows are a knowledgable football fan because if you aren’t a casual bandwagon fan, you know that beating Miami still keeps you the thick of things. All those excuses of the four losses early don’t wash in December. I don’t believe in blind fandom and have boycotted the pirates for years, but when a team has a momentary mediocre season, that’s not reason to abandon the season . Let’s face it. Steelers fans at home brag way too much about how they are superior to other fans. So back it up.

    That’s why Art Rooney II can’t stay put and be content with the existing home PSL base. He needs to come up with solutions to make it easy where a PSL holder can just call and “cancel” his ticket 12 hours in advance for a 20% refund if the Steelers can get rid of that ticket for a discounted price on a walkup basis before game time. Or something similar. or a PSL holder can call and “cancel” his ticket without a refund and stipulate a donation of that game day ticket to a military or charity of choice. So someone with a military ID can try his luck by purchasing that ticket.

  • CrazyTerry

    Steelers don’t give up money by not bidding for a SB. Hosting a SB is more about showcasing the city.

  • Sterling Neville

    sign Tebow

  • itsgonnalast

    I went to Detroit during SB XL despite not having tickets. I had fun but Detroit is still scary.

    The only Superbowl advantage Detroit might have over Pittsburgh is that it’s flat, thus easy to navigate.